Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 11


I woke up in the morning with sore shoulders, sweet smell of Seira filled my nostrils, reminding me that she was staying in my house.

The terror in her eyes, when she realized I was Alpha, was haunting my heart, I wanted her to feel safe with me.

She believed in what she heard about me from my pack...

It's completely normal for her to believe those tales...

Why does it hurt??

Adam knocked on the door, he came inside, I was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling.

"Good morning, " He said, coming to me with a cup of coffee.

"Good morning," I got up taking the cup and inhaling the rich aroma.

"So?" He asked taking a seat on the couch beside the bed, facing me with curious eyes.

"So?" I repeated knowing exactly what he wanted to ask.

"What is the deal with this woman?" He asked again.

"Nothing, she needs a little help," I mumbled, my eyes on the coffee.

"She is fae," He said making me stop, a sip in my mouth as I looked at him.

Fae, the healers, are born in the pack which is said to be blessed by the moon goddess. The only family of healers that lived on the earth was, Smith family. I heard from the Alpha Sam that they mysteriously died three years ago. He was very miserable about the cause. Suddenly all of the incidents made sense.

Seira Smith, the healer...

What is she doing here?

How did she survive?

"The moment you told her name Seira Smith, I knew she was the fae and her strong smell proved it," He said.

Oh her parents...

I have seen them in the Alpha Sam's pack when I was visiting them seven years ago...

"There family died three years ago, what is she doing here?" I asked him.

"She must have survived whatever happened to her family. Why is she here? That you need to ask her," Adam said hesitating to tell more. I knew when he diverted his eyes downwards and rubbed his ear from left-hand meant he was hiding something.

Being a fae...

Why is she hiding as a human?

"What is it, Adam?"I asked.

" There are two types of fae, the good and bad fae. Her family had both kinds of the fae. I have met her grandfather about thirty years ago. He was horrible, he sucked the life out of people. Her father, from what I have heard was a good person but her mother, she was the devil in disguise. There are rumors that she was the cause of her family's death," Adam explained.

"You mean she has both genes good as well as bad?" I asked and he nodded.

"You have to find out which gene is dominant. If she has the bad genes, then she is a nightmare and if she has a good then she is a blessing for our pack," He said.

I have heard they were three sisters...

"Does that mean she can harm our pack?" I asked.

"You have to observe her for that. Why did you bring her here? You could have settled her in the guest house, she would have been safe there, in between our trusted soldiers," He asked

"I thought she would be safe in this house," I said averting my eyes to my blanket.

"Bad fae have the power to seduce us, even to Alpha. You have to be careful around her. They can be manipulative," He said.

Not again...

Is it the mate bond or is she manipulating me??

No, I guess it's mate bond...
She freed my wolf...

"Don't let yourself lose in her innocence, be prepared for what cruel thing she has hidden beneath," my wolf said.

"But it feels like she is a good one. She healed me," I said.

"Can be part of manipulation?' my wolf said.

" What if she is good?" I asked.

"You have to be reasonable. You have to think about your pack this time," my wolf said.

You are right, I have to observe her then decide. I can not let history repeat.

"One more thing, if she lived in our pack for three years then how did she hide her scent? What happened yesterday that she couldn't hide it?" I mumbled my thoughts.

"Manipulation can not work on the whole pack and if did then why it didn't work yesterday?" Adam expressed his thoughts.

"Is there any way to find more about her?" I asked him.

"I know a woman, she is a witch, she can help," He said.

"Yes, I helped her once a long time ago, she wants to return the favor. I think she can help," He added.

"Can we trust her?" I asked

"Yeah," he said.

"Okay, then call her," I said moving towards the bathroom

"Yes Alpha," I heard him say behind me.

After getting ready, I stepped out of the room, my eyes shifting to the room at the corner. I sensed her heartbeat, in a rhythm. She was still sleeping.

I walked to my study, which was on the ground floor, opposite side of the kitchen.

Seira's smell filled the house with warmth and peace fullness. I wanted nothing more than to go to her and devour her. I wish she could trust me with her secrets and feel safe with me. But her cruelty hidden behind her innocence if she had cannot be denied but somewhere in the corner of my heart, I wanted her to be a good fae. The one, I can take for myself, make her feel safe.

I entered my study, looking for any book on fae, anything that could help me find more about them, but I did not have any book.

Sitting on the chair, my hands on the table, thinking about the way I could ask her. I knew she didn't trust me but I had to try once again, just to get any reaction. I pulled out Sella's profile and, reading other profiles from school.

It's been hours since I sat here, reading the file again and again. A pungent odor filled my nose, raising my guards, rogue wolves.

I ran out of study, meeting Charlie halfway as he ran to me.

"Alpha, rouge wolves have surrounded the house. They want the source of this smell," He said.

"Where are our fighters?" I asked as there was a loud knock on the main entrance.

"As we have sent our force to nearby pack, there are only a few fighters against rouges, it's not enough. Rouges are more than fifty," He said.

"Don't let anyone go near that room," I pointed towards the room, he nodded.

"This would be fun," I said to him running towards the main entrance. I loved playing with danger, especially fighting myself against many.

"Adam, don't let Seira come out of this door. Both of you take care of her" I shouted to Adam who hurried towards me.

Then I opened the main gate, as five of them snarled at me. I motioned them to move back as they growled, closing the door behind me I lunged at them.

Crushing their heart was the way to kill them. I fought, mashing their heart with my hands as blood flowed down on my hand, soaking my shirt. I roared as others came towards me to stop me as I jumped on some wolves who tried to go inside the house.

One of them bit my shoulders, while the other bit me in my ribs, causing pain. I killed them, as corpses of dead wolves started gathering on the ground.

Someone hit me on my head, as two streams of blood flowed down my head, I moved back jerking his heart out, crushing it. I looked around for more.

As more came, I fought all of them till the sky turned dark, hours of fighting resulted in soreness in my ribs, and the bite of wolves started burning. I looked around for more, but there was no one.

Pain felt good, made me happy as if I am sharing the same pain those people must have because of Kara, my foolishness.
I slumped on the ground, on my knees, looking at the dark sky. My body was covered in blood, I ripped my tattered shirt, throwing it on the ground.

Charlie and Adam came running towards me, followed by Seira. Looking at me with terrified eyes, running towards me, bare feet.

"Daniel, you okay?" Charlie lifted me with my hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah," I said as I peeked at Seira, who was now looking at the corpses lying on the ground. Her hand was on her heart, staring at the blood and dead bodies.

"Come on...I will mend your wounds," Adam said.

"No, I am good," I said. The pain gives me a bit of relief from my guilt, from my past. I wanted to feel it just like those people felt because of me. I was Alpha, it was my duty to ensure their safety. The irony was the one person who was made to share my life was the reason for this guilt, my mate, Kara.

They took me to my couch, in my room. I dismissed both Adam and Charlie after they insisted on tending my wounds but I denied because they don't know the satisfaction of this pain. Before the door of my room shut down, I saw Seira standing outside my room, gazing intently at my injuries.

The blood has already stopped flowing out of my wounds, I wanted to clean the dried blood from my body so I decided to shower.

After cleaning the blood, enduring the pain under a cold shower has its benefits. I dragged myself to bed, laid on it.

My mind drifted to all the spots hurting in my body. I gripped the sheets as my pain heightened.

My eyes wandered to the door as it slowly opened, Seira filled the space and closed the door behind. She took some deep breaths before turning to look at me.
She stepped towards me looking at my injuries.

"Don't come close to me," I roared.

"I am here to help," She said.

"I don't need your help," I shouted.

"I can heal you," she said.

"I want to endure this pain. I don't need your help," I said as she kept on moving toward me.


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