Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 30


My body tingled with pleasurable sensation as I woke up, rough yet gentle hands caressing my breasts. A soft smile carved on my lips at the memory of last night, I belonged to someone now and he belonged to me.

Oh, my goddess!!

I have a mate now...

I am his luna...

A moan escaped my throat as his hand caressed my folds, his thumb pressing my clit and his fingers delved inside my wetness.

I opened my eyes as his handsome face came into my vision. His fingers moved inside me as I bit my lower lip, controlling the needy moan, but I couldn't succeed when his mouth enclosed on my nipple, I moaned louder.

Last night have been amazing, we feasted on each other like starved animals. Lost in the blissful emotion, I realized he kept me awake most of the night and let me sleep only when he knew I couldn't take anymore. At that moment, I knew he had the strength for more rounds but I was so tired that I couldn't move a finger. I lost count of how many times I released myself, he was an animal in bed.

He took my nipple between his teeth, tucking it and then flicking his tongue over. The action caused an ecstatic sensation to wash over me and my fingers gripped his hair.

At some point, he replaced his finger with his erection and entered me with a swift motion. His mouth on my breast as he drove inside me, I cried out gripping his shoulders in ecstasy.

Our bodies, hot and slick with sweat. I felt my walls clutching his shaft and he groaned. His lips captured mine, his tongue entered my mouth as I moaned loving the way he was making me feel.

He moved faster, we moaned, as the room filled with the sweet essence of our action.
I was close to my release and I could feel him close too.

I screamed at the earth-shattering orgasm followed by the feel of his hot seeds inside me. He collapsed beside me and kissed my head.

"I still can not get enough of you," He said sniffing my hair.

"What time it is?" I asked sounding breathless as I now focused on the bright sunlight in the window.

"1 o ' clock in the afternoon," he said.

"Oh, my goddess, I slept till afternoon," I said burying my face in the pillow. I have always been an early riser, never slept past eight in the morning. I heard his chuckle.

"You needed it, you were quite tired," He said.

"Whose fault was that?" I said as my cheeks flushed when I stared into his heated gaze.

"I didn't hear you complaining last night," he winked and my stomach felt fluttering butterflies.

"How does this mating thing works Daniel?" I asked as his hands moved to tuck my sweaty hair behind my ear.

He sighed, "You are my Luna now, there are some duties you need to follow, and don't worry you will be trained for it. I have no idea how this mating life works, but I have seen my parents deeply in love and I know, we will reach there soon. No matter what I will never let anyone harm you and if you want then you don't have to hide your real scent," He said and tears pooled at the corner of my eyes. I never thought this day would ever come in my life after my family died.

"Hey, did I say something wrong?" He asked wiping a tear with his thumb.

"No-- it's--its---I am very happy," I stuttered as I was overwhelmed by his caring words.

"Last three years, I have lived in constant fear that someday my human cover would blow and people would take advantage of my powers. I never thought I would be able to feel safe again, Daniel," I said in a cracked voice and he pulled me close.

"You are safe with me, Seira," He said, kissing my head as I cried my heart out.

We laid their tangled in each other, savoring the taste of our peace and warmth. His fingers stroked my hair in soothing motions as I ceased crying. Inhaling his musky scent and feeling blessed at the moment.

"Oh my Goddess, I just recalled, people saw you in school," I asked breaking the silence.

"Yeah," He looked into my eyes.

"What would you do now?" I asked.

"I guess, there is no pointing in hiding anymore. I have my Luna to introduce to my pack," He said smiling and I stared at him.

"What?" He asked.

"You are smiling, I will take time to get used to this smiling Daniel," I teased

"Oh, you will get used to your Alpha," He said resting his head against mine and I laughed.

"People know about me too. Oh goddess, how would I face Sella?" I said.

"Who is Sella?" He asked.

"A teacher in our school. A very good friend of mine. She has always supported and treated me like a sister, Daniel" I said.

"I am sure, she would understand your reasons," He said caressing my cheeks.

"I hope so," I said closing my eyes, enjoying his tender touch.

"Oh goddess, kids saw me too. How would I go to school now? What if they are scared of me?" I asked, imagining the horror on those cute faces.

"Hey, hey Seira. Listen to me. They love you and I am sure, they understood that you were no harm to them. You were protecting them. I advise you to take some days off and call Jack, Sella here. Talk to them and then it would be easy to face your students and the rest of the staff in school. Don't worry, everything would be just the way it was," He said moving his hands in my hair.

"I am here with you, you will do fine," He added further and I nodded.

"Thank you, Daniel. That sounds good," I said hugging him and burying my face in his chest.

His phone rang and I broke the embrace. He saw the name on the phone and frowned.

"I have to take it Seira. It's Charlie," He said without looking at me and going towards the balcony in his naked glory.

I forced myself up and walked towards the bathroom, feeling the sweet pain between my legs. I smiled at the sensation of his mark on me, as I viewed it in the mirror. His teeth mark has taken the shape of beautiful wolf, it felt nice to belong to him.

I picked the extra brush and rolled out the toothpaste on it.


I dropped my brush at the sound of someone whispering my name. I looked around but didn't see anyone. I checked behind the curtain, there was no one. I opened the bathroom door to see Daniel still on phone, and there was no one. I didn't hear it again so maybe it was my imagination.


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