Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 14


It's been hours since I left his room, now I am lying on the bed, in the room given to me, in his house.

Okay fine, I made a mistake...

But he didn't have to be harsh...

I picked my phone, as the calls of Jack and Sella were missed. I tried calling but nobody picked, so I texted Jack that I was in Alpha's house, not to worry about me and I am sure after this text, he will be here as soon as possible.

Jack will bring the potion...

Tomorrow I will be back home...

I heard a knock on my door, got up, and opened the door to find Adam smiling warmly.

"Good evening, Miss Smith," He smiled.

"Good evening," I said.

"Dinner is ready," He said, gesturing me to join downstairs.

"I am not feeling well, can you bring it in here, please?" I asked as my eyes wandered to the room of the source who was responsible for my hesitation to join, I don't want to face him.

"He is not home, and you haven't been out of your room today. It would be a nice change and I would love your company" Adam said picking up my hesitation.

"Please..." He insisted, my eyes wandered around as if Daniel would appear out of nowhere, but he was not home.

"Okay," I said softly as he gestured me to follow him and I closed the door of my room.

"How long have you been living in this pack?" He asked as we descended downstairs.

"Three years," I said.

"Do you like roasted steak?" He asked.

"Yeah," I answered as we turned to the kitchen.

"How long have you been in this pack?" I asked.

"As long as I can remember," He said smiling

"Where did you live before ?" He asked.

"I -I --" I hesitated.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," He said and I nodded.

"Thank you," I said.

"Take a seat, I will warm up the food," He said as we reached inside the kitchen. I sat, and the memory of Daniel, the woman who killed a man emerged in my head, urging me to question something about her.

"So-So, you must have known Daniel since childhood?" I asked.

"Yes, I joined as a cook and his caretaker when his father was Alpha. I must have been only twenty and he was a small kid. My family has been serving the Alpha of this pack for a very long time, " He said, putting the pot of soup in the oven.

"He was a very naughty kid, he used to make our Luna, I mean his mother, worried. His father used to always say that he would be very good Alpha, make everyone happy around him," He added, making me wonder if he was lying, the kind of Daniel, I knew would never even smile.

"But you know sometimes, life doesn't go the way we want and I wish he could find his happiness again," He said looking at me with hope as if he knew some secret about me that I didn't.

"The kind of Daniel you are describing, I am not quite able to believe it," I said.

"Believe me, he is a very good person. Just be patient and don't be fooled by his tough exterior," He said.

"Then what happened to him?" I asked as he was lost in his thoughts.

"That's not my story to tell," He said, turning on the sound of the oven, taking the pot out.

I wish he could tell something about his mate...

"I have heard that he killed his mate?" Finally, the real words I wanted to ask escaped my mouth.

"Sometimes there are things that can not be explained ---" He was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"Can you please get the door?" He asked me and I nodded as I wanted to say no but that would be rude.

Oh, moon goddess....

I hope it's not him...

I walked to the door, taking tentative steps and praying to not face him soon. I pulled the door open.

"Brother she was --" two guys stood talking to each other and stopped when they looked at me, clearly shocked. They were both handsome, had a bit of resemblance to Daniel.

"Are we in the wrong house??--" the young one, I assumed to be said to the other one.

"I don't think so," the other said, looking around, confusion and surprise, clearly shown on their face.

"Is this Daniel's house?" The older one, I assumed asked.

"Yes-yes, " I said.

"There is a woman in Daniel's house, Ron do you see that...a woman," The younger one said dramatically pointing at me and Ron forced a smile glaring at him.

"I can see, Jay," He said, looking at me.

"No, you don't understand... A woman, a clear woman, a woman with warm blood and flesh in Daniel's house," Jay said to Ron, shaking him by the shoulder.

"I can see, Jay. Now please behave," Ron said.

"I never thought I would live to see this day," Jay said wiping his imaginary tears.

"Well, hello Daniel home?" Jay asked, abruptly turning to me and giving me a flirtatious smile.

"No-no," I said.

"We are his cousins, can we come in?" Ron asked.

"Yes, of course," I said opening the door wide as Jay moved inside followed by Ron.

"Sorry about my brother," Ron said smiling warmly.

"Adam, " Jay called moving towards the kitchen ahead of us, I closed the door and moved behind them.

"So it's your smell that has covered the whole pack huh?" Ron asked inhaling, as I stood there wondering what should I say.

"What are you?" He asked looking at me.

"Come on Ron, Don't make the lady uncomfortable with your stupid Question?" Jay said turning around to face us.

"The more important question is that what is your name, beautiful lady?" Jay added.

"Seira," I said.

"What is your relation with Daniel?" Ron asked looking a bit serious.

"Ignore him, he doesn't know how to talk to beautiful women, especially someone as beautiful as you," Jay winked at me, blood rushed to my cheeks.

"Guys, don't trouble our guest," Adam appeared out of the kitchen.

"We are not troubling, it's called charming the guest. A woman should know how beautiful she is, isn't it Seira? What a beautiful name," Jay said.

"Enough, we need to feed our guest," Adam said.

"Wow, it's been a long time since Daniel had a woman as a guest. Last time it was Ka--" Jay was interrupted by Ron coughing, not to mention fake coughing. I wish he would have completed the sentence.

"I am hungry," Ron said as if I didn't notice anything.

"Oh where are our manners, This is Jay and I am Ron, Daniel is our cousin," Ron said as we all sat on chairs.

"I am the most smartest and handsome man in the family, as you can see," Jay said grinning and I smiled at him.

"I can definitely see," I said smiling wide.

"Well, I must say you have a wonderful smell and beautiful smile, my lady," He said bowing and extending his hand.

"You are charming," I said laughing at his antics and gave my hand as he placed a kiss on the back.

"What is happening here??" I heard the stern voice which made my heartbeat at high speed, my cheeks burning and I took some deep breaths before we all turned to look at Daniel standing at the kitchen door, arms crossed on his chest and eyes glaring at our joined hands.

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