Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 12


"Daniel...please," I said, his eyes following my moment as I reached near the bed. He looked bad, hurt, red bruises and bite marks covered every inch of his body. I observed him in pain, fisting the sheet, beads of sweat covered his forehead, his arm, and his stomach.

I sat on the bed as his eyes glared at me, warning me to move away but somewhere I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I lifted my palm to his blue marks on forehead.

"Don't," He tried to jerk back.

"I can heal it...please. You are hurting," I pleaded.

"You won't understand. This pain heals me, so just let me be, " He said.

Oh me

"You know what?...I am exhausted by your tempers. I will heal you right now and don't you dare stop me. This pain has been caused because of me, those wolves were after me and you saved me. Now I want to return the favor, I don't like to owe someone," I declared openly, lifting my hand to his forehead as he stared at me.

He is burning...

His, waves of pain flowed through me, he was suffering bitterly, making me wonder why was he so damned on taking this pain.

"I am sorry Daniel. This might hurt," I said as a lustrous glow emerged from my hand, healing small cuts on his head, he closed his eyes.

"Don't," he mumbled as my hand moved to the bite mark of his shoulder.

"I wan-want to end-endure thi-this pain," he murmured in the dizzying state, half sleeping, eyes closed.

"Jus-just like tho-those peopl-people of my-my pac-pack did," He mumbled. This usually happens when the healer heals deep injuries so that the subconscious mind could receive the healing provided.

"Sh-she kill-killed all-all of the-them," He confessed making me stop, he winced.

Focusing on the healing, I moved to his bite mark on the shoulder. Intensifying my power, I started healing the bite, he whimpered.

"Sh-She was my-my mat-mate," He added as I moved my hands on his chest in slow motion, curing him.

"Sh-She deceiv-deceived me-me," He murmured. I put my other hand on his forehead, controlling his temperature.

"I lov-loved her-her," He muttered causing a strange ache in my heart.

She was his mate...

Obviously he loved her...

Why do I feel hurt?

"I did-didn't kill-kill them-them," He whimpered. I moved my hands to his ribs, surging my power within him.

"I hav-have a second-second mat-mate," He murmured, my body felt tired but I had to do this. My ears were on his voice while my hands worked on his injuries as I moved to his legs.

"He-her nam-name is-is--"he drifted to deep sleep. His body, completely healed, as if nothing happened.

Putting my hands on his head I surged my power to check on his internal injuries, curing them.

My mind wandered to the private corner of his memory, tempting me to read his thoughts, to know all of his secrets.

Faes are not allowed to read private memory...

Just a glimpse...

Just to know if he was killer or not...

It is a good cause...

Encouraged by my thoughts, I emerged into his memory as his thoughts started flowing through my head. I saw glimpses of his childhood, his adolescence, the grief of his father's death, and a woman, beautiful with blond hair, and I stopped, making the thought run a bit slow as she was laughing with him, kissing him.

I passed their private moments, stopping again as I saw Daniel tied and the woman slicing the throat of a man, licking his blood. Unexpectedly, a paw of a wolf appeared tearing my connection and I opened my eyes, breathing heavily. My body felt tired, my head hurt as I passed out on his shoulder.

In the morning, I heard the chirping of birds, opened my eyes as moments of last night flowed through my head. I looked at Daniel, sleeping peacefully and completely healed.

The memory of his pain, guilt, hurt because of his mate caused an ache in my heart. He suffered from the past, something that wasn't his fault. She killed them, and the memory of him confirmed it.

He didn't kill them...

He is suffering from his past just like me...

Unable to stop myself, I lifted my fingers, touching his brows, down to the bridge of his nose, his lips, caressing his jawline, down to his neck, his chest, and his abs. His eyes opened as my hand lowered down his stomach and he gripped my wrist.

His brown eyes gazed at me and I felt an urge to share his pain, guilt, hurt.

" I was just-just check-checking the inju-injuries," I sounded ridiculous to my ears.

His eyes stared at my lips building my excitement to what comes next. I licked my dry lips.

In an instant his body was on top of me, pressing me onto the mattress, kissing me wildly. His hands covered mine, gripping them above my head. His lips moved against mine, raw and rough, making me feel like I would explode from kissing

Gripping my wrists in a hand, he lowered his other hand down my neck, lingering on my breasts, then down to the edge of my yoga pants.

"Daniel!!" I moaned, sucking his lower lip. His mouth glided down my neck, licking and biting, nibbling my earlobe.

He growled as I bit his neck, trying to free my hands to touch him. Tightening his grip, he slipped his hand in my pants, caressing my slick folds over my panties.

"Daniel!!" His name escaped my mouth like a breathless high pitched song as he pressed my swollen nub.

A knock on the door startled us, breaking apart, both panting. He looked at me, loosening his grip on my wrists.

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