Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 33


It's been six hours since Seira passed out. Now, she is lying on my bed and I am sitting on a chair near her.

"What is wrong with her?" My wolf roared.

"Is she awake?" Ron asked entering my room.

"No," I said caressing Seira's hand.

" I have no idea, what is wrong with her?" I added as Adam and Jay entered the room too.

"Did she say something about feeling different to you?" Adam asked.

"She said about someone whispering her name," I said as my gaze was fixed on Seira.

"I have tried to call Cheryl but she is nowhere to be found. She has not gone back to her home since the day she visited us," Adam said stroking his chin.

"Did she do something to Seira?" My wolf growled.

" You told me we can trust her?" I looked at Adam.

"I do. I still trust her," Adam said looking at me.

"Then how would you explain Cheryl not being at her home?" I asked.

"I really have no idea. But I hope she is safe and sound," Adam said.

We turned at the sound of someone running down the stairs and then opening the front door.

"Stay here with Seira. We will check that," Ron said running out of the room, followed by Jay.

I tried to identify the smell as it belonged to some rogue.

"Another rogue in the pack?" My wolf growled.

What if he is sent by the same woman?

I wanted to catch the bastard but the moment I looked at my mate lying on the bed, I ceased the feeling. I didn't wanted to leave her alone.

We turned at the sound of someone breaking the glass, I looked at Adam scowling.

Followed by the faint steps of someone running, not of Ron or Jay, that I can say for sure.

"I will check that," Adam said moving out of the room. I tried to inhale the smell but this time there was no essence in the air.

"What is happening?" My wolf asked.

I have no idea.

The urge to go and check on was heightening with every passing second. Seira's unconscious body held me back.

It's been ten minutes since Adam went to check. I walked towards the door and looked outside, there was silence.

"Adam," I called coming towards the railing but couldn't see anyone.

"Adam," I called again but no response.

I turned at the sound of glass breaking and I ran inside the room to check on Seira. Her body was laid in the same posture.

I looked in the direction of the stairs where the sound came from. My feet moved to check on the source.

"We will not go out of the house. It would be not safe to leave Seira alone," my wolf said.

I know.

"Maybe checking the house would not hurt. I mean, I can smell Seira and we would know if something is wrong with her," my wolf said.

You are right...

With little assurance I walked toward the stairs, my senses were heightened as I tried to hear any unusual sound.

"Adam..." I called again.

"Maybe he has gone out of the house," my wolf said as he couldn't smell Adam.

I descended the stairs, as my feet lightly collided with the stairs, making a faint sound.

I sensed the ground floor, there was no one. The pieces of broken glass lamp lying on the floor, I stepped aside them.


I ran towards the main door as I heard the scream of Adam.

On the lawn, I saw Adam lying on the ground pinned by another wolf, a rogue. The rogue bit his neck and the blood ran down his arms, soaking the grass.

I ran towards them yanking the rogue away from Adam. I slammed my hand in his chest and crushed his heart.

The moment I crushed it, everything vanished. The hand which held the rogue was now empty and I looked at Adam, who seemed absolutely fine as there was no bite mark or blood on his arm. Adam got up scowling, his hand on his neck which had a terrible bite a minute ago.

"What is happening?" I asked looking at my hands which were covered with blood a minute ago and now looked as if I didn't crush the rogue's heart.

"Why did you leave Seira?" Adam said looking at me.

We ran inside the door as I heard the door of Seira's room closed. I took two steps at a time and reached the closed door.

"We left the door open," my wolf said

Somebody has been in the room...

"Why the hell did we leave her alone?" My wolf growled.

My heart jumbled with all kinds of possibilities as I turned the doorknob, entering the room.

There she was sitting on the bed, the blanket covering her knees as she looked at us. My heart smiled with relief as I saw the surprise and confusion on her face.

I walked towards her, crushing her in my arms and inhaling her smell. Her arms wrapped around me as I kissed her neck.

For the moment there, I thought something might have happened to her but she is safe and sound in my arms.

"What happened Daniel?" She asked breaking the hug. Her eyes held confusion.

"You fainted near the stairs," I reminded her.

"I did?" She asked as if trying hard to recall the memory.

"Yes," I caressed her cheeks.

"I--I don't ---don't remember it," She said as her hand touched her head.

"What is the last thing you recall?" I asked as her hand rubbed her head.

"We had lunch. Then I ---I don't know. It's blank," Her face frowned.

"Hey, don't try too hard. Maybe you would recall it later," I said removing her hand from her head.

I sensed the front door open and the steps of Ron and Jay thumped against the floor.

"I will check on them," Adam said before moving out of the room.

"It's Ron and Jay," I said to Seira who looked uncertain of what Adam said.

Her head rested on my chest as I ran my hand in her hair and inhaled her smell.

"How long has it been since she was awake?" My wolf asked.

"How long has it been since you are awake?" I mubbled in her hair.

"I don't know," She said.

"I just saw a figure tuning out of this room and closing the door," she added further, catching my full attention, her hand fisting my shirt.

"Man or woman?" I asked.

"I couldn't figure out since I was so hazy," She said looking at me and I kissed her head.

" You told me about the whispering sound you hear?" I asked.

"What whispering sounds?" She looked uncertain as if we were talking about it for the first time.

"In the morning, when you were in front of the mirror and I was near cupboard. You told me that you thought I whispered your name which I didn't and you also said that you heard it before in the bathroom too," I asked cupping her face.

"I -- I did??" She asked in confusion and I nodded.

"I don't --don't recall us having such conversation," She said and her eye looked tired.

"It's okay. We will talk about it in the morning. You should rest," I said laying her head on the pillow.

"Yes, I am tired," Her eyes shut the moment she laid her head on the pillow.

"How the hell she doesn't remember that conversation?" My wolf said.

The terror on her face, when she asked me if I whispered her name in the afternoon, was still fresh in my head. Then how come she doesn't remember it?

Most importantly who was that figure??

There was only one person in the house apart from Seira.

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