Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 5


I entered my room naked, shutting the door behind me. The impression of her hands in my fur was driving me crazy, the desire to be touched in her eyes was fresh in my mind, her voice was like balm to my wounded heart and the way she whispered I was beautiful, made my heart flutter with happiness.

I can't trust her...
The way I lost my control with her...

I would have marked her if she wouldn't have said anything...
I can not trust myself near her.

The protective instinct of a mate and curiosity about her made me follow her to her apartment. I knew, she acknowledged my presence as I sensed her heart pick up.

How can I have another mate?

I have never heard of someone having more than one true mate. Sometimes, those people whose mate dies choose to spend life together with their mutual understanding, but in that case, the wolf never connects as it can only connect with your true mate.

My wolf connected with her and the desire to mark her was intense. I need to ask about this, but I don't want anyone to know about her as my mate.

I need to find everything about her.

I took my phone and dialed Charlie's number.

"Are you okay, Daniel? You did not attend the meeting," He asked as he picked up.

"Yea, something came up. I knew you could have handled that without me," I said trying to figure out the way to ask him about the painter.

"So how was the meeting??" I asked.

"It was good. I will email you the details, nothing to worry about," He said.

"Do you know the staff of the school?" I asked.

"Yea, I know most of them. Why?," He asked.

"I feel like I should know about the school staff too. Can you send me the details?" I said.

"Okay....well did you find the source of that smell," He asked.

"It was nothing dangerous. Send me the details immediately," I said in a serious tone.

"You are hiding something, Daniel," He proclaimed.

"Do I need to remind who is Alpha here?" I asked.

"Sorry Alpha, I will send you the details," He said before I put down the phone, feeling a bit guilty about threatening Charlie. I have known him since childhood, he was honest and loyal to me and my pack. I know he is concerned about me as a friend.

I lay on my bed closing my eyes, tired of all the emotions running in my head.

"Come in," I said when I sensed Adam outside my door about to knock.

"How was your day?" He asked closing the door behind him.

"Good," I said.

"What will you have for dinner?" He asked.

"I am not hungry," I said as my eyes were still closed.

"You look tired but I can not allow you to sleep empty stomach," He said with a bossy tone.

"Do I need to remind you who is Alpha here?" I asked.

"Do I need to remind you who is the cook here, young man?" He retorted.

"I will have soup," I let out in defeat knowing he would not leave me till I eat something.

"Is something on your mind?" He asked as I looked at him.

"Have you ever heard of some wolf having more than one mate?" I asked and he looked surprised at my question but recovered instantly.

"Why are you asking this?" He asked.

"Just wanted to know," I said staring at the ceiling.

"Well, there is a story in our ancestral history about some wolves finding a second true mate," he said picking my interest.

"What story?" I asked.

"There were some wolves who wanted to experience the true mating after their mate died very young in their mating life. They prayed moon goddess with an honest heart for several years. Moon Goddess blessed them with second mating life. Nobody knows if it's fictional or truth," He said.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"I think if moon goodness showers her blessing then it can be in the form of your biggest secret desire, " He said

"Are you having craving for mating life, my child?" He asked after pausing for a second.

"No, it's nothing like that," I said

"Then why all of sudden this question, " He asked looking at me.

"I just wanted to know about this possibility," I said.

"I would be praying to goddess to give you that happiness my child," He said.

"She has already given me much happiness in past," my words dripped with sarcasm.

" You should not talk like that about moon goddess, young man," He scolded.

"Why not? She has given me deceptive mate. It crushed my wolf and heart. It would have been better if she would have killed me instead," I said

"She had some good motive behind that incident," he said.

"Of course," a mocked laugh escaped me.

"You would realize it one day my child," He said.

"I would like tomato soup," I said as he looked at me for a moment before nodding and leaving the room. I closed my eyes as her thoughts emerged in my mind. Her soft hands, her eyes, her peaceful aura, her scent, her body.

I have to stay away from her...

I can't let myself slip away with a mating bond like last time. I don't want this mating, it would end up crushing me again. I drifted off to sleep with her thoughts in my head.

I got up with some sounds coming from the living room. I recognized the voices of mom with Rom and Jay. They were sons of mom's brother, Uncle Kial. I looked at cold soup kept on my side table, Adam must have kept it here in the night.

I moved out of bed towards the living room before visiting the bathroom for my morning routine.

"Hey baby," My mom sensed me as I entered the living room. She looked fresh and beautiful. She has red hair and beautiful deep blue eyes. I took after my dad with black hair and brown eyes. My mom, Claudia Anderson is one of the best queens around the world.

"Hi mom," I said hugging her.

"Where did you get this?" She asked checking my new scar on my head. My thoughts moved back to the painter. I would have got this scar during transformation yesterday.

"Where did you get lost brother? Any new chick in the town?" Jay said, my youngest cousin, came to hug me. He is the troublemaker in our family. He hasn't found his true mate, so we can say it's his time to enjoy.

"How would he know? I mean he never meets people?" My mom interrupted.

"How are you guys doing?" I asked ignoring mom and hugging Rom, Jay's older brother.

"We are good Daniel," Rom said smiling. He was a writer, the kind of person who stayed out of trouble and see the world with lyrical eyes.

"I have important news, just promise you will not get angry and listen to me calmly," Mom said looking at me.

"I don't promise," I said giving my full attention to her.

"I have seen a girl, she is from the sunrise pack. Her mate died last year, I think she would be perfect for you," She said.

"No, " my wolf growled with disgust.

Reminding me of my true mate, that freed my wolf. The thought of taking another person as a mate made me sick to my stomach, even when I am not ready to accept a true mate.

"Mom please, I don't need mate," I said trying to hide my disgust.

"But son, this pack needs successor," She said.

"Mom, we have successors," I said pointing towards my cousins.

"Don't you dare think of me as Alpha.I am meant to be king of a women's heart and you are making me Alpha. I am happy the way I am so no thank you," Jay said in a dramatic voice.

"I am a writer not fit for Alpha," Rom said raising his hand in surrender as mom looked at me.

"We need your blood to run the pack, Daniel," Mom said.

"End of discussion guys. I would not take mate," I said in my Alpha command.

"You have to think about your pack, Daniel," Mom said challenging my command.

"I have seen the girl, she is pretty," Jay said trying to tempt me. If only he knew there is nothing in the world that could tempt me toward women.
Except for that woman, my true mate. The one in whose arms I can find peace at the cost of my trust and heart.

"She is nice too. She will be a perfect lifemate," mom said and I looked at Ron unable to believe them.

"Don't look at me. I tried my best to stop them but they wouldn't listen to me," Ron said. I knew my mom wanted my blood successor to run this pack but I have no interest in touching any women even for this purpose.

"I have work to do," I said and turned to walk away from them knowing there is no end to this issue.

"Why doesn't he understand?" I heard my mom talking to Jay.

"Don't worry. I will fix him with best women, that even satan can't deny," Jay said and I shook my head closing my room door. I don't blame them, they are concerned about me, the future of this pack but they have no idea what it feels like when you receive betrayal and rejection from a true mate.
I will not take anyone as my mate.
I will never make this mistake again.

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