Free Spirit

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Chapter 7


I stared out the window of the float plane as it glided across the lake, coming to a smooth stop in front of a small dock. Another plane was already there, dropping off other wedding guests.

“They weren’t kidding when they said the wedding location was remote,” I said.

“It was necessary, to keep unwanted guests away,” Judd explained.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” I muttered.

There was nothing but trees and mountains for miles. The two-storey lodge was barely visible from the shore, shrouded in a heavy cover of pine.

We filed out of the plane and followed the rocky path up to the lodge. Paddy held my hand, his long fingers intertwined with mine in a possessive hold as we walked ahead of Osk and Silicone Princess.

What in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was happening? Paddy was putting on an award-winning performance as my boyfriend that day.

And it was working!

Osk looked furious when Paddy had his hand under my skirt on the plane. But that little rub through my panties wasn’t part of the show. Osk couldn’t see that.

Why did Paddy do it?

And why was I turned on?

My panties were drenched for the third time in less than twenty-four hours. And two of those times were with Paddy.

I wasn’t sexually attracted to my best friend. Paddy was like a brother to me. And up until the night before, when he kissed me senseless, I truly believed he was gay. He was almost twenty-six, and he’d never had a girlfriend. There was no other explanation for a handsome, successful guy to be a virgin at that age. A kind, decent guy. I didn’t buy his story about waiting for the one.

The lobby had a rustic feel, the log cabin walls and wooden floors welcoming guests to the remote hideaway deep in the Alaskan wilderness. A fire crackled in the massive stone fireplace. Animal heads dotted the walls. Moose, bears and wolves, all staring down with beady eyes.

A middle-aged woman wearing skin-tight jeans, and an even tighter t-shirt, clapped her hands forcefully. “Welcome to Moose Frontier Lodge,” she yelled, her deep voice echoing through the two-storey lobby. “I’d like to get everyone checked in as quickly as possible, but we need to go over a few rules first.”

“Why do I feel like I’m at summer camp?” I whispered.

“She does kind of remind me of Lois,” Paddy chuckled.

He was referring to Lois Chopper, the woman in charge of a summer camp we went to north of Kamloops when we were around twelve or thirteen. She treated us like soldiers at boot camp, bellowing out orders through a megaphone. Until it mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night.

“Do you think her megaphone is still at the bottom of Lake Bonaparte?”


“We share this lovely slice of heaven with a vast array of wildlife,” she explained. “The cabins are spread out, and some are a good ten-minute walk from the main lodge. We don’t have cars here, just all-terrain vehicles that are reserved for our staff. Moose Frontier is only accessible by plane. Each guest will be given bear spray with their room key. You will also find information in your cabin about what to do should you encounter a bear or a moose.”

“I think I’d like to stay in the lodge,” I declared.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” Paddy whispered. “The Alexis Taylor I know and love, thrives on adventure.”

“Not the kind of adventure that gets me eaten by a bear.”

“I think it goes without saying, that you don’t leave any food outside,” she continued. “Or anything that might attract wildlife. Please keep the noise down. The animals were here before us. We are guests in their habitat. Be respectful. We don’t tolerate any abuse of wildlife. If you don’t bother them, in most cases, they won’t bother you.”

Most cases?” I whispered.

“You’ll be fine,” Paddy said.

Our cabin wasn’t too far from the main lodge, but we had to follow a trail through the woods. I kept glancing into the trees, waiting for a bear to step out at any moment.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a tiny log cabin. I was thinking more along the lines of the ski chalet Osk took me to.

“I’m not sure why we need keys,” Paddy said as we clambered up the porch steps. “I don’t think break-ins are a big problem here.”

I followed him inside, my eyes scanning the room. A four poster bed sat in the centre of the one room cabin, covered in a brown quilt with a giant moose grazing in the centre. And it was definitely not a king. A huge stone fireplace took up one wall. There was a loveseat, a rocker, and a table and chairs. That was it for furniture. I was going to be sharing a queen-sized bed with my best friend.

“It’s cozy,” Paddy said.

Maybe if you’re sharing it with your lover.

“I thought you were afraid of bears,” Paddy said as we trekked through the woods, following the signs to the hot tub.

“I have my bear spray.”

“Do you know how to use it?”


“Are you sure you heard Silicone Princess correctly?”

“Yes, Paddy. I overheard her talking to Osk. I’m not deaf.”

“I think we made a wrong turn somewhere,” he said when the lake came into view. “Unless the hot tub is in the water.”

“It’s on the water,” I laughed, pointing to a fancy floating gazebo at the end of the long dock. “C’mon!”

“This is very nice,” Paddy observed, turning his back to place our towels on the cedar ledge. “Too bad it doesn’t really get dark. It would be neat to-.”

His voice trailed off when he turned around, his eyes roaming hungrily over my bikini clad body.


Paddy had seen me in a bikini before. Why was he looking at me like he wanted to drag me into the woods and have his way with me?

He averted his eyes, clearing his throat as he busied himself removing his shoes. “Where’s the rest of your bathing suit?” he grumbled.

“I’ve got everything covered,” I laughed.


“You’re such a prude, Paddy.”

He covered his eyes with his hand and pointed to the tub. “Get in.”

I climbed the steps and lowered myself into the hot, bubbly water. “This feels amazing.”

He pushed his shirt over his head and climbed in. Paddy was tall and lean, but I never noticed before that he had a six-pack.

Where did that come from?

“See something you like?” he asked.

“When did you get the muscular chest?”

“About five years ago.”


“Sounds like we’ve got company,” he said when Osk’s deep voice echoed through the forest, followed by the annoying giggles of the Silicone Princess.

“And you thought my bikini was skimpy,” I whispered when Osk’s girlfriend removed her cover-up. Her bathing suit consisted of two white triangles over her nipples, and a thin scrap of material that barely covered her pussy lips.

“This is pretty dope,” Osk said as he swung his hairy legs over the side, opting not to use the steps. He plunked down next to me, his hand finding my thigh under the water. “How’s it going, babe?”

“Fine,” I replied, removing his hand before I slid away. Which put me right next to Paddy. And he looked mad.

But why? Wasn’t this the whole point of the fake boyfriend thing? To make Osk jealous?

Paddy wrapped his arm around my shoulders, his fingers caressing my flesh while Osk watched. He grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her onto his lap. She released a high-pitched squeal when he grabbed one of her breasts.

“How’s it going with you two?” Osk asked.

“Fine,” I said.

“Sexy Lexy is quite a handful in bed, Paul,” he chuckled. “Are you sure you can handle her?”

“Yep,” Paddy said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t let her tie you up, man,” he advised, shaking his head. “I made that mistake. Let’s just say, my asshole will never be the same again.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Snuffleupagus”


Silicone Princess threw her head back, her annoying laugh rippling across the lake.

“I don’t get it,” Osk said, crinkling his brow.

“Sesame Street,” she whispered. “Your name is Oskar. But you keep calling Paddy the wrong name, so he called you Snuffleupagus instead of Osk.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Good one.”

“Come sit on my lap, baby,” Paddy suggested.

I moved onto his lap with my back against his chest. Osk watched us with a disapproving scowl.

My plan was working!

Osk was jealous!

Paddy slipped his arms around my waist, his lips finding my neck. “You’re so beautiful, Alexis,” he whispered.

Silicone Princess climbed onto Osk’s lap, straddling him while they swapped spit. Osk lowered his head to one of her giant fake tits, sucking her nipple through her bathing suit while he kept one eye on us.

I felt the unmistakable bulge of an erection beneath my butt. Paddy’s thumbs grazed the undersides of my breasts, his mouth latching onto my neck while Osk looked on. I could feel the tension rolling through Paddy’s body. He was aroused. But he was also angry.

I gasped when he cupped my breasts, rubbing his thumbs over my hard nipples while he ground his cock into my ass. A hungry growl rolled off his chest when I repositioned myself so he was between my legs.

I was a highly orgasmic woman. It didn’t take much for me to climax. My common sense kicked back in before I exploded on my bed friend’s lap. This had gone too far. And for all the wrong reasons.

I wanted to make Osk jealous, so he would realize he wanted to be with me. That was it. I never intended for things to go that far with Paddy. His friendship meant everything to me. I couldn’t risk that.

“I’d like to go back to the cabin,” I announced, moving off Paddy’s lap before I stood up.

“Don’t leave,” Osk said. “The fun is just beginning.”

“I’m not into hot tub orgies.”

“I find that hard to believe,” he laughed. “The Sexy Lexy I know, is usually up for anything.”

I made the mistake of looking at Paddy’s crotch when he stood up.

Holy Jumpin’ Jehosafats!

I tore my eyes away, scurrying out of the tub like a scared little mouse. Paddy’s cock was huge. Or it certainly looked that way through his bathing suit. There was no way his dick was as big as Osk’s. I would’ve noticed before now. Although, I’d never been around Paddy while he had a hard-on. Because we were best friends. And best friends weren’t supposed to do the bump and grind in the hot tub.

We walked back to our cabin in silence, the tension palpable in the cool night air. I guess he wasn’t ready to talk about what just happened anymore than I was.

“You can get changed first,” he offered.


I went into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me.

Are you afraid he’ll come in and attack you with his monster cock?

I stripped out of my bikini, running my hand between my swollen pussy lips, my fingers sliding through my wetness. The ache in my vagina bordered on painful. I needed to come. And it wasn’t Osk who drove me to that point.

I shoved three fingers inside my dripping hole, my thumb rubbing vigorously over my clit while I tried not to visualize my best friend ploughing me with that beast between his legs.

I had to pretend it was Osk, with his huge dick and crazy piercing.

It was Osk who had me bent over the bathroom counter, drilling me from behind.

I squeezed my eyes shut, bringing myself pleasure and relief before I slid to the floor and burst into tears.

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