Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 35


I hoisted Seira in my arms as my eyes wandered to the black skeleton lying on the ground. My heart clenched at the thought of innocent dying because of my mate. For now, I couldn't think straight as I failed again to protect my pack member and my mate.

I knew Seira was not in the right state of mind as she killed this man.

What is wrong with her?

Half an hour ago, I woke up when Laila tapped me on the shoulder. As I opened my eyes and looked at the bed, Seira was not there. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as the possibilities of what could happen to Seira flooded my head.

"Where is Seira?" I got up immediately turning to Laila. Her hair was tied in a braid as she looked at me keenly.

"I don't know, I woke up when I felt uneasy and my legs dragged me to your room. I saw you sleeping here but your mate was nowhere to be seen," She said looking at me. The anger took over the rational part of me and my hands found Laila's neck. Holding her against the wall, I roared again.

"Where is Seira? " I asked and she winced in my hold. Her hand flicked over mine and trying desperately to loosen the grip.

"I do-don't know but-but I ca-can hel-help," she processed the words out of her.

"How?" I asked

"I am-am hal-half witch-witch," I understood her meaning as I loosed my grip and she coughed loudly.

"How can I trust you?" I asked.

"Do you think" cough" I would have woke you in the middle of the night about your mate if I had an ulterior motive?" she said and her hands massaged her neck when I removed my hands.

"She is right. If she did something to Seira then she would not have woke us to ask about her" my wolf agreed.

"Come on now, we will continue this later. We need to find Seira," I said as I ran out of my room and inhaled her smell coming out of the house.

She left the house.

But the moment I opened the main door and stepped out, her smell was no longer in the air.

"Adam, Ron, Jay," I shouted as I came inside again.

"Her smell is lingering only in the house," I said as Laila came on the last step.

I was keen on asking her a lot of questions about her strange behavior towards Seira and now, she was willing to help me.

"I can sense her presence," She said closing her eyes and moving her hands in the air.

"What happened?" Jay came out of the guest room followed by Adam emerging out of another room.

"We need to find Seira. She was sleeping and when I woke up, she was not there," I said. They looked at Laila with questioning eyes.

"She went in that direction, I can sense her there," Laila pointed out, standing near the door, looking at us

"Let's go," Adam said as I could see his mind beaming with a lot of questions regarding Laila but he ceased for the moment.

We ran in the direction pointed out by Seira which led to the north side of my pack.

As we were moving for some time I looked back at Laila who has drowning stopped near the house. My eyes got stuck on the house and I stopped. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe as I recognized the place. It's been years since I came in this direction. It was the house where Kara used to hold her so-called "problem-solving meetings" with the pack and it was abandoned since then.

"I could sense her in the house and also in that direction," Laila said as we all looked at her.

"Why would Seira come near the house?" My wolf asked.

"We can split," Jay suggested.

"I will check the house," I said, knowing it would be torture to go through my wounds again.

"No, Daniel. You need to stay in the right state of mind. We can check the house," Adam said as he knew all about the place.

"He is right," my wolf said.

"Okay, I will be close by and I will come in if you didn't come out soon," I said and they nodded before going inside.

"They will be fine, I don't sense any negativity here right now," Laila said looking at me. I did not know about this girl but her words put some weight off my chest.

"Okay, let's go," I said and after some walking, we found Seira. She did not look like my mate as her hands held the person by neck and she sucked his energy, mercilessly. My body shook with disgust.

After some tussle with Seira and Laila put her under control, now I was silently taking my mate in my arms while Laila walked behind me.

We walked in silence as I looked at Seira's face which had turned pale. I wanted to ask a lot of questions about Seira to Laila but the fear of Seira waking at my sound ceased my feeling.

"What is happening?" My wolf asked.

I have no idea.

"Are you guys okay?" I heard Jay asking me when I looked up, he was followed by Adam. They jogged in our direction.

"Where did you find her?" Adam asked and I gestured them to remain quiet.

We all walked in silence till we reached home, I took Seira to my room, carefully laid her on the bed. My hands flinched to touch her as if a simple touch would wake her and I would have no idea what would she do then.

I silently closed the door and came towards the hall again, where Adam, Jay, and Laila were waiting. Now, I realized Ron was not there.

"Where is Ron?" I asked.

"He is staying with Aunt Claudia in a guesthouse," Jay said.

"Would you tell me what is wrong with my mate?" I asked finally giving all of my attention to Laila.

"She is possessed by some evil. As I am half-witch, from my mother's side, I can sense her energies. The moment I met her for the first time, she was normal. And then when I met her today when you both came down. I sensed very faint evil power lurking around her but I could not see anything. So, I thought to come to my room and find out more about her," She said.

"That explains her weird behavior towards Seira," my wolf said.


"In my room, when I concentrated on her energy and read my spell. I couldn't see anything but a grave. I tried many times after that as I could only see grave. This was the first time in my life that my spell didn't work effectively, this spell I was reading was very strong as it gives you a whole vision of the origin of evil to its possession but in her case, I couldn't see anything but the grave. Maybe, the evil possessing her is very strong. I still don't know the meaning of that grave as I tried to look into the meaning but I couldn't succeed," She added further.

" At night, when I was emerged in my books then I heard you shouting Adam's name. I heard all those strange voices of someone running and breaking the vases. As you left the house, I came out of my room and moved towards yours. With every step, I could sense the evil had taken over most of her body and I couldn't figure out what to do. Somehow I remembered the old trick and touched her hand to sense what was going on inside her head. I saw the same grave and a blurred evil power Seira. But. I couldn't see more as I got hit by a strong blow," She said looking at me and I could feel that she was telling the truth.

"I heard a voice saying that it is here to take Seira's life and If I don't want to lose mine then I should not interrupt," Laila sighed fidgeting with her hands.

"I ran out of the room when I saw Seira coming awake and shut the door on my way out. I don't know what happened after that," She finished looked up at me.

"Why the hell didn't she tell us the first time she sensed something evil?" My wolf growled.

"So what didn't you tell me the very first time you sensed something evil?" I asked.

"I wanted to find more about it before I tell about this to someone," She said.

"Can that grave be of Seira?" Jay asked Laila and I glared at him.

"It's valid point Daniel, Laila said that evil wants to take the life of Seira and She also saw the grave when she touched Seira," Adam said.

"I would not let anyone take our mate no matter how powerful the evil is," my wolf growled

"Maybe, I can not say anything right now," Laila said.

"What did you do to Seira? Is she still possessed?" I asked Laila.

"She will be fine for some days since I read her one of strongest spells to pull her soul back but it only works once in a lifetime for a person and since I used it, she will be fine for some days until the evil starts taking over her again," Laila said.

"How can I save her?" I almost begged.

"I have to do some research to know more about her life back and to find more things about her," Laila said and I nodded.

"Please find out the solution. I am ready to do anything to save her," I said and she nodded.

"I will do my best. Trust me, I know what it's like to lose a mate" Laila said as her eyes shone with pain and a strange pang emerged in my heart. My eyes filled with water at the thought of losing Seira.

"Don't you dare give that thought power. I will rather die than let anything happen to Seira," My wolf growled.

"Come, Laila, I will escort you to your room," Adam said extending his hand towards the stairs.

Laila moved behind Adam towards the stairs as I felt Jay's hand on my shoulder, comforting me. I blinked back the tears as the strong man never cries.

"Once again, you are playing with my emotions," I said looking up in the sky to the one and only moon goddess.

"Just when I thought I found my happiness and you couldn't handle seeing me happy," I added.

"She will be fine, brother," Jay patted my shoulder, making me come out of my thoughts.

"One more thing Alpha, she might not remember anything about tonight as she was under control. Make her believe that nothing happened and behave normally around her," Laila said, turning towards me when she was halfway to the top and I nodded.

"I am sorry, Laila for earlier, and Thank you for your help," I meant every word I said.

"No problem," She resumed walking ahead.

"You should go and rest. I am here, you are not alone in this. We will not let anything happen to our luna," Jay said and I nodded.

"Thank you, Jay," I said before walking towards my room.

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