Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 32


I shifted under Laila's unwavering gaze, making me conscious of myself. My hands fidgeted with the button on the shirt I was wearing.

Why is she looking at me like that?

Is something wrong with my dress??

Her countenance changed as she said she doesn't feel well before leaving for her room. I could feel the weight of her gaze.

"Come, my dear, tell me all about yourself," Daniel's mom tugged me to sit beside her, smiling widely.

"Is he treating you well?" She asked and I looked at Daniel who's gaze was in the direction where Laila disappeared.

"Yes," I said as Daniel's eyes now settled at me, his lips curved into a soft smile.

Oh, goddess...

His smile is gorgeous...

"I used to know your Dad, Seira. He was a wonderful man, a very generous and kind soul. He healed Daniel's father many times during battle," Daniel's mom caressed my hand kindly.

"Did you know my mother too?" I asked.

"Not your mother, I have only met her once. She seemed like a nice lady," Claudia said patting my hand.

"I am not going to make you uncomfortable asking about that accident with your family and all the rumors. I just want you to know that I am glad you are here and my son found you as her true mate," She smiled warmly.

She is nice...

"Thank you, Luna," I controlled my tears about to fall down my cheeks.

"What is happening here? Why are you guys so sad? Did someone die??" Jay came out of the kitchen with the bowl of potato chips as his eyes landed on me and Claudia

"Oh no, Seira, don't. In my company no woman cries. I make sure of it," He came towards me smiling, extending his hand to touch mine.

"If you love your hand then keep it to yourself," Daniel growled coming close to me, his hand resting on my shoulder. I could sense his possessiveness for me as he glared at Jay.

"Relax, brother. I am just helping her," He smirked at Daniel and took the seat next to Claudia.

"She doesn't need your help," Daniel said, his hand caressing my shoulder and I wiped my tears.

"Boys, behave," Claudia scolded both of them.

"We need to have a ceremony to introduce the new luna to our pack," Claudia said to Daniel.

"You mean to say introduce new Daniel to our pack too," Jay poked joke at Daniel, earning a deadly glare from my mate.

Oh goddess, a ceremony..

I hope everything goes well...

"Don't look at him like that. He is right. This will feel like your introduction ceremony as well. It's been years since our pack people saw you," Claudia said to Daniel.

"Is it really important?" Daniel asked.

"Of course, people would want to see you both marked," Claudia said.

" Okay mom," Daniel sighed running a hand through his hair.

"That's settled then. I will choose the day for the ceremony tomorrow after the meeting. Also, it would be nice if I get to see my grandchildren soon," Claudia said smiling at me. My cheeks heated at the memory of last night.

"Mom," Daniel stared at Claudia

"What are you guys talking about?" Ron entered the room and took the seat opposite us.

"We are talking about our niece or nephews," Jay said to Ron.

"Really, Seira is pregnant? That's very fast Daniel," Ron looked at us and I felt like my body would explode from embarrassment.

"Oh goddess, I wish that was true," Claudia said.

"She is not pregnant," Daniel said.

Oh goddess...

"But hopefully soon," Claudia said looking at me and I wanted the earth to swallow me right now.

"Guys, please," Daniel said sensing my feelings.

"What? Don't you agree with aunt Claudia? I hope you remember how to get your mate pregnant. If you need any advice then I am always here brother and don't feel embarrassed we can all understand you have been out of practice," Jay mocked and Ron laughed along with Claudia.

"You are lucky. I am not in the mood to kill you," Daniel said.

"I can see the reason," Jay said looking at me.

"Enough, you guys are making Seira uncomfortable," Claudia said and I looked at my hands in lap.

"Lunch is ready," Adam announced, coming out of the kitchen. I was glad for his interruption.

"Thank you, Adam. I am starving," Ron said and walked toward the kitchen.

"Oh Adam, I have bought the desert, it's in my car. Can you please get it?" Claudia said to Adam, handing him keys. He walked out of the main door.

After lunch I moved towards my room to get my phone, when I was crossing the door of Laila's room, I heard the same whispering.


I froze, looking at Laila's room. Now, it felt like somebody was really whispering my name. It was not my imagination.

Maybe she whispered my name behind the door?

I relaxed and knocked on her door but she didn't open it.

"Is something wrong?" I heard Daniel's voice behind me.

"No, I just wanted to--" I was cut by Jay coming towards us.

" love birds. Looking for time alone? But right now, I want you guys to come with me. I have something to show you," Jay laid one hand over my shoulder and other on Daniel's shoulder, dragging us towards the study.

"You would love this," He added further.


I looked around as I heard the whisper again, but couldn't see anyone.


I heard a loud and clear familiar voice, this was different from earlier whisper. The wave of pain ignited in my chest and I stopped, my hand on the heart as the pain intensified.

"Seira, you okay,"I heard jay's voice.

" Seira, look at me,"Daniel said as I sat on my knees on the floor, my mind was numb as I tried to recall the person to whom this familar voice belongs.


I felt someone pick me up before I drifted to darkness.

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