Rivals In Bed

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After the executive secretary of the Chairman of Alegre Hotels retired, Isabelle Mendoza and Troy Dela Torre fought their way for the position. Desperate to get the job and its promising advantages, they agreed to work with each other for a proposal. Not knowing their competitiveness is not only limited to their work but also in bed. With them being closer and familiar feelings started to arise, both of them found themselves in trouble between the fierce attraction and the fierce rivalry.

Romance / Erotica
Temptine Heathe
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I didn’t know when it started, I just didn’t want it to end. And by ‘it’ means fucking my rival. I still have work tomorrow, I have to get back and fix my shits but I decided to jump in bed with the man I hated the most. Despite the danger of being close with him everyday, I endured it. Thinking, my hate wouldn’t magically turn into a mind-bending lust yet it did.

“You feel so good, Isabelle, I want to fuck you again and again until we both pass out in exhaustion.” Troy’s voice was raspy, full of lust that I matched. “I want to feel your pussy pulsating as you come, baby. Let it out, please, let me feel you,” he begged.

“Be a good boy, Troy and I will,” Isabelle replied.

She’s my rival. She’s the reason why I might have to stay in the job I hated the most. But fuck I want her, there was never a time I didn’t. But how long ’till we could last in this arrangement before we realized that one might hurt in the end and that ‘one’ might be me?

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