Love after Life

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Book 1 of The Geeky Prequels. Christine "Chrissy" Tanner is a married woman with two kids. One day she meets a bodybuilder named Angela Hart, awakening in Chrissy emotions and desires she never once knew she had. Her life soon becomes a rollercoaster of emotions, where a single mistake can very well lead her and her family to harm beyond repair. Can Chrissy fight off temptation? Can there really be... Love after Life?

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Meeting her

You ever have one of those days that start off like any other, but they end up being one of those life changing days that you’ll end up remembering forever and ever? It’s like, you go to bed the night before thinking you know exactly how that day’s gonna be, and then everything just takes you by surprise. Know what I mean?

It should have been a day like any other for me. At around eight thirty in the morning I carpooled with my coworkers: Josh, Mel, and Ashley. Carpooling is fun, for all intents and purposes, but dang can it be a bitch now and then. Not this day, however.

“Morning,” I said as I climbed into the backseat of Mel’s 2008 mint green Toyota Corolla. “Have a good weekend, guys?”

“Guess so,” said Mel as she shrugged her shoulders. “Went on a date, it was OK.”

“Me and the wife had some Chinese take-out on Friday,” said Josh.

“Oh, I spent the entire weekend binge watching this show on Netflix,” said Ashley.

As usual, we drove to work. By nine AM we were at the office, clocking in and heading to our cubicles like the good workers we are. My little cubicle is two rows away from the window, and three rows away from the bathrooms. I got on my computer and began typing away.

It was eleven past ten AM; as innocuous a time of the day as any. I was stretching on my seat because my back was killing me. As I got up to grab a quick drink of water, the ENTIRE building goes pitch black! Everyone got up from their desks; some were yelling about how they hadn’t saved yet, and some were asking in confusion what was going on.

“Attention!” Said the floor manager, a guy named Tom Seller. “There’s been a blackout! Since there’s nothing that can be done, you can all go home!”

“Wooo!!!” Nine tenths of us hooted and hollered, because honestly FUCK work! As we all made our way outside the office, we discovered precisely what caused the blackout: some idiot drove into a power post and knocked it down.

“Daaaang,” said Josh. “Welp, now what?”

“Go home, I guess?” I suggested.

“I kinda don’t feel like it,” said Josh, sighing. “And we gotta wait for Ashley and Mel, regardless. I know for a fact that Mel would still have to stay at least a few more hours, since she’s the manager of the third floor.”

“Well, shit,” I said as I untied my ponytail. “I suppose we could muck around town a bit.”

“I should text Ashley to join us,” said Josh, taking out his cellphone. “Shit, my wife’s texting me that the blackout has reached her, too.”

I picked up my phone; no messages. Josh texted his wife, then he texted Mel and Ashley. Minutes later, both responded.

“Ashley says that, since her boyfriend’s off work, too, he’ll be coming around to pick her up,” he said. “And Mel has to stay till noon anyway.”

“Soooo, what now?” I asked.

“Look, my wife’s coming,” Said Josh as he pointed to his wife’s red Sedan. “Guess I’m going home. Wanna lift?”

“Thanks, but,” I began. “I think I’ll stick around, check out the town, wait for Mel.”

“Suit yourself,” said Josh as he and his wife drove off.

I sighed and checked the area around me. Probably shoulda gone with those two, but honestly? Me and Amy (Josh’s wife) just don’t see eye to eye. She’s the insanely jealous type, you see. Anyway, I decided to bum around town for a bit, see what’s happening.

Eleven o’clock, and I decided to grab a bite. Normally I eat at noon, but I’m peckish and bored, and when you’re bored, peckish feels like dying of starvation. I hit a cafe that had a generator in the back; I’d been there before, just never at this hour. When I came in, I noticed it was far emptier than I’m used to; there were actually SEATS available! I stepped up to the counter and ordered a burger and a vanilla shake; I normally order a can of pop, but fuck it I’m treating myself!

As I sat down at the counter to eat my burger, in walked the most beautiful, awe inspiring woman I had ever seen in my life. She was a bodybuilder with strong arms, thick legs, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and thin lips. Though she was undoubtedly strong, she was still pretty darn feminine instead of looking all ’roided up like the girls you see on the TV.

She sat next to me, ordering a salad and a water. I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach, with my palms getting too sweaty.

“Woah, you’re BUFF!” I said to her, like I was some sort of fucking idiot. “Do you work out?”

“Uh, yeah?” She replied, looking a bit embarrassed.

“So awesome,” I said. “Man, I’d bet you can bench press, like, a hundred pounds, right?”

“W-well, my personal best is one fifty,” she replied, blushing a bit.

“That’s SO awesome,” I said, feeling like a school girl. “How’d you get that buff? Cuz a part of me’s always kind of admired buff gals, ya know?”

“Oh, uh, you know,” she said, chuckling a bit. “Daily dose of Vitamin Gym, a good diet, proper rest, staying away from bad habits like smoking or drinking; nothing extraordinary, really. What I did, anyone can do.”

“That’s admirable,” I said, nodding. “I admire people like that, who have the discipline to keep up a good, healthy life! That’s not something everyone has, ya know? So the fact that YOU have it, it makes ya awesome, ya know?”

“Oh, wow, thanks,” she said, smiling and blushing at the same time. It was cute, really. “Can I have your name?”

“Christine Tanner,” I said, offering to shake her hand. “You?”

“Angela Hart,” she replied, shaking my hand. Her handshake was firm, but gentle, and her hand was so soft. “But what about you? What do you do?”

“Eh, I work at an office,” I said, shrugging. “I’m pretty boring, really.”

“Oh?” She seemed genuinely surprised I’d say such a thing. “I’m sure there’s more to you than just your job.”

“Nah,” I said, sighing. “Besides being a mom? I’ve-”

“YOU’RE a MOM?” She asked, surprised. “Woah, I’d never have guessed? After all, you look so...”


“So young, and energetic, and,” she said, but she stopped herself. “Sorry, I’m kind of running my mouth now.”

“It’s cool!” I said, giggling. “I never think of myself as ‘young,’ though. I’m already thirty two.”

“So am I,” she replied. “But you could easily pass for twenty one!”

“Nah,” I replied, giggling more.

Half an hour later...

“Well,” she began, snickering a bit and turning away. “I just finished lunch, so I should get going...”

“It’s cool,” I said. “Angela, right? I think you’re pretty cool!”

“It’s not every day I hear that,” she said, blushing more. “Thanks.”

“Hey, this is gonna sound weird, but can I have your number?” I asked. “Cuz I’d LOVE to hang out with you!”

“Sure, just text me a time and a place!” She said, and so we traded numbers. “Thanks!”

I watched her leave the cafe, and I felt so energized by our talk! I felt so GOOD about myself!

After a little while, I left the cafe and met up with Mel in front of the office. My smile had yet to fade.

“Hey,” she said to me. “YOU’RE looking chipper! What happened?”

“Oh, nothing,” I said, smiling.

“Well, hop in, I’ll drive ya home,” she said, and so she drove me back home to my ho-hum life. As I walked into my home, I sighed to myself; it felt as though everything came crashing onto me. My high was gone, and now all I had left was dread. I opened up my front door.

“Afternoon, honey,” I said as I greeted my husband, Tony.

“Hey,” he said, typing away on his laptop. “Kids are upstairs.”

I went upstairs to check on the kids; my daughter was on her phone, and my son was playing his video games. I went to the Master Bedroom to change clothes. After putting on my jeans and shirt, I received a text. I dreaded opening it, fearing it’d be from work telling me to come back. But as I opened it, my eyes widened.

“Just testing this,” texted Angela. “Hey (smiley face).”

“Hey (two smiley faces),” I texted back. And I suddenly felt the high come back.

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