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As children, we hate villains, but as we grow older, we start to understand the villain. Whether you're a villain or a hero, everyone deserves to love and be loved. Andrea Robinson and Jeremy Willows both grew up in streets of shame, but not both were destined to be ashamed. Andrea is the wife of the Italian Mafia's godfather and Jeremy is a FBI agent trying to bring justice to the mafia, because of what they did to his brother. Problems arise, when the unlikely couple fall in love.

Romance / Action
Izzy Decker
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Prologue

Jeremy's POV

My partner and I run to the car and jump in. We finally have a lead on the Mafia's whereabouts. Excitement arises within me, as I tightly grip the chain my brother gave to me. The drive to the coast isn't long, as we were already investigating the area before we got the call. A drug trade will take place in half an hour, and Enzo Valdez will be involved. He is the son of Romeiro Valdez... The man who killed my brother. I'm finally going to punish them for everything they've done.

Andrea's POV

I stand in the mirror and stare at my appearance. My eyes look dark as usual, a darkness that I've felt for years without end. I notice the scar spreading across my neck, from underneath my hair. It was from the day my mother and father died...the day I was supposed to die. Tears start to brim my eyes, but I quickly wipe them away when I hear my name and a knock on the bedroom door. "Sorry to interrupt godmother, but you are wanted downstairs." the man says. "I'll be down in fifteen minutes!" I reply.
It's probably one of Enzo's agents.
Usually I just stay home and watch over the house, while my husband does all his dirty work, but sometimes I'm second in charge.
I quickly change into a black crop top with denim jeans, as well as a brown trench coat. Before going downstairs I walk to my bedside table to grab my phone, my gun and my knife. I lift my coat up and place the gun into the leg holster, then the knife into my calf holster. I sigh. I never wanted to be a part of the violence.
As I walk downstairs I see two of Enzo's agents comfortably seated on our Boca Do Lobo Versailles sofas.
"Godmother, godfather sent us to come pick you up. Your assistance is needed at the coast."
"Related to what?" I patiently ask.
"A drug trade" one of the agents reply.
I'm quiet for a few seconds, before I say: "Well then, let's not leave Enzo waiting."

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