Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 36


My brain and body felt sluggish when I opened my eyes. Looking around, I realized I was in Daniel's bed and he was not there. Gulping a mouthful of saliva, I tried to get up, but couldn't succeed as my body felt drained of energy. The last thing I remember was talking to Daniel before I slept.

Why am I feeling so weak?

I tried to get up again, but it was a serious struggle so I stopped trying and laid still for a moment. My dried throat felt itchy and crackled as I glanced at the side table for some water. The sunlight from the window brightened the room.

After a while, when the haze started to clear and I somehow managed to sit up on the bed. I extended my hand to take the water but couldn't reach it since it was at the corner, so I tried to stand and almost succeeded when the sound of the door opening startled me and I lost my balance, ready to hit the floor.

But I didn't fall as I realized two strong arms holding me, and I looked at Daniel.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asked me, his eyes looked tired as if he has not slept enough.

"Wa--Wa--Water," I managed the cracked voice out of me. His eyes wandered to the side table at the glass of water in the corner and he nodded.

He got me back inside the blanket and plowed the pillows behind me to support me in a sitting position before lifting the glass of water. He bought it to my lips. I closed my eyes and swallowed greedily the big sips, soothing my dry throat. I drank the whole glass in a second and needed more as if I have not drunk the water for years.

"You want more?" He asked and I nodded my head.

He stood up and bought the jar of water from his study table. He poured the liquid into the glass and bought it to my lips again. His eyes stared at me with concern and care. I consumed the other two glasses of water and stopped when my stomach felt as if it was about to explode.

"More?" He asked and I denied it, my throat was still dry but not uncomfortably cracked. His thumb wiped my lips as I wanted to inquire about what was wrong with me but couldn't voice it out.

My eyes followed his moment as he left the glass near me on the table so that I could reach it. He looked at me, his tired eyes and outgrown stubble still made him look so good.

"How are you feeling?" His hands cupped my face.

"We---weak...very weak," I said as he sat close to me.

"What- what is wrong-wrong with me?" I asked and for a moment he looked lost before cupping my face and diverting his attention back to me.

"You need rest. You might be exhausted," He said and I immediately felt as if there is more to it than just that.

"I was fine last night. Now it feels like I have climbed a mountain in a day. I am not even able to lift my hands," I said as his expression changed to concern.

"What is the last thing you remember?" He asked.

"Talking to you and then I slept. Before that, I remember fainting when Jay was taking us somewhere," My voice came out clear but weak as I recalled the events of last day.

"What else you recall about fainting?" He asked and I search for the reason I would have fainted but the memory was hazy and it felt like there was more to it, I am missing something. I focused on it again but the pain heightened and I gripped my head.

"It's okay...Don't try too hard. You will remember everything in a while, just give it some time," He cupped my face again and I nodded.

"Right now, you have to rest," He kissed my closed eyelids and I sank into his embrace.

It feels like I am missing something...

Give it some time...

I will remember everything in a while...

I wish I was busy...

I wish I could be at school again...

I inhaled his musky scent as his warm body cocooned me in peace, and I gave break to all the thoughts revolving in my head.

"I have called Sella. I thought you might want to talk to her," His chin resting above my head and I jerked back to look at him.

"Really? Does that mean I could go to school again?" I asked and his eyes looked uncertain.

"After you recover fully then why not" His words were comforting but his eyes held strange fear and uncertainty that caught my attention.

"How will I talk to Sella? I have lied to her about my scent and I don't know what she might be thinking about me?" I expressed my worst fear.

"She was the one to contact me in the morning about meeting you. She wants to talk to you and I called her here in the evening. She requested me and sounded very concerned about you so I thought why not. Since I knew it would be nice for you if you make things okay with her so I said yes to her. But if you don't want to talk to her then I would deny her now," He said and I took a deep breath.

"I are right. She was like a sister to me so why not. I have to face her at some point," I sighed and relaxed further in his embrace.

We broke the embrace at the sound of a knock on our door.

"Come in, Jay," Daniel called and looked at me lovingly. The look full of concern and affection that I never thought I would get from anyone regarding me. My eyes moistened at the manifestation of my deepest desire.

Thank you, moon Goddess...

I am grateful that he is my mate...

"Oh...look at my favorite love birds," Jay came inside the room with a mischievous smile.

"How are you feeling Seira?" He asked and I smiled at him.

"I can be better," I said with a wide smile.

"But see, you smiled at least. Women in my presence can never resist a smile, even if they are feeling bad. I have that charm," Jay said looking at Daniel who rolled his eyes.

"You still have time, you can choose the right brother, " He teased and Daniel glared at him.

" I am very happy with your brother," I said taking Daniel's hand in mine and resting my head on his shoulder. His other hand snaked around my waist.

"Oh my goddess, you broke my heart Seira," Jay faked the stab in his heart and I chuckled.

"Never mind, you lost a great chance Seira," Jay said in a dramatic voice.

"I will live up to it. Don't worry," I laughed at his antics and it felt good. For a moment, I forgot everything and just felt the need to laugh.

"Much better, you look very good when you laugh," Jay said.

"Thank you, Jay. I needed that," I said and closed my eyes when I felt Daniel's lips on my cheek.

"Okay, I guess I will leave you two alone. I don't want to be bone-in meat," Jay said moving towards the exit.

"You know what? Thank you Seira," Jay stopped as he was about to exit the room and looked at us.

"For what?" I asked him.

"It's good to see him happy. You guys are perfect for each other. Thank you for accepting this ass of my brother as your mate," Jay said with genuine care and I looked at Daniel who was smiling at me.

"Pleasure is all mine. He is the best thing ever happened to me," I said meaning every word.

"Oh come on guys, you will make me cry," Jay said wiping his imaginary tears and left the room.

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