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So hi, In this series, I'll post a few stuff that I might continue and all you guys have to do is read and comment. Please give me constructive criticism because I need to perfect my writing a whole lot. After reading, just comment if you like the tiny bit of a story I wrote. And please try your best to motivate me cause apparently, I can't do it myself. Valentina <3

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The infamous murderer is obsessed with you

let me know if I should continue this or not

Valentina <3

I hiss as I slide down the wall, unable to take another step. After taking a few deep breaths and counting to ten, I clench my teeth. Using the harsh brick wall I slide my hand up the rigid brick, getting up. I look down at the side of my stomach hair falling down my side.

The bleeding just wouldn’t stop.

Pressing my hand onto the wound to try and stop the blood from flowing. I clamber up the stairs, whimpering as the pain in my abdomen increases. Crawling using one hand was hard. Sweat dripped onto the wooden floorboards. My vision started to blur, black spots consuming my sight.

“Zera?” I heard his deep, almost velvety voice say, dragging at the a.

I gasp, trying to keep my eyes open and not let my tiredness get to me.

I have to get out of here.

“Oh there you are”

I scream and stumble forward nearly falling when a hand reaches out and glides around my waist. Holding me up. Excruciating pain shoots through my body where the wound was, where his arm is. The arm slithers off my waist as I hold on to the wall beside me, steadying myself.

“Ouch.. that must hurt,” he says, faking sympathy. My breaths get strangled at the back of my throat as I gaze into his eyes. Startling, with an emerald green iris. I would call them beautiful but they were scarily vivid. I wince as if I looked too long. Holding a lamp with one hand and a knife with the other. The hue of the lit lamp reflected across the empty alleyway I was wimping through.


Ruggedly breathing, his tight black satin button up looked as if the buttons would pop off. My eyes dragged across his chiselled features to his dress boots.

For a murderer, he could be mistaken for a prince.

I notice him ogle at my lips and I smirk.

He seems to snap away from a trance and look into my eyes with a new shade of darkness clouding them.

“You’re almost dead and you’re still being cocky,” he said with a sly grin.

Positioning his hand around my waist above the wound we started walking. I start overthinking everything and my mind begins to cloud with heavy thoughts.

Why am I even letting him near me?

He’s the reason I’m limping and bleeding and oh my god this is so painful.

I finally come to a conclusion and push away from him, slyly grabbing the knife from him and pointing it at him.

“Who are you?” I demand, blinking away the tears from the stench of the tunnel. My voice left an echo

His brown eyes widen in surprise and then changes to a confused expression. His breath erratically quickens.

I guess the light hue made me think his eyes were green or something, I thought.

“Wha- what do you mean?” he implores, the pupils of his eyes dilating slightly.

I take a staggering step forward, closer to him and place the knife in the crook of his neck. I bring my face closer to his face taking an insignificant breath. His cologne overly explores my nose and I shake my head, trying to get rid of the delicious scent. I tighten my grip on the knife coming to my senses and growl in anger.

“ANSWER ME DAMMIT” The echoes hit off the walls, an imposing yell echoed back.

Suddenly his eyes wavered and his pupils started dilating violently as his eyes changed into an exotic shade of green. I let out an unnoticeable gasp and fly back, dropping the knife in surprise. His hand reaches out at the speed of lightning and grabs the blade and pushes me against the wall. My eyes widen in shock and were a little breathless.

Oh for fucks sake.

His once fearful expression was now dripping with smugness and the blade tightened against my throat, I groan.

I really badly wanna slap that off his face.

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