Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 37


After spending some time with Seira, I moved to my study where I smelled Laila, her back was towards me as she searched for something in the book held in her hands.

She was so deeply concentrated on her book that she didn't hear when I opened the door and entered the room.


She dropped the book and looked at me unnerved.

"Oh goddess, you scared me..." Her hand was on her heart.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to. What are you doing here?" I asked, reaching over the fallen book on the floor and handing it to her.

"I_I am sorry. I should have asked you about using your space. I was just looking for some books," She said taking the book from me.

"What kind of books do you want?" I said reading the title of the book "Secrets of Spell"

"Something to find new spells and some details about fae," She asked.

"You should go with Adam to the central library of my pack. There you can find all the books you need," I said.

"Oh, that's a really good idea. I should go now. I am sorry for barging in your space without your permission," She said.

"It's okay. You are doing this to help my mate," I said and she nodded.

"Well, I wanted to ask something. Why can not we tell about last night to Seira?" I asked

"Would you tell her that she killed someone? As far as I have seen your mate. She would not take the news nicely. It would affect her more than anything even if you tell her that she was possessed. I don't want anything to affect her mind as her mind needs to stay clear or if she would know about this then she would try to put herself in harm to find out more about her situation and that would only attract the evil, some days we think we have till the power of spell starts to evaporate will be gone. So, I think it's best if we don't tell her anything," She said.

"You are right. But it feels she should know what is wrong with her," I said and she kept the book on the table.

"I can understand that you don't want to lie to her. But it's the best for her. We have some days to find out about her family and things related to her so we can help her. She will be easy to protect if she doesn't know about last night," She said and I nodded.

I knew Laila was right, if Seira knows she killed someone then she would not take it nicely, and the kind of stubbornness she holds I can say she would try to find out about her situation more and I would not be able to protect her in that case. We need some days to find out about her and she would be in front of my eyes so I can keep her safe.

"You are right. We need these days in peace so we can find out more about Seira," I ran the hand through my hair and Laila nodded.

"I should go to the library now," She half smiled and turned towards the exit.

"Laila, you can take that book," I gesture towards the book she was reading.

"Thank you," She said taking the book and moving towards the exit. I walk behind her.

"Thank you for everything, Laila," I smiled opening the door for her and her eyes got wide as she looked outside. I followed her gaze to meet Seira's whose hand was in the position to knock on the door.

Seira's eyes narrowed at Laila then back at me. The question was clear in her gaze as she put her hand down.

"Hi Seira, how are you feeling?" Laila smiled at Seira.

"I- I am good," Seira said.

"What are you guys doing?" Seira asked looking at me. Her eyes filled with certain jealously and I bit my inner lip to keep myself from laughing

"I was here to talk about some stuff and to take this book. Thank you Alpha," Laila said before going towards her room, now leaving me and Seira alone.

Seira's eyes were back on me as Laila disappeared from our sight. Her beautiful eyes looked furious as she slowly walked inside the room, her weakness still visible but her face looked better than some hours back and I closed the door.

"I didn't know you became friends with Laila," She sounded jealous.

"Yeah, she is a nice girl. she was just here to talk about some things," I said biting my inner cheek to keep from laughing when Seira made a furious face.

"What things?" She crossed her hand on her chest. Her action caused me to focus on her beautiful breast and her possessive voice turned me on.

"About some books," I told her the half-truth.

"Then I guess, I disturbed your meeting," She said.

"No, we had a pleasant meeting. She was about to leave. You didn't disturb" I said in a firm tone, knowing she would be more fierce with my answer.

"Why are you here anyway? You should rest," I added further.

"Yeah, you are right. I shouldn't be here. You would rather spend your time with Laila than me. After all, she has become your good friend," She was about to turn when I caught her hand.

"Are you jealous?" I asked as her hands landed on my chest and I took a step forward making her walk backward, snaking my hands around her waist.

"No, why would I be? You were spending time with your friend," She faked a laugh and I tightened my hold on her waist when she tried to free herself.

I would not deny the fact that her jealously was turning me on with every passing second.

"You should not have come here, you should have called me if you wanted to say something. You need rest Seira," I said and she gasped as her back touched the wall.

"Yeah, right. I mean, you would have had more time with your new friend," She said again struggling to free herself and I smiled.

"You are jealous," I said as my lips curved with strange satisfaction.

"Fine, yes I am jealous. How could I not be?" Her hand fisted my shirt

"You are my mate--" she ceased whatever she wanted to say when my lips covered hers. I delicately moved my lips against hers controlling my desire as I knew I have to be gentle because of her weakness.

It was a complete torcher for me to hold myself when her tongue tangled with mine. Her moans shooting straight to the need growing between my legs.

"You are holding back," She said after breaking the kiss and l rested my head against hers, breathing heavily.

"You are weak, Seira. We should not do this," I said and she breathed deeply.

"You wanted to talk to me?" I asked adjusting my pants and diverting my attention.

"Yeah, I wanted to ask we could go to Siattee," She asked and I looked at her. "Siattee" is the holy place of the moon goddess. There is one Siattee in every pack, a place to worship the moon goddess.

"I have not visited the Siattee for a long time, I want to go with you so we could take the blessings of the moon goddess," She said.

" I don't believe in moon goddess, "I blurted and she looked shocked.

"Why?" She asked.

"It's just that I don't have a good relationship with her. Whenever I wished for something, she did the opposite. I don't believe there is any moon goddess," I said and she cupped my face.

"You should not say that. You might have had some bad experience but there was some good reason behind that," She said and I chuckled.

"Good reason?? What was the good reason behind Kara being in my life as a mate? Why couldn't your moon goddess send you to me at that time? What was the good reason behind so many people of my pack lost life because of Kara? Finally, after so many years of self-loathing, I got you. But she can not see my happiness--" I stopped myself when I realized the meaning of my words.

"You have me. What do you mean? I am here with you," She said cupping my face.

"I know, it's just that. I don't want to lose you Seira," I confessed my worst fear to her.

"Daniel, I am right here with you. I am not going anywhere," She said cupping my face and kissing me lightly on my lips.

"I don't want to go to Seattee. I would not stop you if you want to go then you can. I will accompany you till the Seattee but I won't go inside," I said and kissed her palms.

"I believe in moon goddess and I know one day, you would believe in her too. Don't let those experiences taint the power of the moon goddess. I won't force you if you don't want to go," She said and I nodded.

"Thank you," I said lightly kissing her lips and she smiled.

I sensed Adam on the door as the knocking sound came seconds later.

"What is it, Adam?" I asked.

"Some teacher from school named Sella is here to meet our Luna," Adam said and I looked at Seira who took a deep breath.

"Make her comfortable in the living room. Seira would be there soon," I said and heard Adam's steps descending stairs.

"You are ready to meet your friend," I asked and she nodded.

"Right now I cannot say that my meeting with my friend would be pleasant," She looked nervous as I attempted to ease her.

"Laila was here to just talk about some book and all. I have my eyes only for you. You don't have to feel jealous of anyone. Only you make my heart beat faster. Only you Seira," I confessed and took her hand to make her feel my heartbeat

Her eyes locked with mine, shining with unshed tears and she kissed me hard. Her hands stroked my face, hair, and shoulder pulling me close.

She tasted like peaches and desire, soft and feminine. My fingers held her neck, holding her at a right angle to deepen the kiss. The wicked promise in her kiss and the way her body now pressed against mine, strangling my erection making my body lose control.

Before I could stop myself, my fingers interlaced with hers and I took control of our kiss.

With a growl, my mouth pressed against hers, hot and insistent. I devoured her in hungry kisses, sucking her tongue, her lower lip, seizing her every breath and replacing it with mine.

Her hands reached over my erection and my body tingled with pleasure. I kissed her jawline, down to her neck, and wanted to tear all layers of clothes she was wearing.

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