Moonlight: Full Moon

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Chris and his family move to the small down in North Carolina to free him from the trouble he faced in school. The problem is, they have no idea why he acts the way he does. They have no idea that the man he was supposed to trust above anyone else would turn him into a werewolf. Chris thinks there is only a bleak future ahead of him, until he meets Sheryl. There's something in her that draws him to her that he can't explain. Beyond his best instincts, he answers the call and follows after her. Yet the darkness from the past returns and the two are separated. Wil they be able to come together again? Will he ever be able to experience a normal life? Will Sheryl ever be able to accept him for what he really is?

Romance / Horror
Maggie Frayer
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April 9, 1990

His innocence ended at the age of seven.

Christopher Johnson was a young, naïve child. He tried his best to listen to his parents, be nice to his sister, and do all the good things that children should. The lesson of “don’t talk to strangers” was something that he followed with a passion. So much so, that whenever he went to the dentist or the doctors for an appointment, he wouldn’t even speak with them. His mother would have to beg him to even open his mouth for the examination. Yet, a teacher didn’t count as being a stranger, right?

It was on a cool night in April, a rarity in Florida, when it happened. It was toward the end of his second grade year when his teacher came up with the idea for the class to go camping. It was a Monday night in the urban Florida town, which was so urban that the only place to camp was near a small patch of trees behind the recreation building. Kids had been playing in those woods for years, never before had they been afraid of what lurked in the darkness.

They all gathered there in order to learn about the native plants and wildlife. One group was off looking for traces of an armadillo while another was attempting to see bats in the night sky. However, Chris sat by himself, putting together some of his Lego figurines. The woods never interested him much. He would rather be inside playing a videogame than hunting for some random animal that they probably weren’t going to see anyway.

Chris looked over on the other side of their makeshift campsite to see his little sister Suzie sitting there putting together a beaded necklace with their father. Should he have been jealous? He wasn’t. His twin sister always seemed to be trying to get their father’s attention, so he decided that she could have it for once as Chris attached a yellow block to a blue one.

“Hey there.”

Chris looked up to see his teacher standing over him. It was his idea to set up the camping trip in the first place. The school was apparently against it at first, but he was able to change their minds. Chris wished that they hadn’t agreed to let them go out here. Chris swatted away a buzzing mosquito as the man knelt down next to him.

“What are you doing there, Chris?” asked his teacher.

“Playing with Legos,” he said in response.

“Oh, but you can do that anywhere, right? Come on. I’ll show you something really cool out in the forest. If you like, that is.”

Chris looked up towards the line of trees that was nearby. Most of the parents and other students had stayed away from it, perhaps fearful of what was inside. Yet...

“That’s not a forest. That’s just trees. There’s not enough to be a forest.”

The teacher laughed in a soothing tone, “I guess you’re right. Still, there are some pretty neat things out there if you want to see.”

Chris could tell that the man wasn’t going to give up anytime soon, so he figured that he would appease his teacher. “Okay.”

While his father was distracted trying to help his sister make the necklace, Chris stood and followed his teacher into the line of trees. Not one person seemed to notice as they slipped away from view. They ventured deeper into the foliage; Chris couldn’t help but notice the large full moon over head.

Acorns and leaves were crunched under his sneakers as he kept close to his teacher. He had never been this far back in the trees before and it was a little intimidating. He stuck close to the man in front of him, looking for some comfort and support. The teacher must have noticed because he looked back and smiled. The look made Chris feel more assured and he smiled back.

A few beats later, he noticed that the teacher removed his jacket, placing it over a tree stump. Still, Chris wasn’t fazed and he looked back up at the stars in the night sky. The teacher came to a full stop and turned to face him. Chris halted as well, watching his teacher with curious eyes.

“Christopher, do you know why I asked you to come out here with me?” asked his teacher.

Chris was confused.

“To look at something cool?”

His teacher laughed. “No, that’s not entirely true,” he said.

His smirk sent a warning chill down Chris’ spine. Something seemed strange about him, but Chris couldn’t really tell what it was. It was almost as if the man that he trusted and had come to know over the last school year was fading away before his eyes. Chris took a small step backwards as the man continued to stalk towards him.

Quickly realizing that something was off, Chris looked around franticly. He had no idea where they had come from or which way lead back to civilization and which lead deeper into the depths of the woods. He was so lost, so naive, so...stupid! He should have known better, he should have. Still, he stood there, hoping that his teacher would never hurt him. The man had been nothing but nice to him, why would now be any different? As he made his way closer to Chris, the child took another step back, finally knowing for sure that something wasn’t right.

“What are you doing?” Chris asked.

If only he had run.

If only he had listened to his instinct!

If only...

Instead, the teacher knelt before him, so that the two of them were eye level with each other. A sneaky smile curled the teacher’s lips again. The air turned bitter cold on that spring night and it shook the child to his soul. The teacher raised his hand and tightly grasped the boy’s shoulder. His gray eyes glazed over with madness. Chris felt like screaming, but for some reason his lungs wouldn’t work. His time to run was gone, now he was doomed.

The teacher’s lip curled to reveal a bright toothy grin. It was so white, bright enough to be etched into his memory for the rest of his life. The teacher’s fingers tightened on the boy’s shoulder, digging his long nails into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

“Christopher, we’re going to play a game, it’s called...truth or dare. I’ll go first, I choose truth. I am not human. I go again and pick dare; I dare myself to reveal to you exactly what I am.”

In an instant, his teacher was gone. Chris gasped as a gray wolf was now standing in front of him. Piercing gray eyes stared at him as fangs were shown in a deep snarl. Panic overcame him and Chris finally turned to flee. It was too late though, the wolf pounced and pinned him down to the soil. The jaws of the wolf opened wide and then clamped down on Chris’ shoulder, right where it met with his neck. It wasn’t life threatening injury, oh no, that would have been too kind. Instead, he’d rather damn Chris to hell with him.

Immediately afterwards, the wolf threw its head back and let out a strange sound. It wasn’t a howl, or a bark, it sounded as though he was laughing. He was laughing at Chris. The creature flipped him over and lowered its head to look down into the child’s scared green eyes with his own gray ones and growled loudly. The wolf threw his head back again, this time letting out a low howl.

It must have been on purpose, for seconds later he took off. He left Chris laying on the forest floor all alone and bleeding profusely. Chris stared up at the sky past the trees that he had been so focused on only moments prior. Already, they seemed different, lower, as if they were all about to come crashing down on him. What just happened? Why did it happen? Why did his teacher do this to him? What was his teacher anyway?


The word was like the copper taste of blood in his mind. It was a word that no one would ever believe. He would never be allowed to tell anyone about what happened out there for they would never believe him. A tear slipped down his cheek, knowing that his life had changed forever.

A few moments later, some of the parents came running. His father found him and cried out in horror.

“Oh my God! Chris!” he shouted as he ran to his son’s side. Chris looked around for Suzie to see her standing near the edge of the tree line with some of the other kids while one of the mothers kept them back. She stared at him with wide green eyes but stayed where she was told to.

“What happened?” asked another male voice.

Chris looked up to see his teacher standing next to his father, opposite to the direction that he had just run off to. Bile rose in Chris’ throat as his father pulled him close. The words that they all spoke were muffled as blood pounded in his ears. He was so angry, so distraught and he saw no way out of it. What could he say? They never would have believed him. Instead, they spoke of a wild dog or perhaps a coyote, but Chris just told them that he didn’t know what happened.

Time dragged by and eventually he did try to explain what happened, but of course no one believed him. They all said that he was hallucinating or in shock from the attack. As for his teacher, he remained there until the end of the school year and then was gone. Running away from the damage that he caused.

Chris hadn’t seen him since then, but every time he saw that scar and on every full moon, he remembered that night perfectly. He remembered that man and he would never forget his name.

James Millen.

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