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My Murderous Finale

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Elliott has had a cushy life in every regard except for her relationship with her abusive husband. After a particular violent evening, Elliott finds herself hanging out with her brother and his street racing friends for some reprieve. Little does she know at the time, this will lead her down a path full of friendship, adrenaline, pleasure, lust and ultimately, a bloody end to the life she'd been leading. Will she be able to find her true self and learn to love her? Will she learn what love actually is along the way, in an unexpected place? All before things come crashing down around her?

Romance / Drama
Magnolia Wren
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Chapter 1

***** trigger warning (mental/physical abuse)

The V of my black, tulle skirted dress was deep, all the way past my belly button. I smiled politely as Evan, my husband pulled the chair out for me to sit beside him at the table full of his business colleagues. I knew why I was here. Evan wanted me to distract these men enough so they went along with any nefarious business proposals he threw at them. I

I drowned out the sound of their chatter as I sat there. I wanted to be back at home. It had been years since Evan had brought me out to a meeting like this for this purpose. He had women he called his "clients" that usually did these things with him. Those women he slept with and had no problem with the business partners sleeping with, as long as they agreed to his proposals.

I assumed he wouldn't be pawning me off like those women since his narcissistic jealousy over me never allowed someone else to touch me. Looking was never an issue. He was proud of my body and loved to show it off like it was something he has paid for. Even though I'd never had a single plastic surgery.

But Evan had slowly changed over the years. So while his jealousy still prevailed, I wasn't completely certain he wouldn't pawn me off. Mainly because it has been over 2 years since he had tried to sleep with me. He had "clients" for those needs. I was nothing more than a trophy for meetings like these.

Voices started to raise at the table and I focused back on the conversation. It wasn't going well at all for Evan. The men weren't agreeing with the terms he had set out for them for whatever it was they were discussing. The meeting was going downhill fast.

Evan stood abruptly grabbing my arm and yanking me up with him to a stand. I was thankful I had taped my breast down for this dress or else they would have spilled out of the top of my dress as he pulled me behind him to the door of the restaurant.

The ride home was silent, except for the occasional outburst of anger from Evan and his fists pounding the

Steering wheel. I planned to stay silent to let this failure and subsequent rabid anger pass. But as I walked through the door I realized Evan had other plans for this evening.

" I shouldn't have brought you tonight. You have no idea how to talk to businessmen. You fucked up my entire deal." He spat while he grabbed my arm and threw me into the foyer.

" Evan I didn't even say a word" I tried but I didn't even know why I did, it didn't matter what I said or what I had actually done.

"Fuck you. I hope you enjoy all this shit I give you," he waved his arm around the house dramatically. " all this I've worked so hard for and you are just an ungrateful bitch."

" Evan," I tried again but it resulted in his hand grabbing a fistful of my long black hair and yanking me off the floor.

" leave!" He seethed, spit flying out of his mouth " leave, and don't you dare come home tonight or I'll make you regret it." He slapped me, open-palmed, across the entire left side of my face then released my hair, dumping me on the floor, before stepping over me and walking further into the house.

I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I knew this was who Evan was. I didn't know why but I knew how he acted. I tried leaving multiple times. But he always found me and drug me back home. I fought with the tulle skirt of my gorgeous black dress to stand up. I tiptoed to the laundry room off the kitchen to try to find some clothes to change into. I cursed when the only thing dry was a load of tee shirts. I pulled one over my head, hiked my skirt up, and headed outside to call my brother. The phone rang once then he picked up.

" Are you ok?" He asked without a hello

"I need you to come get me" was all I said and he hung up.

I sat in my little brother's car mad at the world. I'd spent the past nine years fighting with my husband. This night was nothing new.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked as I watched the city pass out the window

" to have some fun, I'm sick of who he's made you into. This isn't you sis."

I knew he was right. Evan had been in my life since high school and my husband since graduation. He had turned into a hateful cheating ass hole along the corporate ladder he climbed and I just sat back and let it happen to me. I didn't know who I was anymore but I was getting to the point where I wanted to find out.

" I had plans to meet up with some friends of mine tonight. They won't care if you tag along. Honestly, I think you'll have fun. Some adrenaline will do your body some good." Kellan told me with a smile.

"Yea whatever is fine. I don't wanna ruin your plans or anyone's night. I just had to get out of that house."

"Did he hurt you? " I heard the anger in his voice

"Kellan, Can we not do this right now please."

" Elli, I can take care of him"

"And do what Kellan? Kill him? Ok. Then you go to jail and I lose the person I need most. No, I'm ok. So then what? Confront him? Ok. Then Things get worse for me at home. Kellan it's just not worth it."

" your safety is worth it to me"
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