Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 4


Big black wolf stood in front of me, growling like a predator. I should be scared but it was strange that I wasn't, as if my subconscious knew he wouldn't harm me. He had stunning thick black fur with brown eyes. I have seen many wolves but nothing as beautiful as this one.

One minute I was emersed in my painting and the next minute, I saw this handsome man drop to his knees in pain. My color trey and brush slipped on the ground as I ran towards him to help. I dropped to my knees loosening his shirt around the neck. My heart raced as I saw those beautiful eyes looking at me as if he can see through my soul. Then my hand fell on his chest, electricity shot through each cell of my body and he transformed into a massive wolf.

Before I could understand what happened, he started moving towards me. I should run, hide or do something but I couldn't look away from his beauty and those eyes which held pain, something I was familiar with. He stopped just a hand away and sniffed my hair.

I clenched my fist, not from fear but a strange sense of peace and comfort settled inside me. I closed my eyes as he nuzzled my neck, my hands moved with compulsion in his fur. He growled as I ran my fingers through his soft fur making me conscious of what I am doing.

He growled again, pushing me a little with a nudge. The sound of protest escaped my throat as I looked into his eyes.

For the first time in three years, I was feeling Calm and tender in my soul. His intense eyes were reading my reaction and I wanted him to touch me as my body yearned for this sensation. He dipped his head to sniff my neck.

"You are beautiful" I whispered and he froze. For a long moment, none of us moved.

Next, he moved back, with the last glance he turned away from me towards the bridge over the stream running straight into woods.

I looked at him till he disappeared into the forest, trying to realize what just happened. The sense of loneliness and darkness was back taking place of that soothing sensation, this time it felt more.

What did just happen?
What is this feeling?
What do I feel crushed?

I forced myself to stand distracting my mind from these thoughts. My eyes shifted toward the bridge as my heart yearned for him to return

Who was he?
Why did I feel like I was spelled?

I collected my color trey and brushes from the ground forcing myself to return home. I dropped my canvas when I heard the howl of pain from the woods. My heart cracked as it recognized this suffering and knew it was him.

Why am I feeling this?
What is wrong with me?

With the last look towards the bridge, I moved back to the art room. I knew, today was Alpha's meeting with the board of directors but I stayed back thinking no one would find me here.

Was he one of the board of directors?
Or someone who came with Alpha?

What if he complains about me to Alpha?
Why the hell did I stay?

I took my bag and walked towards the exit as the sky was getting dark outside. No one was allowed to remain in the building on Friday. It was foolish of me to think no one would find me here.

Why did I feel so good when he came close to me?

I would talk tomorrow to Jack about this encounter so any kind of scene could be avoided. I didn't want to be the talk of the town.

What if he tells about this to others?

Oh, moon goddess! I hope he doesn't tell anyone about this.

As I walked out of the school campus, I felt the same sensation of peace and calm. My heart kicked in as I looked around to find him, but there was no one.

I am getting mad.
What is wrong with me?

Sense of being watched increased with each step. Looking around to find the source, I increased my speed towards home.

Breath in...breath out...

I closed the door as I reached inside my room. Dropping the bag at the side table, I fell on the bed, tired of all the emotions I was feeling right now. Once I closed my eyes, my thoughts were back to him, his eyes, the feeling of his soft fur, the sense of calmness, his eyes reading me.

I need to stop...

To distract me from this, I stood up, changed my clothes, and made my dinner. After feeding myself and preparing for sleep. I got in bed switching off the lights.

The thought of him looking at me increased my heartbeat. The feeling of electric charge shot in my body as I recalled the memory. I drifted to sleep with the thought of that sweet encounter replaying in my head on repeat mode.

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