Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 6


Books clenched to my chest with my left arm and a bag hooked on my right shoulder. I walked across the pathway leading to the school, lined by a green coat of grass on both sides. I was an hour early today, I have to talk to Jack about that incident.

I looked around as people were rushing to work. Last night, I couldn't sleep, dreams of being in his embrace woke me twice panting, with excitement and craving to be with him. This feeling was insane as I don't know anything about that person.

I reached the campus and moved toward the office, taking a left turn I collided with Fin, the last person on the earth I want to see right now. He was a big flirt, always looking around females for his fun. He hasn't found his mate, the female staff in school except me had mates. Since he consider me as human, I was his favorite target to make advances.

"What's the hurry love?" He said extending his hands to steady me, his thumbs inappropriately rubbed my waist in a circular motion.

"I am sorry," I jerked from his hands, stabilizing my books.

"Well it's a good morning for me," Finn said.

"Good for you," I was about to move past him when he caught my wrist.

"I need to talk," He said as my eyes narrowed on his hand circled my wrist.

"I have to talk to Jack right now. Can't this wait?" I yanked my wrist.

"Jack can wait," He moved close to me as I took steps back. I looked around for someone but the hall was empty, my back hit the wall.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You have been tempting me for months, I couldn't find you alone. Just a taste," He said glancing at my lips.

" I don't want this," I clenched my books with both hands in front of my chest, pushing him away.

"Have you ever thought of having sex with a werewolf, it's very hot and intense. Humans love it," He said.

"You are forcing yourself on me," I said looking around for someone to stop him before I lose control.

"You will love it, I know every human does," He pushed me against the wall leaving me no option but to use it.

"I am giving you last chance to walk away and we will pretend this never happened," I said.

"What will you do against me?" He laughed aloud. I lowered my books on the ground, giving him a sweet smile before resting my hands on his chest and using my power to force him away from me.

My body shook with intensity as the waves emerged through my heart, and I looked around as my body glowed with yellow light.

"What are you?" He looked terrified as I easily pushed him away from me.

"Your horrible dream," I kneed him in balls, that made him drop to the ground with his hands on his crotch.

"Stop it..." I heard the inexpiable voice of Jack behind me. I ceased, going back to normal.

"What are you doing Seira?" Jacks asked.

" Sh-She was glow-glowing, "Fin interrupted still lying on the floor.

" You saw nothing. We exchanged the morning greetings in the corridor before you moved to your class, "I hypnotized him, pulling him by his shirt collar.

" We exchanged morning greetings in the corridor," He repeated after me and moved past us.

"What were you thinking? using your power in open space, where anyone can see you," Jack said looking for people around but there was no one.

"He tried to force himself on me," I said.

He said before turning to his office" we will talk inside, " I followed him.

"You need to behave like humans. Your human mask is fading. I can smell your real scent. Drink it," He handed me the bottle of green portion out of his drawer.

I took the bottle gulping it down, my mask starts fading if I use my powers. I am a fae, the healer.

"You are my responsibility, please don't do something like this again. This is the last bottle of the potion I have, don't use your power till I bring more. That might take some days," He said looking at me with concern.

"I didn't have the choice today," I defended myself.

"You could have shouted like a normal human against a werewolf. I would have come to help," He folded his arms on his chest.

"I am sorry. I will be careful next time," I sighed.

"You wanted to talk to me," He asked looking at the clock on wall.

"Yeah, I stayed at the stream after school was over, to paint. There was this guy who came to me," I paused to see his reaction.

"Why would you remain here on Friday? Who was this guy? What did he do?" He panicked.

"Nothing, he was in pain and then changed into a wolf before running into the forest," I said leaving out all personal details.

"He didn't say anything??'He was surprised.

" No, "I said, well that was the truth, he didn't say anything.

" Okay, I don't see a problem then. I will say I permitted you to stay if someone asks about it, "He scratched his beard and I nodded.

"Thank you," I said before leaving his office and heading towards the class.

After a hectic schedule of six hours, when everyone left. I moved towards the back of the school to the stream, to complete my painting that was interrupted yesterday by that guy.

I opened the door, looked around, stepping down the stairs. The view was spectacular, as the stream had coconut trees lined on both sides, there was a narrow vintage-styled bridge over it leading to the thick forest on the other side of the stream.

After setting up my canvas, I looked at the bridge where that beautiful stranger disappeared yesterday.

As I resumed my painting, I had the same feeling of peace settled around me. I looked around to see the source, but there was no one.

There is no one...

As I stared back at the painting, I heard a deep growl of anger at my back raising my neck hair. I turned to see the big brown wolf looking straight at me, not as big as that black wolf.

He moved towards me, my subconscious shouted for danger and made me ready to use my power in self-defense.

I waited, to see his next move, bracing myself to use my powers. I slowly put down the colors, knowing his gaze following my move.

He jumped on me as I was ready to defend myself when a massive black wolf jumped out of nowhere taking the brown wolf down. I froze as both wolves were fighting.

Black wolf took over the brown one by biting his neck and shoving him away towards the bridge. The brown wolf growled before taking off deep into the woods.

Black wolf transformed into a handsome man, lying on the ground naked, panting heavily. I ran towards him, and my eyes moved to check for any injuries.

"Don't touch me," He barked stopping me in my tracks. His voice was soothing just as his aura.

"Who are you?" I asked and he sat up ignoring my question. He touched his left arm flinching in pain.

"I can help," I declared before I could stop myself. He ignored me again. Now, it's getting out of hand. I didn't ask for his help, he has no right to show me this attitude.

"Thank you for your help," I tried again to talk to him.

"You shouldn't be here alone," He spoke finally.

"I come here often, but nothing like this happens," I said.

"Who are you?" I asked again when he didn't say anything.

"He would have killed you if I would not have been around," He said ignoring my question again.

Okay, I had enough...

Handsome or not...I can't take this behavior.

"Listen, mister, I come here often and I will keep coming here no matter what. You are no one to boss me around. I didn't ask for your help, I could have handled him," I said moving close to him as he looked surprised with my outburst.

I avoided looking into his eyes and took his injured arm in my hand. I knew, using my power means rejuvenation of my real scent but I can not see his pain.

I will stay in my apartment till I get the new potions, taking sick leave...

That's bullshit...
They are werewolves, they can smell me in my apartment.

For now, I need to do this. I will handle the consequences.

Feeling his intense gaze on my face, I avoided his eyes as that would be a distraction. The shiver ran down my arms at our skin contact and flutter of my heart raising my flush.

"Who are you?" He asked as I looked him in the eyes.

"I am an art teacher in this school," I said pretending to examine the arm.

"Your scent is different, it's not human. Your profile in school says you are human," he asked and a chill passed through my spine in fear of exposure to my secret.

I didn't use my power...
How can he smell my real scent?..

Is my human mask fading?

"I am human. You need to check your senses, I think this fight got your head," I said trying to divert the attention back to fight.

"I have seen worse," He said.

I looked at him. His mesmerizing eyes held mixed emotions, fear, excitement, desire, pain. Holding his gaze, I ran my right hand over his arm, healing him.

His hand moved to my face, pulling a strand of hair and rolling it around his finger.

"It's just the minor fracture," I said after healing his arm and he looked surprised as he lifted it.

"What did you do? It stopped hurting," He asked me.

"I did not do anything. I checked for fracture," I said trying to move back but he pulled me towards him.

"Don't play with me woman. I know what the fracture and broken bone feel like," He growled at me as if trying to frighten me.

"You don't scare me," I whispered.

"You should be scared of me," He twisted my arm behind my back and pulled me against his chest.

" I would be if you tell me your name?" I asked as his nearness ignited sparks in my body.

"Not important," He whispered twisting my arm.

"Now, are you scared of me?" He asked

"No," I challenged him.

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