Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 23


I was ready, and waiting for Seira to come out of her room. I walked towards the kitchen to see Adam preparing food and packing it in a lunchbox.

"Good morning," I said looking at the lunch box.

"Good morning, I have not packed a lunchbox for anyone since you were in school," He smiled.

"Yeah...right," I said.

"It's nice to have Seira here, Daniel," He said.

"Well, don't get used to it," I said to him as he closed the lid of the box.

"Why don't you tell her and accept the bond?" He asked looking at me.

"And what about her being bad fae?" I said.

"And what if she is a good one?" he retorted.

"How does this mate thing work for faes?" I asked.

"We, werewolves can recognize mate in every shifter kind or among humans but faes can only recognize if their mate is fae, they can not recognize another shifter as their mate. In these cases, usually, werewolves have to tell the fae that she or he is their mate, once you say it and they will recognize you," He said.

"That 's good..." My wolf said.

"Accept the bond, Daniel. Not everyone is as lucky as you," He said.

"That's why I don't want to accept. Your moon goddess doesn't like me and I am sure like last time, she has planned some kind of evil thing for me to suffer," I said.

"Daniel, you need to let that go--"I interrupted him.

" I have heard it many times Adam. Right now, the more important thing is --did you believe what Jack said yesterday?"I asked changing this mate topic.

"I have been thinking a lot about this and I have sent the message to Cheryl to come here again, I don't think Jack has any reason to lie. I mean he was protecting Seira, he knew about her powers if he wanted then he could have taken them," He said washing his hands and wiping them with towels.

"Exactly, that means we need to talk to Cheryl again. How long have you known her?" I asked.

"Last seven years, she has helped many persons I know and I trust her. Can be a possibility that Deyna hided this from her," He said

"Can be a possibility," I said and the doorbell rang. I turned to walk towards the main door.

I sensed mom, Ron, and Jay at door with another werewolf, not from my pack. I opened the door, as mom stood there smiling wide.

"Hi, my baby," She hugged me as I saw Ron and Jay smiling, behind them standing a girl, female wolf, her head bowed and long red hair reaching her waist. Her body was skinny and her face simple yet pretty. Her green eyes locked with mine as she looked tired and weak. Her yellow dress reaching her knees, she was beautiful.

"Hey brother," Jay said as Ron smiled at me.

"We have a special guest with us," My mom said going towards the girl and encouraging her to come forward. She hesitated but forced a smile as my mom embraced her.

"This is Laila, my guest. We don't have room for her to stay in the guest house so I thought you could use her company. It's been many years since any female entered the house," She said with a cunning smile and I knew, what she wanted to say here.

"Oh no, she bought a girl to my door, here we can't deal with a real mate and mom wants us to take someone else as mate...great...just...great," my wolf said.

"What?" Ron said looking between me and mom," but you said you only wanted to introduce her to Daniel,"

"About female...we forgot to tell you --" Jay stopped as mom ignored him and moved inside the house tugging Laila along with her.

"You have many rooms here. She could use one," Mom said.

"Mom, please can we talk somewhere private?"I asked following her to the hall.

" Oh come on honey, it's just family. You can say whatever you want here," mom said.

"But Guesthouse has a lot of rooms empty," Jay said to mom.

"Yeah, but they are not clean," mom said.

"Mom, she would be more comfortable with you, "I said as the girl named Laila looked around the house.

" Okay, cut the chase, Daniel, She is the girl and I want you to take her as mate so she can give us the heir, "Mom said.

"You lied to us. You said she was your assistant," Ron said.

"Well, I knew you guys would have warned Daniel if you knew I was bringing some girl here," Mom said.

"Not me, I would have helped. You broke my heart," Jay said pretending to fake a stab from his fist on the heart.

"Okay boys enough, now listen Daniel. Laila and you will be perfect as lifemates and you could have a family of your own. Oh, my goddess!! I didn't know you had a company," My mom said as she looked behind me, on the stairs.

Oh no...

I forgot about Seira..

I turned to look at Seira, her face looked fresh yet emotionless, making me realize she has heard the conversation.

"Who is she, Daniel?" Mom asked as all eyes were on Seira.

"Mom, this is Seira. She is an art teacher in our school. She needed protection so she is staying here for now," I said looking at Ron and Jay for help.

"Yeah, we forgot to tell you about her," Jay said to mom.

"Hello Dear, I am Claudia," My mom said moving towards the stairs and Seira faked a smile.

"I am sorry, luna. I didn't recognize you," Seira said taking my mom's hand.

"It's okay, dear. This is Laila, the future luna of this pack and would be lifemate of Daniel," My mom said as I closed my eyes.

"Mom," I warned my mom.

"I don't care what Seira thinks of me. In a way it's good now she would stay away from us," my wolf said

"Welcome, future luna, "I heard her sweet voice dripped with bitterness that was easy for me to comprehend.

"Would you please excuse me, I am getting late," she said as I opened my eyes.

"Come, I will drop you," I said and my mom looked at me with surprise but right now, I didn't care about anyone because somewhere I needed my mate to believe me and understand the situation.

"I can go by myself as I can see you are busy," She said not looking at me but Laila and her eyes sparkled with jealousy.

"No dear, it's okay. Daniel would drop you, We don't want to disturb your plans," Mom said and Seira nodded moving towards the exit without glancing at me.

This is bad....

"I would make Laila comfortable here and then I want you to cancel everything today, spend time with her," Mom said.

"No mom, I cannot cancel everything. I am busy today," I said as I was about to move when mom blocked my way.

"I promise , just go on a date with her, get to know her, and then if you don't like I will take her back with me," She said and I wanted to go after Seira as I knew she would go without me if I didn't move right away.

"Okay mom," I said as my eyes were on the door and I ran as mom got aside.

I saw Seira walking towards the school just as I thought without waiting for me. I got in my car and drove in her direction.

"Get in," I said as I stopped near her. She took me by surprise as she got in without saying a word.

We drove in silence, she stared out of the window, and the urge to explain to her everything was getting stronger with every passing minute.

"Seira...I can explain," I said unable to take her silence.

Damn...the mate bond.

She did not say anything and kept on staring out of the window.

"Seira, I didn't know mom--," I stopped as she looked at me. Her gaze held a hint of hurt and seriousness.

"Why Daniel?" She said.

"I can explain," I said.

"Why do you care? You don't owe me any explanation," She said.

"No, I do," I said.

"You don't. You told me loud and clear that this is nothing," She said flicking a finger between us.

"Then I don't think you owe me any explanation," She added looking mad but her voice was calm.

"We have a sort of intimate relation," I said.

"That was with our consent. From now on, you have mate so we would not bother each other anymore," she said as I stopped the car on the school campus.

"She is not my mate," I roared,my hand on her wrist stopping her from getting out.

"Neither am I," She said and I was speechless, she removed my hand and got out of the car. My eyes followed her till she disappeared from my sight.

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