Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 18


"It's really her. Oh, my Goddess!! You were right Adam, she is a Fae," The woman said as I came to the last step of stairs, following Daniel. She was gaunt, a stooping old woman with white hairs that dropped down to her hips, plaited in a thick braid. Her eyes were narrowed, her hands positioned in my direction as if discerning my aura.

She moved closer and Daniel came in front of me, as a protective shield. I felt my heart swell, knowing there was someone who wanted to protect me.

She crooked her neck towards him, giving him a knowing smile, and then pulled his hand.

"You should not hide things that are meant to be. Don't consider yourself powerful than the moon goddess. Accept her blessing, your highness," She said, her fingers making slow circles on the back of his hand.

I looked at Daniel if he understood the meaning of her words and he did, as he pulled his hand back.

"It's not me, it's her, you have to tell me about her," Daniel said.

"Trust me Alpha, I wouldn't harm her," She said looking at Daniel, as he still stood in front of me.

They looked at each other for a long time, then Daniel turned aside, giving her access to come to me.

She smiled and moved ahead till she was a hand distance from me. She stared at me while moving her right hand over her plaited hair.

"You look exactly like your mother," She said.

"You knew my mother?" I asked her, but she ignored me.

"How are you, my dear? My name is Cheryl," She asked, still patting the end of her braid, over her right shoulder.

"I am good," I managed the voice out of me.

"Power, very powerful...something that can make anybody more powerful than they can imagine, you are a treasure," She moved in a circle around me, as the corner of my eyes followed her when she was on my backside.

"What do you exactly want to ask about her?" She stopped, turning to look at Daniel.

"Everything about her," Daniel said, his eyes assessing me.

"Hm...," She continued moving around me.

"How many people know about her being Fae?" She asked.

"I and Adam," Daniel said.

"I sense lies, " She said looking at Daniel.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"She lied to a lot of people," She said and stopped.

Kara..." Her eyes closed, her body shaking as her hand gripped the end of her braid.

" Her mate... Her mate bond.,"She uttered, at last and opened her eyes, breathing heavily.

My mate...
Mate bond.

"I don't have mate," I said, looking at her then at Daniel.

"You do," She said.

"Who??" I asked.

"I don't know, I am old, I can not exactly see the face but I am sure moon goddess would figure out the way for you," She said.

"I knew your mother, Reyna Smith. Poised, helping others, loving mother, compassionate were some of her favorite roles to play," She said as her words sank in my head.

"What do you mean?" I asked as my mom's picture came into my head.

"I knew your mother, we grew up in the same pack. She was broken and greedy soul.With her greed for power, she wasn't satisfied with what she had, she wanted more. She was nineteen when she first sucked the life out of a witch, my cousin, and made everyone believe that it was done by my father. She was very good at hiding her true self," She said.

Her words rang in my head about my mother. The angel-like lady who took care of my whole family, the one who would tell us to be grateful to the moon goddess and always walk on the path of honesty. Who has fainted several times, trying hard to save people's life

Her kisses, hugs, and smile, still fresh in my memories. Her kindness and compassion, I could feel in it in the way she used to caress me lovingly.

No, she is wrong...

My mother was an angel...

She helped people...

"I think you are mistaken, I knew my mother. She was a very kind healer," I said looking between her, Daniel, and Adam.

"No, my child, she was the devil in disguise. My family was banished from our pack because of her, " She said.

"No, that's not true," I said shaking my head.

"After that, we haven't met, then I heard she got married to your father and had three daughters. He was indeed a nice man, and not smart enough to see the devil in his wife," She said

"You are lying...this can not be true," my body started shaking as the wave of anger emerged from my heart.

"You remember Alpha Sam, he was the one who knew about her," She said looking at me keenly.

"No, this is not true," My powers intensified as the memory of my mom's smile ran in my head.

"Believe me, Seira. She was not a good person and Alpha Sam was not good either. When two devils meet then they can only cause disaster," She said.

" knew my mother," My body shaking violently.

"She was the reason of your ---" She stopped as the lustrous energy from me hit her, my hands pointed in her direction as I moved with rage in my head. Her hands were on her neck as my power aimed at cutting her oxygen supply, choking her.

I knew my mother...
She was a kind woman.

How dare this bloody witch say bad about her?

Two hands on my shoulder, shaking me and words reached my ears, halting me to come out of rage, and my body slumped, the last thing I knew I saw Daniel.

"Are you okay?" I heard him ask.

My head hurt painfully before darkness took over me.

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