Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 13


"Adam, is it something important?" I asked sitting up on the edge of the bed as I sensed the person knocking.

"Alpha, I wanted to mend your wounds," He said as I knew he had sensed my desires and interrupted me from going further.

"They are healed, Adam," I said, rubbing my shoulder which had a deep bite a few hours ago.

She used her power to heal me...

"Okay Alpha," He said before I heard his steps descending the stairs. The way she cared for me last night, healed me even after I threatened her, made me feel happy in the corner of my heart. I prided myself for giving up these desires of care and love, but some part of me still craves it. I don't remember much about last night after her hands started healing me.

Can this be manipulation?

As I woke up in the morning with the tingling of sparks ignited by a warm, affectionate touch. The smell of her longing and the feel of her hand lowering my chest, caused me to lose control.

It's been a long time since I touched a woman...

She feels too good...

"I need to talk to you," She said behind my back, and I sighed, turning to look at her. Her tangled mess of hair, in which I had my fingers some minute ago looked sexy. Itching my hands to reach out and make her moan again.

"Control yourself," my wolf growled.

I know...

"No, you don't, you lose your shit around her," my wolf said.

She feels so good...

"You know, she tried to invade our thoughts last night, I was weak but I still stopped her from going further," he said.

She did??

"Yes," he said.

Anger flooded inside me, as I looked at her saying something but my mind couldn't register it.

How much did she see of my past?

She took advantage of my weakness...

Her job was to heal not to intrude on my thoughts...

"Are you listening to me, Daniel?" She asked, looking at me with concern.

"How dare you?" I snapped, fisting my hands as my eyes glared at her.

"What?" Her eyes gleamed with confusion.

"How dare you intrude my thoughts, without my permission?" My voice dripped with wrath.

"I...I-I needed to heal-heal your internal-internal injuries," She said not meeting my eyes.

"Intruding my thoughts are part of your healing??" I asked trying to control my anger.

"No-No, I just-just felt -,"I interrupted her by pulling her towards me with my hands on her shoulders," how much did you see?" I asked.

"Not much, I was interrupted by your wolf," She said.

"How much?" I repeated in a slightly raised voice, tightening my grip on her shoulders.

"Just the part where your mate kills that man-" She said wincing in pain.

"I am sorry... I shouldn't have done that," she added.

"You had no right, " I said pushing her back, as she rubbed her shoulder where I am sure, now had red marks of my hands.

"It was not your fault, Daniel," She said in a whispering voice but I heard it.

She had no right...

"Get out," I said not looking at her.

"Daniel --" she said.

"Get out, woman. I don't like people who intrude in a place where they are not required," words came harsher than I intended.

"But--" she tried to say something but I was not in the mood to listen.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM," I shouted at her

"You are a healer, your job is to heal people not to read their thoughts, I hope you remember that next time, now please proceed, door is that way," I added pointing at the door, not looking at her.

I sensed her moving towards the door, a faint sound of the door closing made me turn to look at the place where she stood a minute ago.

Why the hell do I have to deal with this??

I was happy...

Why the hell did you send her my way??

I can not control my emotions around her...

I looked at the sky, recalling the goddess who I felt liked everyone except me in this world. She never turned anything in my favor and played her tricks to what Adam would say "to test me".

How much did she see of my past?

" I was weak as well but the time I realized she was intruding I stopped her, but I don't know more," My wolf said.

Should I call her bad fae? This type of thing can only be done by them...

After changing my clothes, I moved out of my room, down the stairs, towards the kitchen.

I need to know what kind of Fae she is?

"Adam," I called entering the kitchen.

"Did you call your witch?" I asked as he appeared, looking at me from top to bottom.

"You are healed," He whispered.

"Yea, she healed me," I said recalling some events of last night but the rage of her intruding surfaced everything.

"That's so good," He said expecting me to nod with him.

"When is your witch coming?" I asked as his eyes gleamed with happiness because of Seira, made me feel a little bad.

"Witch will be here by tomorrow," He said.

"Good," I massaged my neck which was a little sore.

"She did a great job," He said looking at me.

"Yea, she did a great job of intruding my thoughts?" I said unable to take any more of her praise and Adam frowned.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"She intruded my memory. Now, I have no idea how much she knows about me?" I said rubbing my chin.

"Oh," He looked at me keenly after a word.

"What?" I asked.

"Can you blame her for her curiosity? She has been in a tragic incident as well, she wants to know what kind of person you are or to realize if she can trust you?" He said.

"But that doesn't mean she has the right to intervene in my thoughts. I have given her no reason to be afraid of me, if still, she is then she needs to confirm her fear by other methods not use her power like this" I defended myself.

"I would never use that power like this if I had it. Aren't you the one who said she can be manipulative?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Can be a possibility? But I also asked you to confirm it before you throw her on the bad side," He said.

"That would happen tomorrow, I hope this witch could help us," I said turning to walk away.

"Daniel, I asked you to be reasonable not to lose to your past? Seira is not Kara, as Kara would have never healed you," He said making me stop in my tracks.

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