Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 20


I opened my eyes, my head felt heavy, and shoulder twinged as I tried to sit on the bed. Looking around I realized that I was in my room, the wave of weakness washed over me, and it took all of my power to not go back to sleep.

Cheryl, the witch. Thoughts of what she said enveloped my mind, and the pain intensified in my head. My mother, the woman I have admired my entire life and the one who has saved more people than I can even count.

No, this is not true.

My mother was an angel...

I miss her...

Mom, I wish you were here with me...

What does that witch know?

The drops of moisture out of my eyes, falling on my hands folded in my lap. I heard footsteps, coming towards my room, talking about something. I felt on cloud nine as I recognized one of the voices, so I quickly wiped my tears and composed myself.


Thank you, moon Goddess...

Now I can go back home...

Away from Daniel...

The feeling of heaviness returned with the thought of going away from Daniel. I looked up as the door opened and three people entered the room.

"I see, you are awake," Adam said, coming towards me with a glass.

"Drink it, you will feel good," He said smiling and handing me the liquid.

"Thank you," I said taking the glass and meeting the two pairs of eyes, that looked at me curiously, Jack and Daniel.

Jack had a look of fear on his face, as he dapped his forehead every two seconds.

"She is all yours," Adam said to Jack as I handed him the empty glass. Jack nodded with a fake smile and came near me.

"Where are you going?" Daniel said to Jack.

"I wan-want to-to just talk Alpha," Jack managed the voice. Daniel's eyes wandered between me and Jack.

"I think you can talk from the place where you are standing," Daniel sounded harsh and I felt the need to protect Jack, wishing I could just understand Daniels's mood swings.

"Hi, Jack. It's good to see you. Can you guys leave us alone? I want to talk to him," I said meeting Daniels's eyes.

"Of course--" Adam said, and moved out of my room.

"No, I can not. If you want to talk then talk in front of me," Daniel said.

"But--," I was interrupted by Jack.

"Of course, you can stay Alpha. We can talk in front of you. I just wanted to talk about when is she coming back to school," Jack said looking at Daniel and me.

"But I want to talk to him Alone, Alpha," I challenged Daniels with unwavering eyes.

"Why?" He asked

"Because he is my friend and I don't want others to hear what we talk about," I said and something shifted in his eyes.

With a blink of my eyes, I saw Daniel holding Jack against the wall, choking him.

"What is going on here?" Daniel asked loudly.

"No-Noth-Nothing," Jack managed to say.

"Daniel, leave him...please," I pleaded.

"If you would tell me what is the relationship between you two? And why is he here?"Daniel said, his eyes on Jack, and I could feel his grip on Jack tightened. I forced myself to get up and walk to them with my heavy head.

" Stop it, Daniel, you are choking him," I tried to force his hand from Jack's neck but failed to do it.

"Answer me," Daniel said looking at me.

"I will answer it, first you... please leave him," I said.

"Hurry Seira or you will be sorry for your friend," He said looking at Jack.

"Okay...okay...oh my goddess!! He-He is my friend and he is here to see me," I said the half truth.

"I can sense there is more to it. Let it out Seira," He said, his grip tightening further making Jack gasp for air.

"He bought the potion for me to mask my scent," I uttered in a single breath, my eyes closed as I heard the sound of someone slumped on the floor.

"What potion?" I opened my eyes at the question directed at me. Jack sat on the floor with his hands on his neck and gasping for breath.

"Jack gives me a potion to hide my real scent and make me smell like a human," I said looking at Jack.

I am so sorry..

All the times when Jack told me to not take this lightly and not to use my power rushed through my head. I felt sorry for him and I wish I would have taken his advice seriously.

"Where is the potion?" Daniel asked looking at Jack.

"Give it to him Jack," I said to Jack, expecting Daniel to either break the bottle or his hands on my neck, choking me.

Everything is over...

Jack handed the bottle of green potion to Daniel with his shaking hands. Daniel looked at the bottle keenly and then at me.

Oh, moon goddess.

"Drink it," Daniel said handing me the bottle. Surprised at this, I didn't move and kept on looking at him as if my ears are mistaken.

"Drink it, Seira," He said and instantly my hand jerked to take the bottle, gulping down my throat in a breath.

"You kept a Fae in my pack , hiding her as a human without my permission," Daniel said to Jack.

"Alpha, I can explain," Jack said.

"Do you know how dangerous this could have been? " Daniel said, his focus completely on Jack.

"Alph-Alpha," Jack stuttered.

"Go downstairs and wait for me. We are going to have a long talk about this," Daniel said to Jack.

Jack looked at me, concern, defeat, and fear reflected in his eyes. He moved out of the door without a word and I felt bad for the way he was treated because of me. He was a good person and didn't deserve to be here.

"What do you want now?" Feeling Daniels eyes on me, after Jack existed the room. My voice sounded more harsh then I intended.

"What is your relationship with him?" He asked taking a step towards me and my feet took the step back to maintain the distance.

"Why do you care?" I said as anger whipped my head.

"Seira, what is your ralastionship with him?" He asked , sounding calm and further increasing my irritation.

"Why?? It's always about you. You never listen to me," I shouted as my back hit the wall and he came into my space, just a breath away and my fist tightened.

"How do you know him?" He asked and my control gave up, before I realized my fists started hitting his chest with full force and the tears of anger and frustration emerged in my eyes, flowing down my cheeks. He stood there looking at me, taking my wrath and not stopping me

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