Free Spirit

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Chapter 4


I sipped my soda while Alexis collected herself. My kiss took her by surprise. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth still hanging open long after I’d removed my tongue from that warm cavern that had my dick throbbing painfully. She was squirming around on the bench like she had ants in her pants.

I waited a long time for our first kiss. And when she asked me to be her fake boyfriend, she provided me with the perfect excuse. When that idiot walked into the room, I went all in. Seized my opportunity with guns blazing.

“What the heck, Paddy?” she sputtered. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“Did you enjoy it?” I whispered.

“Why did you kiss me like that?”

Drummer boy and his silicone princess saved me from having to answer.

“Hey,” Osk drawled, his ridiculously deep voice resonating across the bar. “How’s it going, baby?”


What kind of guy calls a woman baby, when he has another chick on his arm?

“Pretty good,” Alexis responded in a breathy husk, gazing up at him with swoony eyes.


“Hey,” he said, nodding at me. “Paul, right?”

“Paddy,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Right,” he laughed. “You’re Sexy Lexy’s mortician friend.”

I cringed inwardly, mustering every ounce of restraint I possessed not to break that asshole’s face. I’d never hit anyone before. But this guy pushed all my buttons.

Boyfriend,” I corrected, sliding my arm around Alexis’s waist. “And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call her that name.”

He cocked one of his bushy, pierced eyebrows, surprise registering on his face. “Really? How long have you two been doing the tube snake boogie?”

“Osk,” his date hissed. “That’s cringe.”

“Sorry, man,” he laughed.

I tightened my hold on Alexis, caressing her hip while she relaxed into my side, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Paddy and I have been friends forever,” she explained. “One night, we had too many glasses of wine, one thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together. It was the best sex I’ve ever had. And here we are.”

“TMI, babe,” Osk chuckled. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding my texts and calls?”


“You could’ve just told me the mortician was stuffin your muffin.”

“We prefer to be called funeral directors,” I advised curtly.

“Whatever, dude,” he chuckled. “Any way you wanna slice it, you play with dead bodies for a living.”

“Are you just about finished with your beer, sweetheart?” I asked.


“Good. Let’s dance.”

I pushed up from the table and held out my hand. Alexis linked her fingers with mine, shooting Osk and his date a fake smile.

“Save one for me later, baby,” Osk called out.

I led Alexis onto the small dance floor where a few other couples were swaying to a slow country love song. She tensed up when I pulled her tight against my body, my hands resting just above her ass.

“Drummer boy is watching,” I whispered. “You might wanna relax.”

She locked her arms around my neck. “Thanks, Paddy.”

“For what?”

“You know.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You do so!” she laughed, slapping me playfully on the chest.

“You mean that little kiss I gave you when your boy walked in.”

Little kiss?”

“I think it worked,” I said. “He didn’t look too happy.”



“He didn’t even introduce his date,” she whispered giddily.

“No, he did not. So, we shall refer to her as Silicone Princess, until such time as we learn her name.”



“That’s not nice.”

“You’re telling me you weren’t making fun of her fake tits in your head?”

“No, I definitely was.” She gazed up at me while she twirled her fingers in my hair.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

“I was thinking about how I’m glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad I’m here too, Alexis,” I said softly, my eyes dropping to her mouth while I thought about kissing her again.

“What’s he doing now?”

I spun her around so I was facing them. Osk and Silicone Princess were sitting at the bar. He kept glancing our way, a scowl firmly planted on his face.

What was the deal with this guy? If he liked Alexis, why did he ask some other chick to be his date?

The tabloids were bang on about the famous drummer. Oskar Blackwell was a manslut. He wanted all the pussy he could get his dick into. He probably figured Alexis would come to the wedding alone, and he could bang two chicks while he was in Alaska.

Surprise, dickweed. She brought a date.

“Is he watching us, Paddy?”


“What an ass,” she huffed.

“Do you want to give him a show?” I whispered, my lips grazing her earlobe while I rubbed slow circles on her lower back.

“No. I think I’d like to go to bed.”

“Okay,” I said, masking my disappointment.

“Please tell me you’re not naked under there,” Alexis warned when she came out of the bathroom.

I glanced up from my phone, swallowing past the enormous lump in my throat. She was wearing a pink tank top that barely contained her large, braless breasts, and the tiniest shorts I’d ever seen. They might as well have been underwear.

My cock twitched, going from flaccid to steel in five seconds flat. There was no way I could sleep in the same bed with her if she was half-naked.

“I’m not naked,” I said. “But I’m gay, remember? You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

She pulled back the covers and climbed in beside me. At least it was a king-sized bed. Lots of space for a no-go zone between us.

“You’re not gay, Paddy.”

“You finally believe me?”

“You kissed me.”


“If you were into guys, you wouldn’t have kissed me like that.”

“Maybe I’m a good actor.”

She rolled on her side to face me, pursing her plump lips while she studied me thoughtfully.

Kissable lips.

Delicious lips.

Stop thinking about that kiss, or you’re gonna need a cold shower.

“Where did you learn to kiss like that, Paddy?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t kissed a girl or two.”

“Did you lose your virginity and not tell me?”

“No. I’m still a virgin.”

“You’re almost twenty-six, Paddy,” she lectured. “You need to fuck a girl.”


“It’s not healthy.”

“I’m fine.”

“Do you jerk off?”

“What do you think?”

“Why don’t you wanna have sex?”

“When did I say that?”

“You do want to have sex with a girl?”

“Of course,” I said, rolling onto my back so her breasts weren’t in my field of vision. “But I don’t wanna just do it for the sake of doing it.”


“Because I don’t have any desire to stick my dick in some random chick. When I have sex, I want it to mean something. Sex should be about more than just getting off. I think so, anyway. I don’t think I’d enjoy sex unless it was with a woman I loved.” I turned my head to see her reaction. “You used to get that same look when I was trying to explain algebra to you.”

Her baffled expression morphed into amusement before she burst out laughing. “You had me there for a minute, Paddy.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“Yes, you are.”

I reached for the switch on the lamp, plunging the room into darkness. “Good night, Alexis.”

“Hey! We aren’t done talking about this.”

“I am.”

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