Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 24


Walking towards the classroom, I didn't feel like taking the class or facing anyone right now but I knew I don't have a choice. The woman Laila, hurt and anger emerged inside me at the thought of her.

Daniel, he didn't feel anything between us then why am I sulking at this? I felt heaviness at the thought of Laila and Daniel together.

"Hey, Seira," Sella called me and I stopped to look in her direction.

"Where have you been? Oh, goddess, I was so worried about you," She pulled me in a tight hug.

"Hey," this time I realized that I haven't given thought to the fact that what would I say to the people who would ask me where I have been.

"Jack told me you were at his house," She rested her hands on my shoulders. She looked at me with genuine concern and the tears pooled in my eyes. All the bottled up emotions in me, were ready to burst.

Fat tears started flowing down my cheeks, I felt empty and hurt. Sella looked around as some people were looking at us so she pulled me into a nearby class, tugging my hand and closing the door.

I cried, the emotional turmoil stirred inside me. Sella stood there wrapping her arms around me in a soothing hug and not saying a word.

Breath in...breath out..

"Here," Sella said handing me a water bottle as I wiped my tears and expecting her to dig about why I cried.

"Feeling better," She said smiling warmly as I drank the water.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She said and I denied

"You should go home and take some rest. I am sure Jack won't mind you taking some days off," She said.

"No, I want to work. It will keep me busy," I said and she nodded.

"Well, I want to share the good news with you," She said.

"What?" I asked as her eyes and face glowed with happiness.

"I am pregnant," She said.

"Oh, my Goddess, I am so happy for you," I said pulling her in a tight hug.

"I know, but I am freaking out about being a mother. I don't know if I would be able to handle a baby," She said fussing with her shirt button.

"Hey, Sella. Look at me. You are going to be a great mommy. You are the most compassionate and lovable person I have ever been around," I said caressing her shoulders.

"Thank you, I needed to hear those words since I had this strange dream last night, I saw that I lost my baby and it crushed me," She said.

Strange dream.

With that reminder, I had memories of last night rushing back to me with full force and I stiffened, it felt like reality than a dream. A sensation of fear washed over me.

"Seira, you okay??" Sella asked.

"Yeah, I think we should head to our classes," I said avoiding further conversation.

"Yeah, right," She said and we both walked out of the room.

"Thank you, Sella. I guess I needed that," I said honestly.

"No worries. You know you can talk to me anytime," She said and we both smiled. To my relief, she didn't inquire further about my sudden outbreak.

She is really good person...

"I will see you after the class," She said moving towards her class as I hurried to mine.

I entered my class with a smile on my face and found two of my students ensued in a tug of war while other kids watched them

"Kids... " I intervened between them and took the color box out of their hands

"What is happening here?" I asked.

"She took my color box," Tom said with a cute pout. He was five years old and a very naughty kid.

"Miss Smith, you said that we should share things. He didn't share with me," Anu said, her eyes glaring at Tom.

"Anu, You should not fight and ask politely, if the person refuses then we should not take their things, and Tom, you should share your things with your friends," I said.

"But it's mine. Why should I share?" He crossed his little arms on his chest.

"Because when you share your things then you make friends and learn to work together," I said resting my hands on his shoulders.

"And sweetie, it's bad to take other's things without their approval. If someone refuses to give us their things then we should not fight for it," I said to Anu.

"I am sorry miss," Anu said, her eyes on the floor.

"You should both say that to each other," I smiled at them.

"Sorry," They both said at the same time, pouting and hesitating to shake hands.

"Come on guys, fighting is bad. Bad people do that and Good one doesn't fight," I said encouraging them to shake hands.

" our Alpha. He is the monster, Right miss?" One of my students said. I shuddered at the thought of Denial.

"No kiddo, our Alpha only fights with bad people. Those who try to harm others," I said as I recalled Daniel fighting against Rogues.

"My Dad says our Alpha is a monster. He kills everyone," Tom said.

"We should not judge people based on rumors," I said feeling bad about the way he has been judged by people of his pack.

"Have you ever seen Alpha hurting anyone? He never hurts us even as he visits our school every Friday. If he wanted then he could have hurt us but he doesn't," I added further as they all nodded.

"He only fights bad people, those who try to hurt us," I said smiling.

"You seem quite sure of that," I froze at the voice of Daniel as all students turned to face him.

My heart picked up as I turned to face him. His shoulder inclined to the edge of the door as he crossed his arms on his chest.

Oh goddess...

What is he doing here??

"What are you doing here?" My tone sounded harsh as I attempted to cover up with a smile realizing the kids present in the class.

"Hello kids, I am Daniel," He entered the class ignoring me.

"And I am very bad at drawing so I thought maybe your pretty teacher could teach me some of it. Do you guys mind if I join you?" He asked making cute puppy eyes.

"I do mind," I interrupted.

"I bought ice creams for all of you. We would eat together after class," He said to them as their face gleamed with happiness at the name of ice cream.

"Yeay," All kids screamed with joy.

"No...please leave," I said to Daniel as I had no idea what kind of trick he was using here. He sighed making a very cute sad face and more of showing it to kids to gain their sympathy.

"I guess, I would have to eat all of the ice creams," He pretended to be sad as all kids looked at him.

"Please miss, can he join us? He seems like a nice person," Anu said with pleading eyes.

"Yes miss, I want to eat ice cream," one of the other students said.

"Please... miss," All the students wailed together.

"Please...Miss," Tom said and I knew, I had no choice but to permit him to join the class.

"Please...Miss Smith. I promise to behave," Daniel said with smirk on his face as I glared at him. His hands were in the front pocket of his jeans and those bulging biceps, making him look very hot.

Come on Seira...

I cleared my throat as my cheeks felt hot with the indecent thoughts. All of them stared at me, waiting for my decision on him joining the class.

"Okay," I whispered as kids smiled at each other

"Now, you guys arrange your canvas. I would tell Mr. Daniel the rules of our class," I said as all kids got busy arranging their canvas.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a low voice facing Daniel.

"This is painting class, I am here to learn how to paint," He said irritating me.

"This is not Friday," I said controlling my emotions.

"I am Alpha, I think I can come whenever I want," He said smiling at the kids.

"Daniel--" He interrupted me as he strode to my desk and started arranging the canvas.

"Come on Miss Smith, you have a new student today and I need more attention since this is my first class," He said sounding innocent but those eyes held hidden meaning behind every word.

"You are so..."I searched for the correct word since there were students around.

" Yeah. I know how I am,"He said in an amusing voice.

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