Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 31


"Yes, Charlie," I said picking up his call and moving towards the balcony.

"Alpha, the rogue we put in the cell. He died last night," He said.

"How?" I asked as I glanced at Seira walking towards the bathroom.

"I don't know. The cell was locked and there is no sign of injury or marks on his body. It doesn't seem like anybody entered the cell," He said.

"Who was the last person to see him?" I asked.

"It was me. I locked him in the cell and at that time he looked well," He said.

"I will be there soon," I sighed running a hand through my hair.

"Okay," He said before I hung up the phone.

What must have happened to him?

"He was the only clue to that woman," my wolf said

I walked inside the room and heard the shower running in the bathroom. The visuals of Seira's naked body, her hands lathering soap on her curves and her body glistening with water beads had me hard.

"Let's join our mate," my wolf growled.

You know if we touch her then we won't be able to leave the room today...

The knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, I wore my shirt and shorts before opening the door.

"Good afternoon Alpha," Adam stood there smiling widely and I raised my eyebrows.

"Good afternoon, what is the reason behind that smile?" I asked.

"You finally found our Luna. I am very happy for you, my child," His eyes sparkled with happiness.

"Thank you, Adam," I said stroking the mark on my neck. I was kind of taken aback by his genuine expression.

"Your mother is waiting for you downstairs, I am sure she would love to meet our luna," He said and I sighed.

"Is that girl still here?" I asked recalling the lady that my mom bought with her for me to take as my mate.

"Laila??" He asked.

"Yes," I nodded.

" Yeah. She has been staying in the guest room. Lovely girl I must say," He said.

"You talked to her?" I asked in surprise as Adam doesn't easily praise anyone.

"Yea, she doesn't talk much. I forced her to talk with me while I took dinner to her room. She is in a very bad state as she is trying to overcome the tragic loss of her mate. Poor girl...she is so young, it's really sad to lose a mate so young," He said and I rubbed my chin.

I can not imagine what she must be going through...

If I lose my Seira...oh,

Poor woman...

She must be devastated...

"I feel really bad for her," my wolf said

"I would like to meet her," I said as Adam looked at me.

"Sure, when? I would inform her of your command," He said.

"No, I can meet her during lunch or dinner?" I asked.

"Not possible, she hardly leaves her room. I always take her dinner to her room," Adam said.

"Okay ....then invite her to join us for lunch now," I said and he nodded before turning towards stairs. I closed the door.

I heard the door of the bathroom open and Seira emerged out of it, wearing a towel and rinsing her hair from another towel. My eyes stuck on her as she walked towards the mirror, her dark wet hairs flowed down her waist, and beads of water appeared on her collarbones, tempting me to lick her neck and chest.

I can not imagine losing my Seira...

My heart filled with empathy towards Laila. I lost my mate Kara, the one I killed, and even after she betrayed me, I felt the pain of losing her not as much as someone who loses their loved mate.

My legs moved towards Seira, as her hands held the towel, patting her hair. My gut clenched at the thought of losing her, surprising me that how important she has become to me in a night.

Faes are slow healers...

My fear heightened as I recalled what she said last night. I would kill anyone who tried to even lay a finger on her. I knew her life was in danger as the woman, that rouge said was after my mate's life. Since the rouge died, it would be difficult to identify that woman.

"We have to be with her every moment possible," my wolf said and I couldn't disagree with him.

For a moment, I felt like I should lock myself with her in this room so that no one could harm her and she would always be in front of my eyes. I kissed her shoulders as her eyes meet mine in the mirror and her lips curved in a gorgeous smile.

"We would protect her with our life," my wolf said.

Yes...I agree...

Clearing my head of all the negative possibilities, I focused on touching her as she leaned on my chest, closing her eyes.

"My mom is downstairs, " I said and she opened her eyes immediately.

"Oh my goddess, I forgot that I have to face everyone now as luna and your mom too, what if she doesn't like me?" She asked looking frantic.

"I don't have clothes to wear, Oh, my tore my shirt. What would I wear now? My bag is in another room. OMG!! You need to go and bring my clothes here," She said glaring at me and I must say she looked adorable.

"You can wear my clothes," I said as her eyes continued glaring at me.

"Have you seen your size, that would not fit me? I want to make a good impression on your mom," She said pouting and I smiled.

"Hey, I know a trick," I said, kissing her lips before tugging her hands towards my cupboard.

I pulled out my blue half-sleeved shirt and a boxer. She looked at the shirt as I knew this color would look very good on her. Peeling her towel, I took a deep breath before admiring my art on her. Her neck, breasts, and stomach were covered in several hickies, her taut nipples tempted me to take them in my mouth.

"Your mom is waiting, don't even think about it," She said snatching the shirt from my hand and pulling on her bra before wearing my shirt. I pulled her towards me as I started fastening her buttons. The shirt was like a knee-length dress for her and I took my belt, tying on her waist so the shirt looked like her dress.

"Not bad," She said smiling at me.

"You look beautiful," I said turning to pick out a shirt for myself to change.

"Did you just whisper my name?" I turned as she asked me, blow-drying her hair.

"What? No, I was taking the shirt," I said as her face paled and she kept the hairdryer on the table.

"What happened Seira?" I asked moving towards her.

"I thought as if someone whispered my name. I heard it before in the bathroom too. I think I am tired," She said rubbing a hand on her forehead.

"Tell me more," I asked.

"It's probably nothing, I must be tired. Let's go meet your mom," She said, combing her hair with fingers, adjusting them as they looked very soft.

"Okay, but tell me if you hear it again," I hoped it to be just her tiredness.

"Come on," I took her hand after changing my clothes.

"She would love you, okay..don't stress out," I said closing the door of my room and taking her hand before moving down to stairs.

As we reached the last step, she took a deep breath and held my hand tight. We walked towards the living area where mom sat, as I sensed her presence.

"You are looking beautiful," I whispered to Seira as mom came into my vision, sitting with Laila. The girl looked unhappy, as she whispered to mom, but not paying attention to us.

"Daniel," My mom squealed as she saw us. I left Seira's hands as mom came towards me, pulling me in a tight hug.

"So you are the new Luna, " My mom said looking at Seira.

"Good afternoon, Luna Claudia," Seira said in her sweet voice.

"Oh come here, call me Claudia. We are family now," She said pulling Seira in a tight hug.

"I am so happy for you Daniel," Mom said looking at me and I smiled as my eyes wandered to Laila.

She looked at Seira, her gaze is unwavering as if she could see something. Her face frowned as she stared at my mate.

"Laila, come here," Mom called but she kept on staring at Seira.

Her eyes assessed Seira from top to bottom. I caught the hint of fear and hesitation in her body as she looked at my mom again. She has already met Seira so why was she looking at her as if she is seeing her for the first time.

"I am sorry, Luna Claudia," She said looking at mom.

"Please excuse me, I am not feeling well," Laila moved towards the stairs while her gaze wandered back to Seira.

Finally, she tore her gaze from Seira and moved towards her room, not looking back.

"Poor girl, she is still mourning her mate," My mom said.

"Come, my dear, tell me all about yourself," My mom pulled Seira with her on the sofa.
My eyes wandered back to Laila, who has now disappeared out of my sight.

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