Alpha Daniel

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Chapter 7


Her eyes gleamed with longing, provoking my hands to touch her gorgeous curves. I tighten my hold on her wrist twisting it further behind her back. The challenge in her gaze made me want to mark her, right now.

"Don't challenge me," I spoke.

"Or what?" She retorted making me speechless. I wanted to threaten her, but words were not ready to escape my mouth.

"You won't like what happens next," I tried to sound fierce. Her face moved closer, our nose almost touching.

"You want me to be afraid of the guy who just saved me," She whispered looking at me with fondness. Her eyes diverted to my lips making me realize that she liked what she saw.

At this moment, I wanted nothing more than to pin her down and make her mine. The open challenge in her eyes was like a cherry on top of my desires.

It's just the bond effect...

"Doesn't mean the guy can not be dangerous," I snarled.

"For that, I have to at least know something about the guy," She said

"Daniel," I pronounced.

"Are you one of the board of directors?" She asked.

I never thought, the day I decided to stay away from her would be the same day, I would be sitting in front of her unclothed. When I saw her profile in the morning as Charlie sent me, it said she was human but her scent is different. I decide to spy on her, somehow, knowing she would be back at this place.

Here I was, with her in my arms. I wanted to kill that wolf when I read his cruel intentions in my mind. I would deal with him later.No one touches what's mine. My arm was broken, now it felt like a minor scratch, pain entirely subsided.

What is she hiding?
She did something to my arm...

"Are you??" She inquired again bringing me out of my thoughts.

" You should go home now, "I said looking around to avoid her question.

" You are doing it again," She said.

"Doing what?" I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Ignoring my question," She said.

"You are doing the same," I proclaimed.

"What?" She sounded surprised.

"Ignoring your safety. You are sitting here with an unknown guy. You should run home," I said.

"Well, maybe I want to know this guy," She said.

" Maybe this guy doesn't want to know you, "I lied as right now I could say anything to make her run away.

" Then why did he help me? Moreover, why is he sitting here with me?"She asserted.

Her ambiance took over my mind. My control was slipping away with her words, determined to know me, be with me. I am a werewolf, bound to her, but if she is human then the bond is not as strong for her side as it was for me that means she can resist.

"How long would you ignore my question?" She asked me and before I could realize my lips claimed hers.

Her hands came to my chest as I eased my hold. For once I thought that her hands wanted to yank me away but instead rested on the back of my head, pulling me closer.

I kissed her hard, punishing her, then quickly attempting to ease my pressure.
Not gentle, not romantic, just the hunger and hurt that I carried with myself for years. Her taste was additive, as she settled into kissing me with the same longing.

She moaned, running her fingers in my hair, pulling a handful with enough pressure to drive me crazy. My hands roamed the black pants she wore, squeezing her butt as she pressed herself on my lap.

For a second, it felt like we have a lot in common, as her feelings washed over me. Secrets and hurt lead our life. We both craved peace.

Needing to feel her skin, I fumbled with her shirt buttons, as my tongue danced with hers desperately searching for something I couldn't point out at the moment.

I shouldn't be doing this, it would only trade hurt, but the taste of her pain and loneliness would not let me stop.

She drew in a breath as I tugged her shirt to expose her shoulders and glided my lips down her throat, tasting, nibbling, sucking the soft skin. I stopped to look when my finger traced scars on her arm.

Her face flushed, her lips swollen from all the kissing, her hands on my shoulders, eyes closed, she looked like a man's wet dream.

"How did you get these scars?" I asked pushing the shirt down to have good look at them. The instinct to protect my mate and anger to kill the person who hurt her washed over me. I traced the black rough skin defined by some dark lines running down the arm.

"It's nothing important," She tried to yank back her shirt but I prevented it.

" It doesn't look like nothing, "I inquired.

"It was an accident," She moved back as this time I let her, she adjusted her shirt. The moment we just shared was gone. Her gaze wander to look around as I saw the sheen of moisture in her eyes.

"What accident?" I pushed her more and she moved towards her painting, ignoring my question.

"Ignoring my question huh," I asked.

"Learnt the trick from you," she retorted.

"It's getting late," She said taking the canvas in her hand, with the last glance she started moving towards the stairs.

"Now, I think you are scared of me," I declared as to stop her but she kept on moving.

" You should go home, Daniel," She said, still moving. It took me all of my power to not stop her, kiss her as my name rolled down her tongue. I stared till she closed the door. I could sense her moving around the art room.

After sensing the surrounding for any danger, I decided to go home, knowing she would be safe.

I need to find the wolf who dared to attack her...

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