Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 15


As I reached home, I was about to go to my room when I sensed the presence of Ron and Jay in the house. Making my way towards the kitchen I heard Seira laughing.

"What is happening here??" I asked when I saw Jay holding Seira's hand and she was smiling wide. The urge to snatch her hand and let everyone know she is mine washed over me. At this moment I wanted nothing more than to hit Jay and ask him to stay away from her.

This is just a mate bond thing...


I straightened, as I realized everyone was looking at me. I moved my eyes from their joined hand to Ron, whose eyes shone with curiosity.

"Appreciating the beauty, brother," Jay said and smiled at Seira.

"She is my guest so please behave," I managed the words from my mouth, without showing any bitterness.

"Oh brother, come on, you know me, I would never do something to make a lady uneasy," He said, still holding her hand. I avoided meeting the two pairs of eyes, looking at me keenly.

"Okay boys, now let's feed the guest," Adam said.

"Join us, Daniel," Ron said patting the seat beside him. My eyes moved to Seira who was looking at Adam now, the need to be close to her was so intense that I had to force my feet to move and sit next to Ron.

"Seira, is he treating you well?" Jay asked her.

"Yes," she said in low voice.

Does she like him?

Is she feeling the same as I am?

"Daniel, who is she?" Ron whispered to me as Adam gave us the dinner.

"We will talk about it later," I said.

"Seira, do you know how beautiful your eyes are?" Jay said in a flirtatious tone, my body stiffened at this.

"No, " Seira said in a soft voice.

"Believe me, it looks like the deep blue ocean which makes my heart want to have a dip in it," Jay said and she smiled, as my eyes were on her but she avoided meeting mine.

"That was bad, Jay...very bad line," She laughed, her eyes shining with spark and I wanted her to laugh again. My heart picked up and I wanted to preserve that smile for me, nobody should be allowed to see her.
She is beautiful...

She is mine.

I swear if Jay touches her one more time then I am gonna lose my control...

I forced my mind on the food, biting and controlling the urge to punch Jay.

"Nobody in my family knows how to treat women, see them, they are all boring, but trust me I can be a lot more fun," Jay said and it was enough for me to get up and shove him away from her.

"Enough, now go and sit there," I said making him stand from his seat and pushing him in the direction where I sat.

"What? Why? She likes my company. " Jay said but looking at my seriousness, he didn't say anymore and moved to the seat beside Ron. I took the seat with Seira, inhaling her scent, making me feel calm and at ease.

Her eyes were on me, watching me or maybe trying to figure out, my behavior.

"So..we heard you fought yesterday against some rouges?"Ron asked breaking the silence.

" yes," I said.

"But you don't have any injury," Jay asked and I felt Seira's heart pick up. My hand rested on her thigh to settle her down before I could stop myself, she froze but didn't look at me.

"We will talk about that later," I said as my hand soothingly caressed her thigh, I wanted her to feel that her secret was safe with me and if she doesn't want me to tell anyone then I won't. She loosened up a little and nibbled on her food. She stood up, making her way to the sink.

"It was nice meeting you guys," She said smiling at Ron and Jay, completely ignoring me.

"Thank you for dinner, Adam. It was delicious," She added, still ignoring me. The way I treated her in the morning, was because she intruded on my privacy.

That was her fault...

If this is the way she wants then fine with me...

"I am glad you liked it," Adam said

"See you guys later, Good night," She said moving out of the kitchen.

"It was nice meeting you too, good night," Ron said.

"Yeah same here, good night pretty woman. Dream of me," Jays said, earning a glare from me.

"What?? She is... gorgeous, man. She is guest for you, for me, she is a woman," Jay said shrugging his shoulders.

"What is going on here Daniel?" Ron asked.

"Nothing," I said.

"You are fooling nobody. We can see that woman in your house, you have never brought a female as a guest. What is she?" He asked.

"Maybe I have changed, now I like female guests," I said.

"What about this jealously? You have never stopped Jay from flirting with any girl before," Ron asked and I kept my mind on my food, not answering him.

"Daniel, what is going on??" He asked again.

"Nothing, she is different from us, so needed protection and I brought her here, for her safety," I replied while moving to take my plate to the sink.

"What is she?" He asked.

"I am trying to find that about her," I uttered the half-truth.

"How?" Jay asked.

"Adam has called a witch tomorrow. I hope she could help us," I said washing my plate and putting it in the rack.

"Guys, we will talk about it in the morning. I am tired," I said moving out of the kitchen, towards the stairs, my eyes on the room of Seira.

My feet yearned to move to her room, see that beautiful smile and kiss her, make her moan.

Did she like Jay's touch??

The thought compelled my feet to move towards her room before I could realize I was in front of her room and knocked

"Control yourself," my wolf growled and I blocked him.

She opened the door, looking at me, surprised at my presence. Her eyes shone with a question that I was asking myself at this moment, what am I doing here?

Looking at each other, in complete silence that I could feel her loneliness meeting with mine and the spark of happiness ignited in the corner of her heart at my presence.

Every nerve in my body felt awake to feel her touch on me, I moved inside slowly, our eyes locked, waiting for her to stop me but she didn't. I closed the door without breaking the eye contact.

Next thing I knew, our lips locked in a hungry kiss, as if our survival depended on it. My grip tightened on her as I pushed her against the wall, parting her lips with my tongue. Tracing the inner curve of her mouth, her soft moans, I felt at home as if she was my harmony.

The low vibrations hummed from me, I pulled her legs wrapping around my waist and stepped into space between her legs, our bodies crushing and mouths slanting over one another roughly.

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