Rogue Ranger

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When an ex-spy is called in to be the bodyguard of an endangered heiress, protocol and his own past are the only things holding him back from falling in love. But as he gets closer to the girl he swore to protect, lines blur and roles change. But he has to find a way to survive in the present with the girl he loves while breaking free of his blood ridden past all while protecting her. A fanfiction inspired by the popular kdrama K2. Status: Ongoing Rogue Ranger title © copyrighted. Available on Wattpad

Romance / Action
Mary-Jane Kristo
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This is a fanfiction action romance novel inspired by Ji Chang Wook from the kdrama K2. This novel is a cross culture story with varied twists, based in the USA. I wrote this in 2020 and have published it in 2021. Hope you enjoy!

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MJ Kristo

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