Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 17


After handing the top to Seira, I wore my t-shirt, and my eyes glued to her adjusting her bra, then her top. She caught me staring as her cheeks acquired deep red color.

Clearing my throat, I took the seat on a nearby couch, preparing myself for what I had to ask.

" Can you tell me something about your family?" I asked as I had her attention.

"What about them?" She said, her eyes narrowed at me.

"How did they die and why are you hiding here?" I asked.

"They died in a fire. I am hiding here because I want to carry on my family genes," She asserted, as I knew there was more to it.

"How?" I asked as her eyes diverted to check her nails.

"Can I also ask you one question?" She said, still looking at her hands.

"I think I asked you first," Here we were back to square one, of being secretive and arguing with each other.

"Did you think last night would be enough for you guys to open up?" My wolf mocked.

"How about I answer your one question and then you answer mine next?" Her determined eyes gleamed and I knew if I had to know about her then I have to be on her credible side.

"Fair enough," I said gesturing her to continue.

"What is this between us?" She asked about my worst fear.

"Do not tell her the truth?" My wolf said.

"Nothing," I lied with a straight face.

"Nothing?? Then why did you come to my room last night?" She looked furious with my answer.

"I thought we agreed on one question each," I said.

"You are not playing it fair," She said.

"Well, I answered it," I said shrugging my shoulder.

"So this is nothing??" She asked flicking a finger between us.

"No-" I stopped as she got up from bed, looking angry and fierce.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"The discussion is over, I got my answer," She said packing her bag.

"But I have more questions. We need to talk," I said.

"I don't want to answer your stupid questions," she replied, taking out all of the clothes from the cupboard.

"Would you stop it? You are not going anywhere," I said.

"Oh, I am going back to my apartment," She said as I walked up to her.

"Seira, stop being so difficult," I stopped her with my hands on her shoulder.

"I am being difficult?? " She chuckled.

"You feel this, I am tired of your attitude, it's always your way. Whenever you want, you kiss me, and the next minute you want to push me away. I am done playing your games," She added further, her hands gripping my t-shirt in her tiny fists, as tears shimmered in her eyes.

"I would tell you when the time would be right," I confessed.

"Right time?? So how about we don't talk to each other till the right time?" She said.

"Oh, Goddess!! Did you come to my room to seduce information out of me? Oh, Goddess!! I am a fool," She said pushing me away as her hands were back on her bag.

"No, I just can not cont-" I was interrupted by her mocking laugh.

"Of course, you are Alpha without mate, what else should I expect?" Her words dripped with resentment, felt like bullets in my heart.

" Seira, please listen to me. You can not go back to your apartment, your smell is still different," I said.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that. I am fae and I can take care of myself," She said.

"Why don't you for once trust me?" I said.

"I can ask you the same," she said looking at me, her hands crossed on her chest.

"I can not trust you Because you are fae, what if you harm my pack? As an Alpha, it's my duty," I confessed further wanted to add "and you are my mate".

" And I can not trust you because you are Alpha, you are all greedy for powers-" she stopped herself realizing her words, her vulnerability shown in her eyes and she turned to start packing again.

" What do you mean?" I asked as her words subsided in my head.

"Did your Alpha--" Her tears stopped me from asking further.

"Please...I want to be alone," She said, her eyes on the bags.

I pulled her towards me, as her hands landed on my chest, her eyes downwards and fat tears ready to roll down her soft cheeks.

"There are things about me that I can not tell you right now, and I know you don't trust me either. I promise I would never let anyone harm you," words came out of my mouth before I realized their meaning. It was like a compulsion, I couldn't see her in pain and hurt.

"I am the last member of my family, I cannot let their sacrifice go to waste, I have to carry my genes, " She confessed, her eyes closed as fat tears rolled down her cheeks.

" I promise, I would not let anyone harm you, "I said as her eyes met mine, glinting, her vulnerability.

" You don't feel this?"She asked, cocooning in my embrace and I wanted to admit loud that" I do,".

"What is it? Why do I feel so calm around you? Why I can not stop myself from coming close to you? ," She mumbled, as my hands snaked around her.

" You don't feel anything?"She asked breaking the hug and looking straight into my eyes. No words came out of me, I wanted to say but I couldn't speak, just kept on staring back into her eyes, like a dumb fool.

"Oh, Goddess!! I feel like a clingy and needy person," She shifted away from me, wiping her tears with the back of her hands. I wanted her to be back in my arms.

" I have called a witch today, "I confessed.

" Why?" she asked and a look of terror apparent in her eyes.

"To know more about your family?" I said as she started to move.

"Oh!! So if I won't tell you then you still have the option to ask about me?" She said bitterly.

"And I don't have any means to ask about you? Why?? Because you are Alpha and nobody goes against your rules," She added further.

"You have seen my thoughts," I reminded her.

"I have only seen a woman, I guess your mate killing a man, Believe me, I haven't seen more," she said.

"Yeah her name was Kara-" I stopped myself, surprised at my need to tell her and how the thought of Kara didn't affect me anymore.

"So, would you tell me how much you know about your family?" I asked her, diverting my mind as her eyes were fixed on me.

"I had two sisters, my mom, and Dad. We were all healers and helping people around our pack," She said.

"Alpha Sam --" She stopped herself at the sound of a knock on the door.

"What is it?" I asked sensing Adam on the door.

"The witch is here," Adam said and I looked at Seira, her eyes on the closed door.

"Just a minute, I will be there," I said as Seira's eyes shifted to me.

"Do you want to come?" I asked her and she nodded.


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