His Mafia Dancer (Book 1 in the Segreto Series)

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(Book 1 of the Segreto Love Series) 'Xena Valentino' has been searching for a job for months. As rent is coming up she gets desperate. Desperate enough to take a card from a stranger. Desperate enough to call the number on the card. Desperate enough to agree to dance for the mafia. 'Giovanni Segreto' finally agrees to go to his brother's new strip club. While visiting he spots Xena. He decides then and there that she belongs to him. Her smooth brown skin, the black curls in her hair, and every curve on her body. His.

Romance / Erotica
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Xena Valentino

"Just go! Take your shit and leave!" I screamed at my soon to be ex, Bruno as he and the girl he was with got dressed.

After giving this man 3 years of my life I couldn't believe he would cheat on me. I couldn't stop the tears that pooled out.
That was 4 months ago, my life just went downhill from there. I got fired from my job a month after and my mother died leaving me with no family members left. Savings has helped me pay my bills, but I'm running out quick and finding a job has not been easy.

I walk out of the large building after being rejected from a job again. "Fuck me," I groan as I run into something.

I look up to realize it was someone. A large man stood before me. He was very well built and had strong facial features. He was a very good looking man I'll admit.

"You should really watch where you're going," his deep voice speaks out to me, the strong Italian accent seeps through his tone.

"I'm sorry," I grumble. By now I feel a hot tear come down the side of my cheek. I quickly wipe it with my sleeve.

"Why are you crying?" he asks looking a bit disgusted. As people busily walk past us I start to feel more embarrassed. Crying in front of others isn't something I usually do.

"Nothing, just stressed," I admit.

He scans me up and down and looks like he's sizing me up.

"Do you need a job?" He inquired. My eyes widen in surprise as I see him pulling out a card.

"Yes," I feel my face turn hot from embarrassment.

"How old are you?" He asks pausing with the card in his hand.

He hands me the card and I read it frowning.

'The Segreto Private Club

"Private club as in strip club?" I muttered. I've danced at a club before but not for long.

"Opening night is tomorrow. Call that number if you wish to start," He states sternly.

"Whats your name?" I question realizing we haven't even had a proper introduction.

"Rico Segreto," He replies reaching out his hand.

"Xena Valentino," I say as I shake his hand.

"Well Xena, I have a meeting to attend so if you'll excuse me," I get out of his way and smile at him as he walks off. He seems like a nice man.


After getting home last night I called the number. They asked me for my size in clothing and shoes and I happily obliged considering I had nothing else to wear for the job. The lady on the line told me there would be an outfit waiting for me everyday that I came in. She also sent the address and wished me luck which I was grateful for.

As I enter the large black building I am blown away by how exquisite it looks. The theme of the interior is gold. Everything looks clean and expensive. There's a huge stage with a pole in the middle of it followed by a few other smaller ones and many black velvety sofas with gold tables surrounding them. The place is huge and I see many doors leading to many places.

While on the phone with the lady yesterday she told me instructions for when I got there. I spotted the all gold door with the words "Dressing Room" in black all the way in the back hidden away.

As I enter I see a few other girls getting ready. A redhead stops what she's doing and runs over to me giving me a huge hug.

"Hi! You must be the new girl. My name is Lorelei! But you can call me Lei," she sang. She was a very beautiful girl. Her red hair was bright and full, her facial features were soft but pretty. She had a very good body too. The lingerie she was in showed off her many curves. We were built very similar.

"Hey, my name is Xena. Can you show me where my station is?" I ask her. As I look around I realize the dressing room is just as nice as the main area. Gold makeup stands and hanging racks are lined up neatly across the walls.

I feel a hand on mine dragging me to one of the stands.

"You're right next to me," She smiles at me. I smile back at the energetic girl.

I see a red lingerie set along with red heels on the rack that has my name on it. I smile as I feel the thin fabric. I begin unpacking the bag filled with things I would need into my stand.

Getting ready me and Lei get to know each other. I find out that she has a crush on the man that gave me the job, Rico. Apparently, he bought this club months ago and remodeled it completely. She also told me about her family life. She was left to raise her now, 4 year old sister at 19 after her parents died. She is now 23 and thriving . To think we're the same age and she's went through that is crazy. Especially because she's such a ball full of energy you'd never know she went through all of that.

After finishing up I look myself in the mirror and smile. I look pretty good. The heels make me 5'8 which makes me feel very tall compared to the normal 5'4 I am.

"Next up we have Poppy," I hear Lei's stripper name get called and send her a big smile as she goes on stage.

Soon she gets off and tells me about how much fun it was. Although I've never danced for anyone I did dance a lot so I'm not the most inexperienced.

"Last but definitely not least, we have Hazel," I smile as I walk up onto the stage. A man nearby helps me up the stairs.

"Here we go," I whisper to myself as the lights dim and the song starts.
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