Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 22


I am walking on a never ending pathway, in the dark, feeling alarmed and uncertain of the unknown. My arms extended to touch any hard surface to avoid a crash, I gulped my saliva to soothe my dry throat, and I have no idea where the hell I am. At distance, I see a light coming in from a tiny hole, with that my impatient legs increase their speed to pass this darkness.

When I reached the hole, the light brightened the dark path, that hole seemed to be at the back of some room...or wait...why does it feel like I know this place?

I looked around and saw the pathway of a familiar place, oh my goddess!!...this was the backyard of my home.

I jerked at the scream, a very painful scream of someone which I was sure came from that room. I peeped in the hole, and the world turned upside down with what I saw?

I saw my mom sitting beside a person and sucking the energy out of him. Her kind eyes turned into blood red, her soft hands appeared strong than usual and her body absorbed the energy out of the person.

I turned at the sound of someone calling me from the dark, and I froze at the visual of the woman, the one I saw in Daniel's thoughts ...Kara appeared walking towards me, her hand held the knife as she stopped at a distance and with an arrogant smile licked the blood on the knife.

Breathing heavily, I turned towards the hole which disappeared, the wall perished too and my mom came towards me. Her hands extending and my eyes wandered between Kara and my mom.

"Hi sweetie," My mom called as her eyes were still blood red.

"I missed you," My mom said and I felt sick to my stomach. This was not the mom, I once knew. I wanted to talk but my voice was not coming out.

"You are with Daniel," Kara's voice broke
my attention from my mom towards her.

"Leave her out of this Reyna," I turned at the sound of my father. He looked weak and sick. The eyes were ready to come out of his sockets and his body was fully covered in grit as if he was buried somewhere.

"Run,," His eyes locked with mine, and I found myself surrounded by all of them, no place to run.

"David, you can't ask a mother to be away from her child," My mom said.

"Does Daniel know about her as fae?" Kara asked.

"Of course not, he would have sucked the life out of her if he knew," My mom said.

", Daniel is stupid and naive. He wouldn't know how to take advantage of powers," Kara mocked.

"," My father shouted and I don't know what happened to me, feeling anxious and scared, I ran and ran in the direction I didn't recognize.

My body craved for water and rest but the eyes of my mom, the fear in my father's alarmed voice was haunting my legs to keep running.

"Seira...I told you, your mother was the devil in disguise," I heard the voice of Cheryl, but I couldn't see her.

"Now, who do you think would save you?" I heard her again but I didn't stop.

"Seira...Seira...Seira," I heard the familiar voice pulling me out of the deep trench. My body trembled and I followed the sound of a soothing voice calling me.

My eyes opened, gasping for breath as I saw Daniel looking at me with concern. My body felt heavy and tired as if I have been running for hours.

" was a bad dream," He pulled me in a hug. I inhaled his musky scent and pressed myself against his cheat tightly, seeking his warmth and peacefulness.

His hands stroked my hair, calming my heart rate, and I felt safe at home, right in his arms.

The memory of the dream was fresh in my head as if it was not just a dream but the reality that I experienced. My headaches heightened and dizziness took over me.

"Stay--stay with me...please," I managed my voice hugging him tight before I drifted into a deep slumber.

I woke up in the morning, as the room brightened with sunlight. I turned my face to see Daniel sleeping, spooning me. I tried to remove his hand from my stomach to get up but his arm tightened as he steered in his sleep.

I tried again and almost triumphantly got up before a hand caught my wrist and pulled me back. I fell on his chest and his brown eyes locked with mine.

"Where are you going?" He asked in a husky voice, his ruffled morning hair making him look more attractive.

Snap out...Seira..

Say, something idiot...

"I will get late, I have to go to school today," I said, my hands on his bare chest and trying to control myself from running them on his body.

Would he deny me going to school??

"I will drop you," He said, removing his hand from my wrist and getting up from bed.

"You will drop me?" I asked unable to believe my ears and he nodded.

"What if someone see you?" I asked.

"Nobody recognizes me, " He said stretching his arms.

"They must, I mean... it's not like they have never seen you. Some of them might have seen you twelve years ago..." I said.

"I have changed a lot in twelve years," He said looking at me.

"What if someone asks me about you?" I asked.

"Then say that he was my driver," He said.

"But you are too hot for the driver--" I shut my mouth as I heard my words.

Oh, Crap...

Control your hormones Seira...

His eyes locked with mine, and his lips turned into a half smile. I blinked twice to see if it was real or am I seeing things?

"Did you just?" I said getting up from bed and he was back to being serious.

"No," He glared at me.

"You did, smiled. Oh, my goddess!! you did," I said as I got near him.

"No...I didn't," He said turning to look away

"You did," I said.

"Now, Are you not getting late for school??'He said looking at me.

" Oh Right, I know you smiled," I said before running to the bathroom as he ran behind me and I closed the door.

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