Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 39


I am running and running on the unknown path in the wilderness. The darkness unsettled me as I moved on to the unknown destination, my mind and body didn't work in synchronization as I had no idea where were my feet going. It seemed like my mind has stopped working and I am only seeing things but couldn't recognize or voice them out.

As I ran, I heard the sound of waves striking rocks, and the dense trees were left behind as the white sandy beach was there in front of me. I was scared not from wilderness or darkness but from a strange sense of losing someone.

I stopped finally, breathing heavily as I saw Seira standing on a rock, in a white gorgeous dress and looking at waves. My heart pounded with the most astonishing view of my mate and I walked towards the familiarity and peace, that I feel with her.

I wanted to call her but I couldn't voice her name so I ran towards her but as I came closer to her, I didn't sense any familiarity or peace but anxiety and fear of something fishy.

The moment she turned and looked at me as I stopped at the hand distance from her. The bright moonlight on her gorgeous features and her hair flowed with the slow wind of waves as she smiled, looking like an angel from heaven.

Her smile compelled me as I lifted my fingers to run through her hair and wanted to feel the warmth of my mate but surprisingly it didn't feel anything like that.
I could see my mate in front of me but she did not feel like her.

I wanted to say something but my voice was stuck in my throat. She closed the gap between us and hugged me.

"You betrayed me, Daniel," I heard Seira's voice as her arms tightened around me and I wanted to ask what did she mean by that but before I could try to speak she kissed my neck. I hugged her but she didn't feel like Seira.

"How could you take another mate?" Now I heard the familiar voice but this time not of Seira.

I tried to break the hug but I couldn't as I recognized the voice of Kara.

"I missed you, Daniel," She kissed my neck and I felt frozen in place as I couldn't move a finger.

"How could you do this to me?" She broke the hug and looked at me, the same look in her eyes that she had when I killed her. The irony was she was acting like I have betrayed her not the other way around. Suddenly, I realized where is Seira...if Kara is here then Seira is not safe. I wanted to shout but I could not.

"You are still thinking about her?" She asked kissing my jawline and I hated it but I couldn't push her away as I felt compelled.

"Tell me what you like in her?" She asked as her hand moved to my shirt buttons.

"You like this ugly face?" She asked as her face changed back to Seira's but the eyes remained exactly evil like hers not soft and warm like Seira's.

"Or don't tell me? You have never thought about taking her power?" She asked as she licked my lips and I felt disgusted as I gathered power enough to push her away and finally I did.

"Where is Seira?" I shouted as she smirked lying on the floor.

"You are still naive and stupid Daniel. You never understood the value of power. Fae was right there with you and you choose not to take her power. You should think about being powerful Alpha but as stupid as you are you choose to protect her...your mate," She laughed loudly and stood up.

"Why are you here and where is Seira?" I asked.

"There she is," I looked around at the glass casket which was not visible a minute ago, where the body of Seira was lying and she was unconscious. There was a black shadow revolving around her body.

"Your mate is safe in our hands. We will not hurt her as I have decided to snatch her powers then immediately kill her. At first, I thought I should kill her slow when I saw she took my place in your heart but then I thought you would be hurt...and baby I don't want to hurt you, so I thought...I would not force her to death. She will be gone before you know it," Kara said as she walked towards the glass casket.

"Stop it, Kara. I would let you touch her," I said as I walked towards her but a bright white light buzzed when I tried to get close to the glass casket, preventing me from going ahead.

"You are still naive and stupid Alpha," She mocked and started laughing loudly.

"Stay away from Seira, she is mine to take," I heard the black shadow. I fall back to the ground with an intense pang in my hand and body.

"Daniel...Daniel...get up," I heard Seira's voice, opening my eyes and looking at her beautiful face. For a second, I thought she was not Seira but the moment she hugged me and I breathed in her unique scent, felt her warmth steering the peacefulness inside... I knew she was my mate, my Seira.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, it was just a bad dream," I said wanting to add" but it felt real"

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked breaking the hug and looking at me. The little gap she put on between us made my fear heightened as I recalled her unconscious body in the glass casket.

"I can not think about losing her," My wolf growled.

We would not let her go out of my sight...

"I agree," my wolf said.

I hugged her, pulling her on top of me, burying my face in the hollow of her neck and inhaling the sweet scent of her hair. I wanted her to be here always so that I know she is completely safe with me.

"Daniel, what is wrong?? I can feel you are hiding something from me," she whispered as she looked into my eyes and I combed her hair with my fingers.

"I had a bad dream. In that, I almost lost you," I said and she scowled.

"Don't let those stupid fear control you. I am not leaving...I am your mate and you are stuck with me for a lifetime," She said.

"I would like nothing more than to spend this life with you," I said and she smiled. She kept her head on my heart and I caressed her lovingly until she slept peacefully.

I got up, slowly sliding her onto her side as I needed to tell this to Adam and Laila to know the meaning of this dream.

"I would not hesitate to kill Kara if it was real," my wolf growled.

I kissed Seira's head before leaving her and moving towards Laila's room. I knew it was late but I am selfish enough to save my mate.

I took my phone and called Adam as he picked up, sounding sleepy and I asked him to come to Laila's room. I stood in front of Laila's room from where I could see my room, where Seira was sleeping. It felt safe enough to know I could see the room she was in and I would talk to Laila standing here.

I knocked on the door and she opened it. Her hand held a pencil and her eyes looked red, deprived of sleep. She might be reading something.

"You were not sleeping?" I asked.

"No, I was reading something. Is Seira okay??" Laila said looking towards my room.

"Yes, she is fine. I needed to talk to you," I said as she gestured me to come in but I denied.

"We can talk here," I said and she nodded. We looked at Adam coming towards us.

I told them every detail of my dream which felt real and the way Laila listened noting every detail with her pencil on a notepad.

"What do you think? Is it Kara? How is it possible she is dead?" I asked

"There are some stubborn spirits who do not go to the other side until their desires are achieved. It can be possible but we cannot deny the fact that a spirit can only haunt us. It is not strong enough to take someone's life. There is some other powerful thing helping her. What did you say about the black shadow?" She said

"It was circulating the glass casket and at last spoke Seira is mine," I said recalling the black shadow.

"It was the same evil shadow which was there when I tried to help Seira," Laila said.

"That means there are two spirits behind Seira," Adam said.

"I can not say anything right now. There can be two spirits or everything has been created to play with our mind and there can be only one person behind all of this," Laila said and I nodded.

"Did you find something about the grave?" I asked.

"Yes...I did," Laila said.


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