Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 34



I opened my eyes at the sound of someone whispering my name. It was still dark outside as I looked at the dimly lit lamp on the study table where Daniel slept on the open book, on the chair.

He might have slept while reading something, I lifted myself and jerked at the sound of someone whispering my name again.


I looked at the closed door of the room. It felt like a familiar voice calling me from other side of the door.

"Mom," I whispered as I recognized the voice.

Seira....Seira...Seira... I need help.

The sweet voice compelled me to get up from the bed and move towards the door. The familiar voice of mom reminded me of all the good memories I had of her. The way she used to caress me and whisper to me lovingly. I need to go to my mom.

Without any control, I moved out of the door, going towards the only voice guiding me.

I need your help...Seira

Come to momma, my sweetie

Yes, I need to go to my mom. My speed increased as I decended the stairs and walked towards the main door.

Quietly open the door...

I am waiting for you, my child.

Coming Outside of the house, I walked for some time following the voice as it came from a nearby house.

I stopped looking at the strange house, my mind and heart stopped at the need to see my mother. My mind filled with feelings of her and I wanted to go to her so badly.

Come inside, my baby...

Completely charmed by my mother's sweet voice, I entered the house. It was dark inside as I waited for my eyes to get adjust to the darkness.

Come to me, my baby...

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, my legs were compelled to move in a straight narrow pathway leading to the kitchen then, my legs took a left turn as if my body knew where I have to go. The small door next to the kitchen had me strangely attracted and I couldn't look away from the door nob.

Come sweetie.

I am here...

My hand extended to open the door, I entered the room as it was pitch dark. I looked around as in the corner of my heart I had a feeling to run off but I couldn't move my body.

Suddenly the room brightened with the light and I covered my eyes.

I missed baby

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the person I have been missing a lot, my mom, standing there, she opened her arms inviting me to hug her. She was wearing the same old blacktop with grey leggings, the one she wore when I saw her last.

Her kind and loving eyes had tears, her smile inviting and her smell, the one only belonged to my mother, comforting and captivating. The part of me was feeling happy seeing her but I couldn't make out the words as I stood there, just looking at her while the other part of me had the fishy and scared feeling, it was urging me to run or get out of this place as soon as possible.

Come here, my darling...

I moved, unable to stop my body. Her arms wrapped around me as she hugged me tightly. I was not able to move my arms as they felt frozen in a place.

"Finally, my baby is here. Now, you are safe, Seira," She whispered in my ear and I felt a shiver ran down my spine.

Her innocent and sweet voice sounded like a danger alarm to me. My heart sped up but still, I was not able to lift my hand or my body.

"I am in pain, sweetheart, and I need your help," She said breaking the hug and collapsing down on her knees. Her hand lifted to her heart and she looked at me pained expression.

"I am hungry, Seira. I have not had food for a long time. Would you feed me something?" She asked and I felt my head nodding as if I had no control over my body.

My sweet baby.

I would not deny me...

Her eyes held me captive in a place and I couldn't move a finger.

Her hand moved to her stomach, clenching it tightly. Her eyes held mine as she laid on the floor, now looking weak and eager.

I want you to go outside and suck the life out of the first person you see...

The noment her words hit my ears, my mind felt as if it was drained of blood and the word "no" was on tip of my tongue but I couldn't process it out of my mouth.

Will you do that for your mother?

My sweet baby...

I have no energy left in me...

As if her eyes directed command at me and I turned to exit the house. I tried to stop myself but I could not control it.

I knew you would not deny any of my requests...

You know, I love you, my baby...

I heard her voice in my head as I exited the house and walked towards the pathway, looking for prey.

A part of me wanted to stop myself but my eyes kept looking around, uncontrollably for any prey in the middle of the night

There was no one on the road as I kept looking around.

Stop it Seira...

The rational part of me tried consistently to gain control of my body.

Hurry, my baby...Mumma is hungry.

I heard the last command as my eyes fell on the person walking out of a house, whistling loudly. baby...

Get him...

Come can do this...

The man stopped at his car as his eyes fell on me and I felt my lips curve. His demeanor changed as he smiled at me too, and started coming towards me.

His energy is fresh...

He doesn't have a mate...

"Hey, what are you doing on the road at this time of night?" He asked as he came close to me.

"Waiting for you sweetheart," I heard myself as I couldn't control the words flow.

"Really," He smirked, coming close to me.

"You have such a fresh energy, I could just suck it out," I felt my hand move to the nape of his neck, tucking his hand and sniffing his neck.

The next thing I knew, my hands moved up to his neck and I felt my body igniting the luster and he screamed. I could feel his energy flowing inside me as I felt delicious and extremely powerful.

His eyes came out of his sockets and he collapsed on the floor as I continued to suck it out till his body turned into a black skeleton.

"Seira, stop it," I heard a familiar voice as I turned to look at the person standing at a distance, Daniel.

For a moment, I felt the guilt and hurt as he walked towards me, but the very next second the feeling vanished replaced by the same need to take lives.

Don't listen to him...

He would not let you feed your mother.

Come to momma, my baby...

My hands lifted to throw away Daniel as the inexcusable energy flowed out of me. It was ten times stronger now, than my usual power.

Suddenly, I felt the pain in my head and I collapsed on the floor.

Hurry, baby..come to momma.

They are trying to stop you.

Seira, I need to feed.

I am hungry...

I looked at the faint figure of a woman, emerging behind Daniel, reading a spell loud and I covered my ears as pain heightened with every word.

"Hurry Daniel, she is coming back," I heard Laila shouting to Daniel.

Her hands came near me as she continued reading spells and making me feel weak. My body started panting and I took deep breaths to hold myself but I couldn't.

Her voice grew louder as my eyes started rolling and I could feel my head massive.

Fight it, Seira.

Darling, fight for your mother...

I tried to get up on my hands but I couldn't and fell on the ground. My eyes closed as my mind ceased working.

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