Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 16


His fingers threaded my hair, our tongues intertwined, danced, fighting for bliss taken and shared. His other hand squeezed my butt, rubbing his hard erection against my swollen nub and my legs tightened around his waist, relishing the friction.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the door, he was standing there, gazing at me intensely as his eyes shone with distress and the strange need matching mine, he moved inside and I couldn't stop him or maybe I didn't wanted to stop him.

"Daniel!!" a breathless moan left from my mouth, making me come out of my thoughts.

His rasping breath was a delicious rough caress on my neck, sending tingles deep into my core, as his lips glided down.

He paused, looking at me with his hands on the hem of my top as if waiting for my consent. My legs were back on the ground and I stretched my arms in silent approval, giving him access to take it off.

My skin was prickling and hot under his ardent stare as he banished the top on the floor. He intensely gazed at my breasts over my white bra, his hand reached the hook to take it off.

In a second, it was on the floor beside my top. He groaned, looking at my breasts, not touching me.

"Touch me," I whispered, unable to control this torture of him staring.

With a manly roar, he cupped his hands over my sensitive flesh, making me bite my lower lip to control a needy moan.
My nipples tightened under his palms and I shivered, my body awash with need.

His gaze on my scars reminded me of them, which I forgot in the heat of the moment. The feeling of nervousness and self-consciousness replaced the lust as my hand moved to cover my scars, biting my lower lip.

He pinned my hands on either side of my head, then I felt his lips on my shoulder over my scars then down to my arm. The tears in my eyes threatened to fall.

"You are beautiful. Don't hide from me," He said in his deep husky voice.

His head dipped to kiss my breast before taking the sensitive bud into his mouth, flicking, biting, and sucking on it.

"Daniel!" I moaned gripping his hair, asking for more.

My hands removed his t-shirt, his bare hard-muscled chest was on display and it made my heart flutter. Caressing his chest with my fingers, his abs, and scratching his back with my nails as he sucked on my nipple hard, making me moan louder.

Both, naked waist above, gazing and caressing each other with primal hunger.

A mewling whimper left my throat as his hand skimmed in my pants, touching my wet folds with enough pressure.

My back arched against the wall, tightening my grip on his shoulder as his mouth and hands played with my body.
Sharing myself so intimately with him made me feel a bit overwhelmed as tears rolled down my eyes.

He looked at me frowning, as tears rolled uncontrollably down my cheeks and I started sobbing.

Without a word, he pulled me into a tight hug and stroked my hair. He lightly kissed my head, his care making me cry harder.

I felt my feet lifted off the floor as he carried me to the bed. Lightly, resting me on the bed and covering me with the warm blanket. After wiping my cheeks, he stood and I held his hand, unable to speak but conveyed the silent gesture for him to stay, my head felt heavy and aching.

For a second, I thought he will deny my plee but something shifted in his eyes as he lifted the blanket and slid under it with me, pulling me on his chest. My tears collected on his chest as his hand tightened his grip on my waist and kissed my head as I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, and felt a warm and hard body wrapped around me. The rough yet gentle hands caressed my hair and cheeks, as I felt my nipples tightening making me realize that I was not wearing my top.

Memories of last night rushed through my head, Daniel came to my room, we made out, and then my emotional breakdown. The feeling of embarrassment washed over me and I wanted to hide, not preferring his pity or sympathy.

Oh, goddess...

I hope he leaves my room...

"I know you are awake," He whispered in my ear, making my heart beat faster. I stayed like that, not moving with my eyes closed, pretending to sleep.

"Seira, good morning," He whispered again tempting me to open my eyes. This was the first time he called my name sweetly, but I remained still.

"We need to talk Seira," He said, his breath on my cheeks. Still pretending to sleep, my ears on his voice but he didn't say anything.

Then I felt his hand on my breast, pinching my nipples and kneading the mold as he kissed my neck.

Oh, goddess....

I bit my lip and tried to remain still, controlling my body not to quiver as he slipped his hand in my pants. Biting my lower lip to stop the needy moan from escaping my mouth.

His mouth kissed my neck as his hand pinched my nipple and his other hand caressed my slick folds, his finger touching my swollen clit and slowly penetrating his finger inside my slick folds, lost in his touch I moaned, building pressure inside me but he stopped when I was about to release and a frustrated groan escaped my lips.

Again he touched me with the same intensity when I didn't open my eyes, building the same pressure but stopped when I was about to come.

"Daniel, please," I whispered unable to take this torture, his fingers started moving again turning my mind blank and I came hard, on his fingers, panting heavily.

"Now we need to talk Seira, please," He said and I turned to look at him, my eyes felt sore and irritated. His soft brown eyes were gazing at me, admiringly and I felt my cheeks redden.

He cleared his throat and sat on the bed, followed by me, clutching the blanket to my chest.

Oh, Goddess...

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