Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 28


I came awake, slowly and uncertainly. My head felt heavy and aching. I opened my eyes to the now dimly lit and familiar room. Memories of rogues and my little student Anu flooded my head.

"Anu," I strained upward with a whimper. My hand lifted to my head as the pain heightened and confusion whirling inside.

"Shhh...." I heard the soothing voice of Daniel and felt two arms around me, pulling me against his chest"you are safe"

I looked around at the only lamp lit in the room, over the study table, casting a warm glow in the room.


My students...

"My students--" my throat crackled and I swallowed hard "What happened?"resting my head against his chest.

" All students are safe, at their home, Nobody was hurt," He said.

His voice had affection and strange new feelings, something different. I looked into his eyes, something shifted in me and I felt more strongly in the need to be near him. Lust and strange need of affection stirred inside me.

What is happening?

"You are feeling the need to complete our mate bond, Seira," He said as if reading my thoughts.

Mate bond??

"What?" I asked.

"You are my mate," He said looking at me with fondness and affection that I was not used to.

"Since my wolf accepted loudly and your subconscious mind heard it. It's official now, your body has recognized me as mate too. So you are just feeling the need to complete the bond," He explained. mate.

My hands lifted to pull him closer at the sound of my inner voice. He, Daniel Anderson, the Alpha is my mate.

"But your mate was Kara?" I asked.

"She was but you are my rare blessing, my second mate, " He said cupping my face, lovingly and resting his head against mine.

"When did you realize that I was your mate?" I asked, my eyes closed, my fingers looking for his bare skin as the ache inside me grew stronger. He pulled back a little, frowning and guilty.

"What is wrong?" I asked.

" knew from the moment I met you," He said looking at his feet and putting a hand distance between us.

My heart ached and I wanted to pull him back towards me. I was not able to bear a minute without being his mate.

He knew it from starting.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked as my heart was crushed with the knowledge.

Maybe, he didn't want the second mate.

"You don't want me?" I asked him, as his eyes locked with mine.

"I want you more than my breath right now, Seira. I and my wolf want to mark you as our luna but before I say anything further I need to tell you about my past," He said as his eyes looked sad.

I waited, silently, for him to continue and my hand lifted again to support my head, groaning at the aches that panged through my whole body.

"You okay?" He asked, his hand rubbing my back in a soothing motion, this innocent and gentle touch igniting tingles in my body.

"Yeah, I am good," I said.

"You should rest, it's been a whole day since you passed out," He said.

A whole day...

"Oh, my goddess!! I know faes are slow healers but I didn't know a simple rod hit can take a complete day to heal," I said.

"Slow healer??" He questioned.

"I mean, it's a curse for us, faes, that we can heal anyone in the world but we can not heal ourselves. It is a slow process for our body to heal, sometimes even slower than human," I said.

"Sorry, I disturbed you. You were saying something about Kara," I added when he kept on staring without saying a word.

"Yeah, I found her at a party thrown by a friend when I just turned twenty. My wolf and I were very happy the moment we recognized our mate. I was completely smitten by her," He said and I felt my body throbbing with jealousy.

"At that time, I saw nothing but her. Everything she did became the most important thing in the world. My happiness doubled as she accepted me as her mate. I completely surrendered my heart and my mind in her hands. We were very happy or at least, that's what I thought," He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"I was new Alpha or you can say fool enough to believe everything she said. I followed whatever she said without questioning. She used to demand some people's presence from pack daily, to what she called direct problem discussion with the people," He said wincing at the painful memory.

"I liked her idea and she said since she would be luna soon she should do it alone so that she can be a strong luna. I, like a crazy bastard, followed her without question," He said.

"I forgot everything, my duties or family, nothing mattered for me anymore but her. This discussion session started and continued for a month, then I heard complaints of some people missing from my pack. But I didn't pay much attention to that since I was in so-called" love mating" But whenever I asked her to mark each other and live like a mated couple, then she used to change the topic," He said as his fist tightened and I rested my hands on his fists, making him realize that I was with him in present.

"Initially, I was okay with not marking each other but with time, the irritation heightened. She was doing everything as luna and even some of my work but was not giving me rights to our complete mating life," He said.

"Then, one day I woke up at night and she was not in bed. I called for her and looked around but she was nowhere to be found. When I came out of my apartment then I heard a whimpering sound coming from the Garage and when I opened the gate. I saw my mate, fucking a man and then cut his throat," He remembered as his body tightened and the stone-cold look in his eyes scared me.

"When her eyes landed on me then she smiled and got up, my wolf and I had no idea what was going on. I wanted to ask her questions but words were not escaping my mouth," He said and I slowly rubbed his back.

"I froze, entirely as if she did something to me. I thought of her as human and she smelt like a human but there was no trace of humanity present in her at that moment. I collapsed there on the floor and when I woke up I was in some dungeon and tied to a boulder," He said.

"She spelled me and started the mating process but didn't let me mark her. My wolf got caged as she cursed me that I can not change since we haven't completed the mating process. I could only change when my true mate touches me" He continued.

"That day she admitted that she held those discussions with pack people to decide the most energetic person to kill as she loved it. She even killed a kid in front of me and I couldn't do anything, Seira," He shivered with the bad memory.

"She confessed about killing many people of my pack and I let her. I was blind and fool in love. She betrayed me and my wolf," He said.

"She never told me why she did this? She killed many people in the front of my eyes, she fucked them and then cut their bodies into pieces. After some days tied in that dungeon and I gained enough strength to break the spell, even when I was weak. I have always heard that an emotionally injured werewolf is more dangerous than the devil himself and that day I saw it, Seira. When she came to the dungeon and I was already free but weak. I guess, all the anger against her gave me enough strength to kill her. When she was not paying attention, I stole her knife and stuck it through her heart. I killed her," He said and goosebumps covered my body when I visualized the scene.

"It pained me to kill her. I don't think anyone has ever dared to kill their mate in our shifter history," He said looking at me. His eyes shifted back to the familiar warmth and I cupped his face in my palms.

Oh, moon goddess...

He has suffered a lot...

"When people came after a week looking for those killed kids. I was unconscious and covered in blood. They thought of me as Killer and they tried to banish me from the Alpha position," He closed his eyes.

"I was emotionally broken and my wolf was caged inside me. But the words of Kara rang in my head continuously" You are young, stupid, and naive Alpha" The way she played me and I was fool enough so I decided to prove my worth," He said.

"I trained for weeks and even months without sleep. I became the most dreaded Alpha ever. Those screams of kids and those people killed in front of my eyes would not let me sleep," His hands covered my palms on his face.

"I not ashamed to admit that I took pleasure in torturing criminals. It soothes my heart to some extent but I didn't kill my pack people," He said.

"I believe you," I said kissing his cheeks.

"You freed my wolf, that day when I first met you. It was after twelve years that I felt whole," He looked into my eyes. His caged emotions, his vulnerability, and guilt were displayed.

" I know, I tried to resist our bond but I couldn't succeed. When I found you secretive, I thought you would be like Kara. The betrayal is very hard to forget Seira," He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

"Then what changed?" I asked.

"I saw you sacrificing your true self for those kids. Only kind and selfless people can do something like that. If you wanted then you could have let those rogues hurt them and you could have stayed silent but no, you fought for them. At that moment, I felt how stupid I was to not accept this bond. It's hard for me but I trust you with my heart and soul. I crave the peace I feel when I am with you. I feel it Sera and I am sorry that I ever said it's nothing between us and that's why I couldn't resist coming close to you. I have told you the biggest secret of my life. I want to live this bond Seira and if you allow me then I would like to take you as my mate," He said. mate

A strong inner voice vibrated inside my head and I felt complete, happy, and peaceful after a long time. It felt as if I belong in his arms, with him.

His eyes read me and patiently waited for my decision, but I saw a hint of fear and uncertainty as I took my time.

Oh, moon goddess...

I crave this peace that I feel with him.

I want him.

I knew he didn't accept me because of his fears and maybe, if I had been at his place then I would have done the same thing.

"I can understand if you don't want this," His eyes held pain as he said it and I saw this beautiful man, laying out his past and vulnerability in front of me.

I want him...

"Just say it. if you want to reject me," He said as his eyes closed and I smiled.

"Mark me," Words came out of my mouth feels right.

"What?" He said opening his eyes.

"Mark me, Daniel," I said and he smiled, beautiful and genuine smile.

"Are you sure?" He asked, pulling me close to him and I nodded.
"Make me yours, My Alpha," I said and with that, his lips claimed mine.

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