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#Alphamoonseries Daniel Anderson I consider my work and responsibilities as my first priority. As the Alpha of my pack.... I want best for my people, I enjoy power , control and hate weakness. Weakness reminds me of humans.... fragile and deceiving. People say, " I am murderer" And I say "yes...I am" I killed my human mate. I don't hate as they say I am murderer,heartless, cold , ruthless and merciless. I hate to be deceived. Seira Smith I love kids and teaching. As you have guessed...I am a teacher and have been working in Alpha moon pack for last three years. My family was killed by previous pack Alpha. I have a secret. I want to work and stay invisible. Other pack members think of me as human teacher and I don't want them to notice further. What happens when two hearts from different world collide? Will they overcome their fear and false believes??

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

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"You thought I was your mate," Kara said with a mocking laugh. Her blonde hair bounced back as she dipped her head.

" You are naive ...Daniel. I am here to destroy you and your filthy pack" Kara said with fierce hate in her brown eyes. Those eyes once had softness and kindness were today shinning with rage. I tried to free myself from a grip that tied me to a stone boulder behind my back.

" You are young, weak, and stupid" She laughed and took the knife in her hand, looking at me with a scornful smile.

I hate myself at this moment.

"You will pay the price..., my sweet mate," she said slicing the throat of a man sleeping in front of me.
I tried to communicate with my wolf as she licked the blood from the knife looking at me.

"Don't won't be able to transform since we didn't complete our union. Till your true mate touches can't transform"She said coming towards me.

"I am your true mate and I will not touch you, baby," she said giggling.

"You are young, naive, stupid, foolish Alpha," She said running the edge of her knife on my throat.

I felt her words, slicing my heart and soul into million pieces.
"Why are you doing this?" I asked trying to keep my emotions in control.

"Do you want to know??" She asked batting her eyelashes at me as I nodded.

"I love to play. This is my favorite game" She confessed eyeing her knife.

"Want to join me..." She said moving towards a big box.

"I don't understand..." I stopped as she opened the big box and pulled a tied kid out. He was about eight years old and shivering. His face was wet and red from all the crying. His hands and legs were tied, the mouth was covered with duct tape.

" Don't ...please....he is a kid" I said, hating my begging voice. I tried to free myself again but the rope was spelled and I was weak due to incomplete union.

"You will love it ...just keep your eyes on my knife....I will first slit his throat" she said slicing the kid's throat with the knife.
"Noooooo......." I shouted

I woke up, gasping for breath. My body was covered in slick sweat as I felt weak and guilty inside.
Again, the same dream.....and still not used to this feeling. It's been twelve years since that happened. The incident that turned my life upside down. Can't describe the hate and guilt, that I felt for myself. That moment of weakness and naivety caused many lives.

"Come in...."I said when someone knocked on my door. I composed myself trying to settle my heartbeat.

"Same dream...huh?" Adam asked coming towards me with a glass of soothing drink. He was my cook and one of my very close friends. The grey hair in his beard and head revealed his wisdom with age. He has been working for my family since I can remember. He looked at me with his light blue eyes filled with concern as he was the only person who knew about my dreams.

"Thank you," I said taking the glass from his hand and gulping it in a single breath.

"You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened," Adam said.

"I couldn't recognize her," I said

"You were only twenty. You had your alpha title, you were happy and in love with your mate. That is supposed to happen when you find your mate. Stop blaming yourself for what she did" Adam said taking the glass back from my hands.

"I should have been responsible, not blind," I said rubbing my face with my hands.

"It's been twelve years. You should let that go and feel good for how hard you worked for this pack since then," Adam said.

"I feel like I still haven't done enough," I said.

"You have worked yourself to death to run this pack. One day....I know you would find your peace and happiness again my child, "He said.

" I don't want that. Only work keeps me sane," I said getting up from my bed to go out.

"You should rest. It's just been two hours since you slept, "He said.

"I can't sleep. I need to divert my mind, "I said changing to my workout clothes and walked out of my room towards the training area as her words rang in my head.

" You are naive, young, and stupid Alpha"
" You are naive, young, and stupid Alpha"

Hey reader,
This is my first book.
Please don't be harsh if you find grammar mistakes
Feel free to leave comments and reviews.
I hope you enjoy my vision
Thank you

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