Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 27


I speculated, one rogue but the minute I got out of the school campus, I was hit by the strong and pungent scent of hundreds of rogues.

"There are many," my wolf said.

In a split second, I heard a snarl behind me and with a growl of my own, I turned. There was a flock of wolves, revealing fangs and looking fierce, their dark eyes fixed at me.

"Let these bastards know what it's like to enter our territory?" My wolf growled.

"Alpha Daniel, it's good to see you," One of them said in human form, he looked like their head, his scent was familiar.

"I would make sure your visit to my territory is blissful," I raised my voice.

"With due respect Alpha, we are not here to fight. We are here to take the Fae and I know she is in your pack. I have smelled her that day after we got in a fight over that human near the stream," He said

"He is the same wolf," my wolf barked.

"You gave me one more reason to kill you," I said.

"We will leave in peace if you handover that fae," He said

"Over my dead body," I snorted.

"You are doing it again Alpha, Why don't you let us, rogues, have our fun? On that day too, you stopped me from touching that human?" He said smirking.

"By the way, what was so special about that human near the stream? Why did you stop me from having my fun?" He mocked

"Kill the bastard," my wolf ordered.

"She looked delicious. I wanted to fuc--" He stopped as my hand found his neck, and he gasped.

"Don't you dare finish the sentence," My voice sounded brutal and violent.

"Nobody has the right to touch my mate," my wolf said.

With the contortion of his face, he looked shocked and other wolves growled before jumping into the battle. I pushed the rogue aside and he ran out of my sight. I wanted to follow him but the other rogues surrounded me and I knew, I had to deal with them first before going after that bastard.

My hands clutched their neck and threw them away, most times, crushing their heart. From the corner of my eyes, I saw, many wolves entering the school building.

"Hurry, they have entered the campus," My wolf warned.

As more rogues came, my hands worked and killed, as much as possible. I sensed the presence of my team near me.

"Alpha, they have entered the building," Charlie shouted, crushing the heart of a rogue and turning to another one.

"I will go inside," I shouted back with the last rogue killed.

"I will handle this," He said, fighting a wolf and my team followed engaging in a fierce fight.

"They can handle it. Come on, hurry inside, Seira would be in danger," my wolf reminded.

"Cover the Alpha," I heard Charlie commanding some of his team wolves.

I heard some of my soldiers running behind me as I entered the campus, I saw the whole school staff and students, kneeling on the ground.

In front of me, I saw Seira arguing with a rogue about something. She looked around assessing the area.

I saw the same bastard touching a little girl inappropriately, the one who dared to touch my mate once. I was about to move when I heard Seira's sweet voice turning ferocious, threatening the rogue.

I don't know why, but I stood there, watching the scene, and not only me, all eyes were on them as nobody noticed my presence. Her eyes and voice held determination and fierceness, like mama wolf. The way, kids held her hand, and her body shielded them.

"I never took her to be that fierce and protective for some kids of our pack and that too when she knows, these rogues are after her," My wolf sounded surprised.

"She is acting as if she is the mother, I am speechless," the wolf added further.

Surprised, I couldn't move when I saw her using her power and revealing her identity. The girl, a fae, I met some days back, who was shit scared of anyone knowing her identity because she wanted to carry on her family genes was now using her power in front of half of my pack, sacrificing her true self and for what? ...Some kids of my pack.

What do you think now?

Kara would have never done that...

My heart filled with guilt as I thought of this woman, the kind and pretty fae, whom I actually have not already taken as my mate.

A rogue attacked her from behind, a loud thud on her head and her body collapsed on the ground.

"Kill the bastard," I heard my wolf.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY MATE?" Words flowed out of my mouth with deadly wrath. This time, I felt the hard walls of my heart crashing down and a deep flow of affection arising for my mate. mate

My wolf emerged on the surface, showing fangs and deadly claws, before I jumped on the rogue, biting and plucking his heart out of his body from my teeth.

All the people around me got into intense battle and I looked for their head, the rogue who tried to touch my mate and little girl.

He cowered in the corner as I spotted him, his eyes on me, and the fear was evident in them as my whole team took over the school, taking down and killing all the rouges.

I saw Jack and the school staff taking kids inside the building. Once all the kids got inside, I saw Jack coming to Seira's body and I snarled at him.

"Alpha, I mean no harm. I am taking her inside," He said.

I nodded as I sensed his intent of helping my mate.

Focusing on the rogue ahead of me, I cornered him, he looked like prey, my prey.

"Please forgive me Alpha, I did everything she asked me to do," He said shivering and begging.

"Who?" Words left my throat at the confession

"I don't know her name," Rogue said.

"She asked me to check on you on that day. I stumbled upon that human, that painter near the stream and I got enticed by her body," He said and I growled but waited for him to finish.

"That day you saved her and I didn't know she was your mate. When I was returning, I inhaled the scent of fae near campus but I couldn't return to find the source since you increased your force on the border," He added gulping his saliva and looking around as all the rogues were killed and my soldiers were cleaning the ground.

Oh, her smell heightened after she healed my arm that day...

"I sent my force the next day but you defeated them. I gave up my hope but that woman came to me last night again and offered me the position of Alpha if I can bring her the fae, " He said.

"Don't kill him. He might help us to identify the woman," I said to my wolf.

I changed into my human form, naked as Charle came with shorts and a shirt towards me.

"Can you identify the woman?" I asked

"No, as she had her face covered but I can identify the voice," He said.

"Keep him in our cells," I said to Charlie wearing the handed clothes.

"Okay," Charlie said.

"Please forgive me Alpha...I would never bother you again," He said.

"Count yourself lucky that I spared you even after you tried to touch my mate and that little girl of my pack," I growled at him.

I looked at some of our pack soldiers taking the rogue away, tying his hands behind his back.

"Everyone at school saw you today," Charlie said.

"I know," I said looking at the school gate.

"You should go and see your mate," He said and I nodded.

"You are not surprised by my second mate?" I asked him and he smiled.

"My mom found my Dad as his second mate, it's rare blessing Alpha," He said.

" You never told me that before," I sounded surprised.

"Well, you never asked," He said running hands through his hair.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"They died three years ago," He said looking at me.

"Oh, I am sorry Charlie. I know, I have not really been the friend you deserve," I said genuinely meaning every word.

"It's okay, I know, you have been punishing yourself for the last twelve years. I am happy now and I hope the fae painter could bring out the old Daniel," He smiled and I nodded.

"You are a lucky man. Now go and mark your mate," He said pushing me towards the school building.

I smiled at him before running inside the school. The wave of happiness emerged in my heart with every step towards my mate.

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