Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 25


I stared, hypnotized by the wonder in her voice as she explained a kid, laughing with him, kneeling beside and her hand covered kid's hand teaching him to handle the painting brush.

I know she is mad at me, but what she didn't know is that I don't want anyone but her. I came here, to protect all of them as Charlie called me that there is some Rouge on the School campus. The smell was faint but I knew he was around the campus. My team has been already searching for him but I don't want to risk the lives of these children and Seira.

My instincts told me to be close to her and to protect her. She rummaged through the drawer and pulled out an old towel to wipe her hands.

She was avoiding me but stole glances at me when she thought I was not looking. My heart fluttered as I know from the way she is teaching that she loves her work and I felt the need to know more about her. The way she listened to what kids chatter and answer them funnily and creatively.

Her dark hairs tied in a bun, some loose tendrils escaped and kissed her cheeks. Her eyes shifted, checking other canvas and pointing out the mistakes. Her grey pants and white shirt hid her gorgeous body. I wondered if she wore these baggy clothes to hide her scars.

She was quite different from Kara, as kara loved to wear pretty clothes and jewelry. The way, she used to reveal her body more to entice me which at that time I found sexy was nothing compared to Seira, her simplicity and her kindness.

This can not be faked...

The scars and simplicity of Seira were more appealing to me than the flawless skin and cunningness of Kara.

"She loves our pack children," my wolf agreed.

Kara used to hate children, which I thought at that time was due to her immaturity. I thought she would grow to love the kids once we start living our mating life.

I shook my head, clearing the junk of Kara and focusing on Seira. Her lips twitched into a cute smile as she heard the girl near her and I was sure the girl said something about me. Seira looked at me from the corner of her eyes as I fought the urge to smile at her antics.

"Miss Smith, I need help," I said to gain her attention. Her eyes locked with mine as she stood up and looked around kids.

"What are you drawing Mr. Daniel?" One of the cute girls asked me.

I looked at my canvas as it was empty. I was more interested in drawing teacher than drawing.

"I am trying--trying something new," I covered up, picking the pencil.

"Can I see it?" One of the kids asked.

"Not yet. I will show you after I finish it," I said and looked at Seira who was just standing there looking at me keenly.

"Miss Smith, I need help," I said loud enough to gain all kids' attention as I knew she would do it only to show them.

She took a deep breath "Guys, I will help Mr. Daniel. You should complete your paintings,"

She looked at the canvas and then at me, raising her eyebrows.

"You have not drawn anything," She said and I looked at kids emerged in their paintings and talking to each other, not paying attention to us.

"I don't know how to start," I said as her eyes narrowed at me and I knew she would kick me out of class any minute so I needed help from my backup, the kids.

"Daniel, stop it--" She was interrupted by a kid who came to her with a drawing sheet.

"Miss, is this right?" He asked and I was thankful for his interruption.

"This is beautiful, Tom," She kneeled beside him looking at the picture keenly, smiling at him and I felt envious of that kid.

"You didn't draw anything?" Tom looked at my canvas.

"I don't know how to draw," I said in a sad tone.

"Don't feel bad, Miss Smith can teach you. She taught me to draw as well. She says we can learn anything we want," He said and I looked at Seira who was pretending to look into the sheet.

"Isn't it, Miss Smith?" Tom asked innocently and she looked at me.

"Yes," She smiled looking at him.

"See, she would teach you," Tom said and I loved the kid more than anything in the world.

"Thank you, buddy," I said to him.

"I am glad you are here to teach me, Miss Smith," I said looking at Seira as Tom looked between us and she forced a smile.

"Hold your pencil up," Seira said and I innocently held the pencil in the wrong way.

"Like this?" I asked and she showed it again as her eyes were on Tom who was watching us keenly.

"No, give me the pencil," She held the pencil showing me and reaching the canvas to draw something.

"Tom, come here," one of the students called the kid and he ran towards them.

I touched Seira's hand holding the pencil as she shivered and almost dropped the pencil but I curbed it by covering her grip with my hand. I pulled her against my body as her back touched my chest and her breath trembled, shielded by the canvas from the rest of the kids.

She feels right in my arms...

"Show me how to do it," I whispered in her ears, and her body stiffened.

Her hand quivered but she was able to draw the tree on the canvas. She relaxed after a minute and loosened herself against my chest.

I felt delighted at her inability to resist my touch. I looked around, as we were only shielded by the canvas.

I inhaled her sweet scent as her hands moved on the canvas. Her cheeks flushed and I could feel her heart rate increasing in anticipation.

"Beautiful," I whispered nuzzling her neck as she shivered and dropped the pencil.

Bending to pick the pencil, I smelled the stronger scent of rogue and a growl escaped my throat.

"Stay here with kids and don't come out," I said handing her the pencil.

"What is wrong?" She asked as she sensed my anger.

"There is a rogue in the school. No matter what ...don't come out and stay here with kids," I said as she nodded and I ran closing the door behind me.

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