Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 29


She agreed to be my luna...

My mate...

She wants to be with me...

"My mate," my wolf growled.

The feeling of love and pride mixed up, intensifying my emotions on another level. My lips moved with ferocious need and hunger. Her tongue in my mouth, dancing, tasting, and fighting for control. Her moans shot straight to the need growing between my legs and there was no holding back.

I pushed her on the mattress, crushing my body on top of hers, and without breaking the kiss, my hands fumbled with her shirt buttons while her fingers skimmed through my hair, restlessly.

Her shirt buttons got struck and a groan of frustration escaped my throat. My tongue and lips feasting her mouth as I ripped her shirt, she broke the kiss and looked at me

"I hope that wasn't your favorite shirt," I whispered.

"It was not," She giggled.

"Seira, are you sure this is what you want? You know everything about me now---" Her lips slammed against mine in a chaste kiss.

"Yes, I want you. I want to be your luna," Her eyes shimmered with tears as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and I kept staring into her beautiful eyes unable to believe my luck.

She threw my shirt on the floor and ran her fingers on my chest. I closed my eyes at the pleasurable muscles twitching under her warm touch and tingles running down my body, hardening the bulge in my pants.

"Take me, Daniel," She whispered.

With a groan, I took off her lower, as the warm glow from the lamp cast a metallic glow on her gorgeous body. Her body was like the water to my thirsty throat in deserted summer. My tongue darted out to moisten my dry lips.

In an instant, my mouth covered every inch of her body, every insatiable bite bringing blood rushing to her skin, her nerves running with excitement, and her core radiating heat mixed with her sweet mating scent.

"Daniel!!" A beautiful breathless moan broke out of her mouth.

My mouth on her nipples, tightened as I flicked my tongue over them before biting and sucking as my hand slipped between her legs.

Swallowing the blissful cries of hers, my fingers parted her slick folds and entered inside, maintaining the rhythm.

Her hands shoved in my waistband, stripping me with my boxers and freeing my erection. I kicked my pants on the ground with my legs.

I stopped breathing as her delicate fingers enclosed around my manhood. A whimper of pleasure escaped me as her fist moved up and down. I gripped her wrist as her delightful touch would make me release too soon.

"Not now," I said as I kissed her knuckles and glided my hands down to her folds, again.

"Daniel.." She whispered as I kissed the soft spot on her neck where I had to mark her.

"Seira, I am going to mark you now," I said looking in her eyes as she nodded.

My wolf surfaced and the fangs appeared over my lips. With the howl of claim, my wolf bit her, my fangs entering her soft skin. Her body tightened and drifted into heating. The peace and harmony settled my nerves as I felt whole. After taking a sip of her blood, my wolf howled with satisfaction.

I turned back to human as her body quivered under me. Her moans heightened as I poised my erection against her core, my gaze unwavering.

"Please Daniel," She whimpered in heat.

With a slow, heavy, relentless thrust, I filled her and her hands grazed my back. She let her head tip back onto the pillow and grasped my shoulder. As I drove, again and again, her nails helplessly scratched my back, she keened a high note that spurred me faster.

Lost in the bliss, I felt her teeth on my neck as she bit me hard, marking me. Her instinct might have guided her. Her scent and mine mixed, my wolf roared with contentment.

I continued rocking into her, grinding her clit against my pubic bone, her breath raging in her throat and she released with a deep scream. I kissed her head, as she panted heavily and I was far from satisfied.

I turned her, on her stomach and grabbed her hips before driving myself in her again. Her body shivered and a needy moan escaped her. Her hand fisted the sheets and her body rocked back and forth with the rhythm. The sensation of pleasure washed over my body as her walls gripped my shaft and I groaned as my seeds spilled inside her, she cried with orgasm again.

I felt good and pleased but the hunger to have more of her remained unsatisfied. Sleeping beside her, I pulled her on my chest giving her time to breathe as I knew its hard for her to match a warewolf appetite.

We savored the companionable silence, her head on my chest, her fingers skimming my chest, and my hand wrapped around her waist.

Her fingers brushed my nipples and I groaned. She did it again and the blood rushed to my manhood. Looking at me, before she dipped her mouth to suck them, moaning and enjoying the taste.

My fingers weaved in her soft hairs as she grazed her teeth over my nipples and she sat up on my waist, straddling me.

Her lips moved to my throat, my jawline then nibbled my earlobe. Her hips rolled against my fully erected shaft. Her teasing movement felt like torture as her lips curved in a knowing smile against my throat and a gruff sound came out of me.

Tilting my head a bit, I captured her lips in a slow and gentle kiss. My hands moved to her breasts, massaging and rolling the nipples. The kiss turned heated, my tongue delving in her mouth and she suckled on it, hard.

"Ride me," I commanded as her gaze turned dark and heated.

She positioned her core against my shaft and slowly took my length inside her wetness. We moaned as she started rising up and down. I slid my palms from her knees to her hips, then down across her stomach until my thumb circulated the area just above our joined bodies. I captured her nipple in my mouth as she fell forward. I bent my knees so her rear rested against my thighs, angling my shaft even further inside her. My fingers continued the circular stroke over her clit as she cried in pleasure.

Her body clenched and I groaned, once, twice, and then she moaned. I increased my pace.

"Daniel," She gasped, "I am going to..."

"Do it...," I whispered, "come for me," and she did with a scream, collapsing on my chest and followed by my seeds spilling inside her.

"My luna," my wolf said.

"My Alpha," I heard her voice inside my head.

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