Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 26


I attempted to act normal, mingling with kids and answering their questions, so that they don't get the whiff of what was going on outside. Daniel had gone after the rogue, and I wished for his safety.

Oh, moon Goddess!!

Please keep him safe!!

"Where did Mr, Daniel go?" Anu asked me, as other kids looked at me too.

"He had some important work to do," I said, handing them towels to wipe their tiny hands.

"What about ice cream?" Tom asked.

"I am sure, he would be back soon," I said as they nodded looking at the door.

"Why don't you guys finish your work till then?" I said earning their attention as they started focussing on the canvas.

I twitched at the loud banging on the classroom door, kids looked at me with questioning eyes and I smiled at them as I have closed the door after Daniel left.

"Who is it?" I called normally, but no voice came and the banging continued. It appeared as the door would break if the banging continued for even a minute.

"Kids, come here," I gathered all of my students in the corner of the classroom, their questioning and curious eyes staring at me.

The door cracked with a loud noise and I shielded kids behind me, some of them gripped my hand.

"What is happening miss Smith?" One of them whispered.

"It's nothing kiddo. You guys are my brave warriors so don't be scared, this will be over before we know it, "I whispered and looked at the door as two rouges stood there, sniffing the area, and then they looked at me.

Daniel said that it was just a rouge..

I prepared myself to use my powers.

" It's a human and some cubs, "One with a dark long beard reaching his chest and with a bald head said to another one.

" Take them to the ground as well, and if someone tries to be smart then don't think twice before killing whether it's cub or human?" Another one with white hair and scarred face said.

My fist tightened as I tried to control my emotions, kids around me getting anxious and gripped my hand tightly.

"This was the last room. Where is that fae?" One of them said and I stopped myself

"The Alpha must have hidden her," another one said.

"Hey, you human, if you cooperate with us then I won't touch you and your students. So just move in a line and follow us where the other school people are kept," a long beard one said to me and I nodded.

I need to see how many rouges are there? Where they have kept other school kids and staff? So I decided not to use my powers yet.

"Your classroom is pretty, " White hair one came towards us and sniffed the hair of Anu.

"Don't touch her. My kids will not create problems for you," I warned him, shielding Anu behind me and he snorted.

"Being a human, you sure have balls to speak in front of a rogue, I am impressed," He came close to me, his breath stung, and I controlled myself.



Oh, moon goddess!!

Where is Daniel?

" Come on now, hurry, we don't have a whole day?"They said gesturing for me to move out of the door.

"Kids, we are going to move out, and don't be scared. I am here with you and I would not let anyone harm you. are my great warriors, okay," I said to them as they looked at me, not scared but more curious.

I made them move in line as both rogues watched us, I kept my eyes on all of the students so I don't miss anything.

They made us move towards the front loan, I looked around as all classes were empty and there was no trace of a familiar face.

We came outside the building, all students were made to sit on their knees, some of them crying and the others scared. At some distance, I saw Sella, Fin, Jack, and others kneeling with their hands behind their back.

So many rouges...

There were hundreds of rogues standing at every two steps distance, and the loan was packed with them.

Where is Daniel?

I looked around as I couldn't spot him or anyone engaged in a fight. It seems like the school is hijacked.

"Miss Smith, I need to pee," Tom whispered to me, tugging my hand.

"Okay, I will take you," I said looking at the rouge near to us.

"Hey, Hey human. Don't talk just move," One of the rogues said.

"What are you two talking about?" One of them asked.

"Can I take this child to relieve himself?" I asked and they laughed.

"Do you want to pee?" One of them came forward as Tom nodded.

"It will just take two minutes. Please," I said.

"Well, we won't let anyone move till we find fae," He said looking at me.

"He is a werewolf kid and not fae--" I was interrupted by the loud noise of another rogue.

"Hey human, sit on your knees or you won't like what happens next," He snarled.

" would just take two minutes," I pleaded again.

"So, where is the fae??" One of the rogues shouted at the school staff, standing in front of us.

"You are the principal. You tell me who is the fae here??" Rogue asked Jack.

"There is no fae in our pack. It's just a human and werewolves," Jack snarled back at him.

"You decide if you want to be interrogated peacefully or with my special methods," Rogue said to Jack.

"We don't have any Fae," Jack shouted again.

"My special methods," Rouge said as his dark eyes looked at me, narrowing, then towards Tom who held my hand.

Rogue walked towards me, then sniffed, and smiled at the kids who were close to me.

Using my powers here would mean...whole pack knows my identity.

Oh, goddess...

But I would not let anyone harm these kids.

Even if I have to reveal my identity...

"You seem like their favorite teacher," Rouge said to me, stopping at the hand distance, his eyes were dark and a dent appeared on his left eye. His bald head and heavy muscles made him look scary, Tom tightened his grip on my hand.

"You tell me, who is the fae here?" He said diverting his eyes to Tom, then reaching out to touch Anu standing next.

He sniffed her hair, smiling cruelly and I felt inappropriate from the way he saw the little child.

"Don't you dare touch her," I shouted, he stopped midway.

"Or what?" Rogue looked amused, his attention on me.

"You won't like what happens next," I said and he laughed.

"You are human, " He laughed louder this time, again reaching out for Anu as she shifted back keeping the distance.

I don't care who sees me anymore...

Waves of energy emerged out of my hand, throwing the rouge away from Anu. I could feel every pair of eyes on me, I intensified my power as more rouges came towards me.

"Finally, we found the fae," I heard the voice from my back as someone hit me from the rod.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY MATE?" I heard a familiar voice in the background as my eyes drifted to a half-sleeping state. My body collapsed on the ground and felt heavy. It felt as if I know the voice but could not recognize it. mate

Finally, the blackness took over my ability to think.

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