Rebel Heart

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Michelle Patterson didn't think she was going to run into any trouble when she planned a quiet drive around Nevada for summer vacation. But when trouble crashed right into her, a mysterious young man hotter than the desert sun turned up to rescue to her. Suddenly she finds herself among a gang of illegal racers calling themselves the 'Night Blazers' and she starts to run with a crew full of misfits whom she learns is a broken family. Now facing a dangerous threat in the desert, will she ever be able to go back to the way things were? Or is her fate more closely tied to the crew than she thought? And how will she deal with her growing desire for a rebel hearted boy after her own heart? A loose adaptation of the book, Ride or Die. Rebel Heart title © copyrighted. Part 1 of 2 in the Michelle & Brook series. Rated PG 13 (PG 15 in some counties) for alcohol use, mild swearing and violence (Word count - 100,000 words)

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Have you ever read a book and loved it so much you wished you could do it over and change a few parts to make it your own? Well, that's how I felt when I read a book called 'Ride or Die'. Loved the characters, hated the ending and wanted to add so much more to it. So I worked hard, delved into my imagination and created this twisted suspense filled novel packed with steamy romance.

This book is the result of a girl with an imagination who wanted to tell a great story in her own way. I hope you enjoy it.

Ps. 🚩 Rebel Heart is (very) loosely based on Ride or Die.

No part of this book may be published, reproduced or copied without permission of the author.

This book is now available on Wattpad and Inkitt.

📖This story is complete, and uploaded fully edited.

Final publishing date : 06 Sept, 2021.

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Notes : this book is written in the third person. Also it is set in the year 2019.

Ps. Really sorry that the chapter sizes are a little uneven, some are too short some are too long. This was my first attempt at full book which I began in February 2020. I've been practice writing for years and this was my first achievement, a little amateurish though it is. My technique has improved since then, if I do say so myself, and the next installment of this series will be better. Thanks for your patience!

Love, M J Kristo

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