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Kidnapped by the royal

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(#suppernaturals #vampires #Lycans #witches #paranormal #war Following the death of her parents,Aaliya is left with taking care of her 10 year old younger sister at the age of 16. After taken up different jobs to earn a living for both her and her sister,she finally got a well paying job after 5 years of struggle and endless suffering, but the so called fate have something else in store for her. On the other hand is Declan,the great king of all vampires who is damn set on finding his mate after living a thousand years of lonely life. He is known for his ruthless,wicked and cruel acts.He is also known for his unforgiving nature, with a cold heart.But regardless of his monstrous nature,he always care for the well being of his people. What happened after these two cross part. Follow Aaliya and Declan as they embark on a journey of love,betrayal,tragedies and war. Title:kidnapped by the royal

Romance / Fantasy
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Hell,yeah things has been hell ever since I lost my parents at 16.It's been damn difficult for me with the fact that I have to fend for my younger sister. I had to drop out of school to earn money so I can send my sister to school,feed and also get other little things we can get with the little money.
I took up several jobs in a day which usually left me very tired.I can't even get an 8 hours sleep like my other mates do as I also take night works aswell.But with all the hardship,I refuse to sell my body for money. Eventhough I know that I can make alot of money to leave a lavish life with my sister. My parents taught me better than that,regardless of them dead I refuse to put there name on a platter of shame. I always feel the need to make them proud of me wherever they might be. My believe is that they are watching me and my sister,protecting us from above and I know that they will never let any harm come our way

It's been a week now since I have gotten a job at emmbug night club. The job Itself isn't that bad. The club is mostly filled with guys who are there to enjoy the time of there lives.
My main job at the club is to dance for the men at the club. I am also to attend to any one who wants a private service which is to dance and show of in different beautiful dresses that does little or no justice at hiding our gems.The rules is to meet there needs except offering sex unless the employee want it. Goddess, that was an advantage to me which is the reason why I had taken this job in the first place. And did I forget to say that our service is only at night, which made me have alot of Time for myself and my sister.
I am so happy that things are finally turning out the better way.


I'm so so stressed out at the moment,all this bulshit of a royal work is giving me a damn headache. It been thousands of years now that I have been searching for my destined.
Right now I'm even considering going out there to the world to search for her. I need her to fill and mend my shattered heart. I'm going crazy with everything that has been going on and she is the only one who can keep me sane.
Fuck,I need her,I need her so bad.

Things are turning upside down for me at the moment,there is war everywhere.
Although the humans don't know about our existence,they believe suppernaturals don't exist and they are just fiction. Only those that are captured as slave or food knows about our existence.
I laugh in my head,we've been living right under there nose without them knowing, not to mention the war brewing on the horizon.

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