Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 2

Seira Smith


Extending my hand towards the bedside table to shut my alarm, I sat on my bed and gave time to my eyes to adjust to bright sunlight. I tied my hair in a bun and walked toward the bathroom.
My room had a medium-sized bed with two small side tables and a couch. This has been my life for three years.

Three years ago, I had my parents and my two little sisters and now, it was just me. My whole family was killed by moonstone pack, Alpha Sam and I was saved by my father who forced me to run sacrificing his own life.

I looked at myself in the mirror as dark bags hanged under my eyes and the skin looked pale. My gaze shifted to my left arm which was covered with burnt scars, reminding me of my survival over my family. My eyes filled with unshed tears as the pain in my heart expanded with each terrible memory.

Breath in...breath out...

I reminded myself of all the things I should be grateful for. Feeling a bit relieved, I took my brush and started preparing for my day.


Taking my bag I moved towards the door, as I knew she would keep on knocking till I open it. I wore a full-sleeved white shirt with grey pants covering all of my scars and body.

"Good morning," Sella said in her chirpy voice. She was one of the teachers in my school. I was an art teacher while she taught kindergarten kids, with chirpy and energetic aura. She is a beautiful girl with short blond hair, light blue eyes, and a fair complexion living with her mate, Liam. They both were werewolves.
"Good morning," I smiled back.

"Since I knew you would be late I made you some sandwiches," she said handing me a lunch box.

"Thank you, "I said taking the box. She was the only person I was a bit close to. We walked together towards the school campus which was about the walking distance of ten minutes. It was in the middle of the pack boundary and had a running stream at the back of the school where kids were not allowed. The school only had students till the fifth standard.

I looked around as kids were moving toward school with their parents. Most of the parents gave me strange I was the only human on the teaching staff.
I knew the it was the running story in the pack that Alpha had a human mate later Alpha killed her. It was being said that Alpha had become stone-hearted since then, he only worked and enjoyed torturing the person who commits crime. He maintains his privacy avoiding public meetings , except for the meeting with the board of directors of school to tells them what needs to be done. Some people say that he is burnt and looked very ugly ... that's why he avoided public.
I was hired in the school by principal Jack, as he was my father's good friend. He was the person, my father suggested before he made me run out of the prison. I don't remember clearly how I reached here that day....I ran for a day and then fainted in the middle of the forest. Next thing I knew I was in this pack, at Jack's home.
I shook my head cleaning my messed-up thoughts and looked at Sella who was unusually quiet today.

"Is everything okay??"I asked.

"Do you know that Alpha is going to come to school today?"She said. I knew he came here every Friday evening for a meeting.

"'s Friday," I said.

"I just don't like this Friday. All kids are scared of him. They think of him as a monster. "She said.

Mostly on Fridays, kids are scared due to lots of stories they heard from their parents about alpha. Even if the Alpha doesn't visit them and comes when school is over. He only meets the board of directors. Apart from them, nobody has seen him for twelve years. He is said to have killed many people and won battles against neighboring packs. He is the most feared Alpha around the world.

How cold-hearted he must be to kill his mate??

"I wish he could just take interest in interacting with kids," I said.

"No...that would just scare kids and I don't want him near them. It's better as the way it is, "She said looking at me with horrid expressions.

"I mean...that would be less scary for kids once they see the face. He hasn't done anything to kids," I said.

"Don't you know?? During the time, when he killed his mate. There were bodies of some kids found in that cave. He was covered with blood," She said.

"Who found him in there?" I asked.

"Some people from our pack when they were looking for kids. After some days, they were arrested and put in prison. Nobody saw them after that," She said.

"You mean...he killed them?"I asked.

"That can only be the explanation, Whoever challenges him for the Alpha position died later. Nobody saw the battles and when the news spread about the strength of alpha around the pack, everyone is scared of him" She said.

"Hm," I said.

"How cruel he would be to kill his mate?"She said flinching her nose.

"Hm," I said.

Why would alpha kill his mate??
Why do I feel like there is more to it?
Why do I feel my heart soften towards alpha?

"Earth to Seira..."Sella said moving a hand in front of my eyes and we stopped as we reached inside the campus.

"Sorry...I was thinking about my class"I lied not meet her eyes.

"I would not force though I know you are lying. I just want to say I am always here if you want to talk about anything," She said hugging me and I felt stung of tears in my eyes.

Breath in...breath out...

"Thank you," I said breaking the hug and immediately turning towards my class to avoid any further discussion.

Breath in....breath out...

I composed myself before entering the class "good morning miss," kids recited together.

"Good morning kids, "I said smiling as I looked at their beautiful faces filled with excitement and curiosity. I forget all of my sorrows and problems when I am with them. Answering their curiosity and teaching them is the only time I truly enjoy.

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