Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 19


After laying Seira in her bed, I came down the stairs to come back to Cheryl and Adam. She was sitting on a couch while her hands massaging her neck, Adam stood near her with a glass of water.

I walked towards them as she pulled her braid in her right hand and started stroking the end of it.

"Are you okay?" I asked as her face turned to look at me.

"I am good Alpha," She said, a tiny smile appearing on her thin lips.

"So what just happened?" I asked as she took the glass from Adam.

"Reyna has messed up with her family. What I told Seira doesn't match what she has seen so she got out of control. She will be fine in a few hours," She paused to take a sip.

"My friend Deyna and her daughter, Kacy used to work in Alpha Sam's pack. Alpha Sam had his eyes on the Smith family's powers for a long time so he manipulated Reyna and became her friend. They both showed that they were friends but had ulterior motives of using each other to gain power. Reyna was getting old so she wanted to regain her powers by sucking Alpha's life while Alpha Sam wanted to take her powers," She further added.

"Power of fae can make the Alpha, most powerful creature in the world, he would be unbeatable. So Sam made a plan with witches, my friend Deyna and Kacy to take power from Reyna, after that he even planned to take the power of her other family members as that was easy since they were not as powerful as Reyna. Somehow, Reyna got to know about his plan and she decided to take his life but Sam abducted her family members first. Reyna tried to free his family but she failed due to her old age and then she made sure for Alpha Sam to not take power from her family by setting her own family on fire," She said taking another sip.

"Seira's father was not powerful enough to fight Reyna so they all died in that fire, including Kacy. Deyna and Alpha Sam were saved, Deyna told me about this when she visited my house last year. She didn't know that one fae, Seira was somehow saved so that is why I didn't believe Adam when he told me about Seira," She said.

"Can you tell me if Seira is good or bad fae?" I asked.

"I can not say that, I am old and my powers are withering as the days passes by. You have to find it yourself, nobody can tell you about her other than your heart. Believe in what your instincts say about her," She said.

"The way she lost control is not good," I said.

"Maybe you would have done the same in her place," She said.

"Can she harm my pack?" I asked.

"Yes, she can....," She paused looking straight into my eyes.

"...if she wants to," She added.

"Of course, she can harm anyone. What if she is like her mother?" My wolf asked.

"Ask this guy named Jack. He knows a lot of things about her. When I sensed her energies then his name was accentuated in her mind, " She said.

"This guy is from school," Adam said.

"Yes," I said as the picture of Jack emerged in my head.

"What the hell, what is the relationship between Seira and Jack?" My wolf asked.

" Don't tell about her being Fae to other people, they might not like her because of her mother," She said.

"Didn't you sense her thoughts of how she got saved?" I asked.

"There are things that are not for me to tell. With permission of moon goddess, I told you what she wanted me to say," She said getting up and handing the glass to Adam.

"And do something to mask her scent," She added.

"What can be done for that?" I asked.

"Alpha, Seira has survived by herself for three years, I think she knows what to do," She said.

If she knows then why she has not masked her scent in these two days?

"Alpha, I wish you all the best. I hope you succeed in knowing about her. The best way can be to give yourself to the moon goddess's wish and accept her rare blessing," She said smiling and moving towards the door.

"Seira is your mate?" Adam asked after Cheryl exited the house.

"Where are Ron and Jay?" I asked in an attempt to change the topic.

"Young man, I am asking something," His stern voice reached my ears and I sighed.

"Oh, my goddess!! I knew it, the way you behave around her and your uncontrollable desire. Indeed she is your mate," Adam said smiling.

"I hope you will not tell this to anyone," I said.

"Why not? It's a rare blessing Alpha," Adam said.

"I don't know if it's a blessing or curse. Especially if it's given by your moon goddess, she does not favor me," I said.

"Don't say it like that. You have got a mate, you have to let your past go and start a new life," He said.

"Don't forget, she is Fae and her mother was Reyna Smith," I said.

"There is the possibility that Seira is not like her mother," Adam said.

"Yeah, there is also the possibility that she is like her mother," I said.

"This time I don't want to make mistake when there is the possibility of her being a bad fae, I would not deny it just because she is my mate," I added further as someone knocked on the door and Adam moved to open the door.

"Jack, hey buddy. Long time no see," I heard Adam.

"Hi Adam, I came from School to check on Seira. She had not been there in two days, I was worried," I heard the fribble voice of the guy, Jack.

"He is scared," my wolf sensed.

"Is Alpha home?" Jack asked.

"No he is not home, you can come in," Adam said.

"Thank you, Adam," Jacks said, his steps entering my main door.

"Hello Jack," I said as he came inside and Adam closed the door.

"Hello, Alp-Alpha," Jack said, his face looked white, eyes struck on me, beads of sweat emerged on his forehead and he pulled out the handkerchief to dap it.

"Definitely hiding something," my wolf growled.


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