Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 3


Another day, going to school for inspections. I walked out of home towards the car waiting for me at the main gate. I don't like it but it needs to be done for the safety of my pack children. I had ignored my responsibilities once and paid a huge price.

"Good evening Alpha," said Charlie, my pack beta as he opened the door to my car.

"Good evening, "I said putting on my sunglasses.

"We have already checked, except for the board of directors there is no one in school," He said as I got inside the car.

"Thank you, Charlie," I said and looked out of the window as the car started moving.

"Just doing my duty, Alpha..."He said and looked at me with concern.

"What ??"I asked feeling his eyes on me.

"you didn't sleep last were in the training area," He asked. Closing my eyes I tried to control my anger. Charlie was my childhood friend and trusted person but nobody know my issues except Adam.

"It's my pack training area...I can go there whenever I want. Isn't it?"I said in a stern voice.

"Of course you can Alpha, ...I didn't mean that. I just wanted to know if you are okay," He asked.

"I am good," I said in a straight voice.

"You can tell me ...if something is bothering you, Daniel," He said, something melted inside me as his voice using my name reminded me of our childhood.

"I would tell you. Don't worry, "I said and closed my eyes as a sign to dismiss whatever questions he wanted to ask. My pack was in the middle of a huge forest jhuna. Forest has always been close to werewolves because they remind us of freedom. At one side of my pack, I had school while at the opposite end of the pack boundary, was my home. My car windows were black tinted as people outside were curious to see inside the car as it passed. My parents were in love and had a successful mating. My father died in battle when I turned eighteen and I was made the Alpha since then. At first, I thought it was an easy job to rule the people around.

" Your mom called," Charlie announced.

Oh, mom, I forgot about her. She is traveling around the neighboring packs to maintain peaceful relations.

"What did she say?" I asked.

"She is coming tomorrow. She complained about you not picking her call," He said.

"I was busy. I thought to call her later," I explained and looked out as we entered the school campus. It has always been wonderful to come to this area. I had some of the best memories of my life here.

I opened the window glass and inhaled the sweet smell of Dahlia mixed with the hint of mint, always refreshing. The car stopped and we got out. I looked around the campus.

"Shall we Alpha," Charlie asked to catch my attention. We walked towards the office inside the main building. The soft scent of strawberries and coconut filled my nose giving rise to a strange sensation of peace and calm. It was not the smell of a werewolf but something that I could not point out.

"I think there is someone besides the board of directors on campus," I said inhaling the sweet scent, something I never smelled before.

"I will check Alpha," said Charlie inhaling the scent and pulling out his phone. I wanted to ask him if this smell has the same effect on him as it did on me. I inhaled deeper looking for a sign of danger but it again had the same calming impact. As we walked towards the office, the sweet scent fainted, making me, stop in my path.

"Is something wrong?" Charlie asked looking at me.

"You go ahead. I will check the campus," I said.

"I will escort you Alpha," He said.

"No, I will be fine," I said and turned to find the source of this soothing scent. I walked towards the first floor where the scent was, a little stronger than before. With each step of the stairs, it got stronger. My heart started racing and the feeling of calmness settled my nerves. After a long time the need to embrace this peace fullness was so powerful that my body wanted to grasp it. As I reached the top of the stairs, took a left turn towards the art room I remember from my early days as the scent was getting stronger. I have not been here since I was a kid. I walked in the corridor towards the art room.

The need to find the source to embrace this feeling was something I couldn't control. As I walked into the corridor, my eyes settled on the paintings of the wall. I stopped to look at the painting of a guy transforming into a wolf. I couldn't believe the resemblance of this wolf with my own.
I missed my wolf, the remembrance of my half missing made me want to kill something in agony. My wolf has been caged inside my body because of my mate.

Mates are like magical blessings by moon goddesses but for me, it was a curse. I moved to the next painting where a wolf was fighting another wolf. The painting was made with rich vibrant shades making it look like a real picture. All the paintings had the feeling of caged emotions, it was as if my feelings were painted on the canvas. I looked for the name of the painter but it only had the initials S.S.

As I was looking at paintings, at distance I sensed the faint sound of brushes colliding with canvas and vibrations of the stream flowing in the background. I looked at the door ahead of the art room which had stairs down to the back of the school where the stream flowed. The source of the scent and this painter were in the same place.

I opened the door and came down the stairs to find the scent growing stronger. I looked outside at the figure of women painting in front of the stream. Her back was towards me as I moved with slow steps. The compulsion to see the face of this woman was so intense that my feet followed her direction as if they were spelled.

Her dark hair flowed down to her waist. She was wearing full sleeves white shirt with grey pants. Her right hand held the brush and her left had the trey of colors. She was not aware of her surrounding as her focus was emersed in her painting. The smell got very powerful with every step, followed by my need to come closer to her, to see her face, to take her in my arms if she could always make me calm.

" mate"

I froze as my wolf growled in my head. It felt like centuries since I heard my wolf. How can this be possible?
You can only have one mate in your life and I already had my chance, so how can she be my mate.

The pain of rejection and deception inside my wolf got on the surface, sinking my heart in discomfort.

My control slipped as my wolf tried to take charge but couldn't come to the surface, making me drop to my knees with an intense pang in my heart.

"Are you okay?" I looked up at the female voice who was now sitting on her knees looking at me in concern. My heart stopped, she is gorgeous with almond-shaped deep blue eyes, which looked like a reflection of my soul, distressed. Her small nose fit her face like a cute button and those plum pink lips looked edible. Thick dark hair framed her heart-shaped face. I couldn't look away, yearning to ignore everything in the world but her.

Don't trust her...
It's just the impact of bond...

She looked at me trying to figure out the cause of my discomfort. She opened the top buttons of my shirt loosening it around the neck, then accidentally touched my heart making my wolf come to the surface, shedding pieces of clothes in all directions.


My wolf growled looking at the female who was sitting at the same place looking at me with wide eyes filled with fascination and curiosity than fear.

"You can transform when your true mate touches You " Kara's voice rang in my ear.

Indeed...she is my mate

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