Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 21


Her fists, striking my chest, and I know, I deserve much more than that. My eyes were on her tears, every drop made me feel like I am sinking into heaviness. In my heart, the urge to stop her tears and to soothe her heightened with every second.

Damn..the mate bond.

"Seira...listen to me," I said but she kept on hitting.

"Seira...Seira," I cupped her face in my hands. Her face looked red and damp from all the crying. Those beautiful eyes locked with mine, her hand fisted my shirt while she sobbed. Her emotions hit my heart as I felt her, helplessness and hurt.

Storm of mixed feeling inside her, clearly reflected in her eyes. I knew she wanted to push me away but the bond held her back, and she craved for me.

I cupped her face, breathing in her sweet scent and resting my forehead against her. She tilted her face up exactly at the moment my face dipped. Our breath combined first then my lips on hers and our tongues fighting for control. She tasted like fear, loneliness, and desire. Her grip on my shirt tightened, pulled me closer to her, to seek my touch. Her lips turned aggressive as she bit my lower lip enough to draw the blood.

I tasted my blood in her mouth as her hands tried to yank me away and break the kiss. But the feeling of our loneliness together had a soothing effect on me, so I pushed her against the wall enclosing my palms over her fists.

The desire to kiss her, get away from my loneliness and feel her touch was enough for me to devour her mouth with passion. I never wanted to stop kissing her and all the logic of why was she bad for me or my pack, just evaporated at the moment.

She kissed me back with the same intensity, and I wrenched my mouth from hers.

"Tell me," I said brushing my lips on the soft skin of her forehead, "How do you know Jack?"

She shuddered and tried to push me away, I remained still. Unable to shove me, she let out a long and slow exhale.

"I would tell you if you would promise me not to hurt him?" She said looking into my eyes.

Her pleading eyes bored into mine and I felt my head nodding at her words.

"No, give me your words," She said clenching my shirt desperately.

"You have my word," I heard myself saying and she loosened up a little.

"He was a friend of my Father, when--" She took a deep breath and I hated the pain with which she recalled her father.

"My father forced me to run out of the prison where my family was held captive by Alpha Sam," Her eyes were closed as a fresh wave of tears flowed down her now dried cheeks.

"He asked me to run and find Jack, in your pack. He said I will be safe, and I have to carry on my family genes," She said.

"I forced my father to run with me, but he didn't. He said, he will free my sisters and forced me out of the prison. I ran from there like a coward," Her body started shaking and I embraced her in my arms.

"Like a cowa-coward I am, I ran and I don't remember much after that. Next, I fainted and found myself at Jack's home," She said keeping her head on my chest.

"I a coward. I should have helped my father but no, I ran instead," She repeated herself, weeping heavily and buried her face in my chest.

"Sshhhh...hey," I said trying to comfort and hating the anger, pain, and self-loathing in her voice.

"Seira...listen to me. It was not your fault," I said making her look into my eyes and wiping her tears from my thumb.

"I could have saved him or maybe my family, Daniel," She mumbled.

"Whatever happened, it was not your fault," I said.

"So Jack helped me after that and kept me in the your pack as a human," She said looking at me.

"He is a very good person and please don't hurt him," She said and I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart.

"Do you like him?" I blurted out.

"What?" She looked shocked.

"No-No, he is like my uncle, Goddess," She said and my heart fluttered in happiness as I felt foolish to even ask such a thing.

"I am know how this mate bond is--," I stopped myself as I heard my words.

"Now, you are an idiot. Acting like a whipped pussy in mating, can't you control your emotion? " my wolf said.

"What mate bond?" She asked looking at me suspiciously.

"I bond," I said taking two steps back from her, keeping a distance before I lose myself again.

"I heard, said mate bond??" Her eyes narrowed at me

"I bond. You know how it's not quite easy for us to trust each other but I am glad you shared with me," I said in a serious tone.

"Yeah, you left me no choice," She retorted, crossing her hands on her chest.

"I will talk to Jack now," I said walking towards the exit.

"You gave me your words, please don't hurt him," She said behind me.

"I will try to remember that," I said not turning to face her.

"What?? You gave me your words," she sounded furious.

"Yeah...yeah," I said closing the door but it opened and she emerged out of it.

"I am coming with you," She said.

"No, you are not," I said as she looked quite adorable in anger.

"Completely whipped pussy you are," my wolf mocked me.

"I won't hurt him now please go inside and take some rest, " Her eyes narrowed at me but she nodded and moved inside.

I sighed and heard the door close. Walking downstairs, I spotted Jack on the couch with Adam, he stood up as I approached them.

"Alpha-Alpha, I can explain," He said.

"How do you know her?" I asked.

"She is the daughter of my friend, David Smith. I have known him since he helped me heal my worst wound that I had in an attack, I gave my words to help him when he would be in need," He said in a quivering voice.

"I just wanted to help her since I owned her father my life. I know her Alpha, she didn't hurt anyone and in fact, she is stubborn enough to help someone in need than to hurt them," He said.

"Where did you get that potion?" I asked.

"I make it, it's my grandfather's recipe as he was spy , in our pack during your grandfather's rule. This potion was invented to mingle among humans whenever required," He said.

"Then why did it stop working two days back?" I asked.

"I asked her not to help people and she helped someone heal, it fades once you use your real power," He said and I recalled her healing my arm near the stream.

"She is not danger for our pack, Alpha," He said.

"Did you know her family?" I asked.

"No Alpha, only her father," He said.

"Where did you find her?" I asked.

"Other side of our pack, near the stream, in woods. She was unconscious and when I touched her to help, I saw her father's message for me, " He said.

"What message??" I asked.

"That he is sending her to me and I need to save the last hope of his family. He also said that Alpha Sam and three witches have held him captive, he was able to only save one of his daughter. He asked me to take care of her," He said.

"What did you say...three witches?" I asked looking at Adam who was scowling at the knowledge.

But Cheryl said there were two witches..

Her friend Dyena and her daughter Kacy..

"Yes Alpha, he said three witches were involved with Alpha Sam," He said.

"Are you sure?" I asked again.

"Yes Alpha," He said.

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