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From Beta to Luna, an Alpha's love.

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Eleonor is the Beta of the Blue Moon Pack, a position rarely held by a woman. Kyle on the other hand is the Alpha of the Shadow Forest pack. His fame precedes him for being a strict, serious, and cold leader. After attending a wedding they both discover that they are destined to be together and Kyle is pleased to have a strong woman descended from an Alpha as Luna. But Eleonor is not willing to give up her Beta position so easily. Both are strong and dominant in character, and many conflicts will arise to see who gives in first. All while fighting for the connection that unites them and the need to be close.

Lady Z
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Chapter 1

I am Eleanor although almost everyone calls me Ely, and I am the Blue Moon Pack Beta. My pack was created after the merger of two packs, one led by my father the Alpha Felix, and the other by the Alpha Parker to create a strong union against the rogues who were trying to invade our territory. After the death of my father, Alpha Parker became the leader of our pack and named me his Beta despite the controversy it generated. Do not think it was easy, it is very unusual for a beta to be a woman, and although in human form I am not very tall, my wolf is cream-haired and quite big and strong; in addition to my dominant character. Growing up with my father taught Liam (my twin brother) and me many strategies and knowledge to help lead Alpha. Therefore he also rose as Omega.

With so much conflict and my ascension in rank, little I have been able to stop to think about my mate. I know almost all the high ranks, military, lawyers, etc. I’m basically surrounded by testosterone, but I haven’t found my other half yet and it’s not something that makes me despair. Many people do not find it and live happily with their chosen partner, so from time to time my friend Sophie and I go out to party to have a good time if you know what I mean ...

Alpha Parker recently found his Luna and now we are busy with the wedding preparations because he does not care if the flowers are pink or yellow, and for those things he calls his beta - what you have to put up with - I thought as I went on the way to the store where I should meet the future Luna.

-There you are Ely, sorry that I called you so suddenly, and thank you so much for coming to help me- Carol said with a wide smile. She always had a radiant smile from ear to ear and shoulder-length red and curly hair.

-Don’t worry- I answered- that’s what we’re here for.- It’s funny, a year ago Parker was asking me to be his Luna, he couldn’t find his mate and I suppose that marrying his Beta was an attractive option. As you may have guessed, I declined his offer. I do not see myself being Luna, I have fought a lot to get to where I am and I was not going to give it up to be the Luna of someone who is not even my destined mate.

-Look, come and see the options I’m considering, they are all so beautiful- she said, pulling me out of my thoughts. - I know Parker likes red but I find it very intense, and it doesn’t quite match the bridesmaids’ dresses.-

-And burgundy? The boys barely differentiate 7 colors, he will think that you have chosen red for him but in reality, it is a less intense and aggressive tone.-

- It is perfect! You truly know him well.- Yes and so much, I said to myself, so much so that I know he is not here because he has gone running with other wolves, not because he is busy with work.

We were there for what seemed like an eternity to me, but at least I think we made a lot of progress and Carol seemed happy with the choices made.

-Eleonor, remind Parker that tomorrow he has to send the invitations, he just has to put them in the envelope and write the appropriate address, he has very good handwriting.-

-But won’t you see him now? - Why am I now the messenger too? I thought.

- Oh no, now I’m going to the spa, have a good afternoon!

The next day there I was sitting in my office with a stack of envelopes and invitations and a list of all the addresses of each pack.

-Good morning, great choice with the flowers yesterday.- I did not answer, I looked at him in silence.- I see that you have received the envelopes. Can you try to make it look like my handwriting?

-“Am I also going to have to do your work on the honeymoon?” I replied. He just stared, shit, wasn’t it funny? I know alphas are especially jealous, but come on, I’m a girl. In the end, I couldn’t take the staring contest anymore and I started laughing. Luckily he laughed too.

- If you were a man I would have cut off your head already.-

-Is that why you have appointed me to write the invitations?

-No, and don’t question my decisions.-

-“No Alpha, although speaking of questioning ...” he arched an eyebrow, “I saw that you invited the shady forest pack.”

-Yes, a wedding is a great event and they are a close pack. We could strengthen ties with them.-

-“I understand, although they say that the Alpha is quite ... serious.” I said in the kindest way possible.

- Alpha Kyle is quite reserved and can be somewhat aggressive, he does not enjoy these types of social events much either.

-“Sounds great,” I replied sarcastically, “do you know him in person?”

-Yes, it wasn’t like that before, but after becoming Alpha, he adopted a more intimidating image.- Parker looked down at the ground and moved his left foot a little- We met when we were 12 years old and we saw each other every summer, but then ... I guess that we stop having things in common.- He paused briefly as if many childhood memories were passing through his head, he raised his head to look at me.- He’s single in case you’re interested.

-Pff, thanks. I see how much you love me.- I said Rolling my eyes.

-“So much so that I let you have a day off if you finish before eleven o’clock.” He told me as he opened my office door to leave.

-“I choose the day the guests arrive!” I said before he walked out the door. Parker turned and looked at me and saw my face with puppy dog eyes. In big events, the day the guests come is chaos and stress organizing and explaining where everyone needs to go.

-“Those little eyes ...” he whispered, “okay, but before eleven!”

-Yes! Thank you, Alpha.- He nodded and left.

Luckily I finished on time and I already booked that day as a vacation. There were only 3 weeks until the wedding.

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