Boys Love Anthology

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Boys Love Anthology

Vanessa Nicole
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Moonlight River

The moon was high as the wind danced in the sky carrying with it white plum blossom petals that matched the stars in the sky.

“Daehyun,” Prince Byungchun called to the man standing not too far from him looking up at the night sky, specifically the moon that followed them.

Daehyun turned around and narrowed his eyes on Prince Byungchun displeased at his arrival but they did promise to meet here when the hour was right.

Daehyun bowed respectfully and said, “Your highness, it is late, what is the meaning of this?”

Prince Byungchun narrowed his eyes on Daehyun and said, “You do not seem to be happy about meeting me here.”

Daehyun looked around them at nothing but darkness and said, “It is cold out, shall we make this quick? We would not want the guards to come searching for you and suspect foul play.”

Prince Byungchun chuckled and asked, “Shall we take this elsewhere? I have reserved a room in the inn for us.”

“For what? So that you can please yourself with my body as you did before?” Daehyun asked as anger built up under his skin.

Prince Byungchun walked up to Daehyun and caressed his cheek with his slender fingers and suddenly frowned. By the cold layer blanketing Daehyun’s cheek, Prince Byungchun could tell that Daehyun had been out here waiting for him longer than he should.

Their eyes connected and Prince Byungchun’s heart tightened as electricity shocked him awake. He indeed had bad intentions coming here, but the moonlight that shone on Daehyun’s eyes that bled with water.

“I met you in the House of Gisaeng because you requested a virgin male. You devoured me once, twice and even called for me to live secretly within the palace, yet you still choose to discard me and have me, how long did you think that I would stay by your side?” Daehyun asked him.

Prince Byungchun’s mouth twitched hearing his words. It was no secret that he enjoyed the company of a man more than a woman but now with the marriage underway to Shiwoo, things got too difficult for him leading him to discard this secret of his before him right now.

“You were nothing but a male gisaeng how could I fall for you?” Prince Byungchun asked mainly talking to himself.

“But my hidden Orchid you are and shall remain. Daehyun, I called you here so that we could speak about our future. I have spoken to the emperor and he has agreed to keep me at the border if I do not marry. He knows about you too and has yet to comment about you. I have decided to take you with me to keep you by my side and....”

“I do not want to stay by your side if it means that you have to hide me. I was only ever touched by you and not by another man so how does that make me a gisaeng? Because I lived there? I had nowhere else to go and now you, Prince Byungchun ruined my life here as my parents did once before, how am I ever to trust your word? Will you not choose another over me?” Daehyun interrupted him as he wiped his tears away.

Prince Byungchun shook his head and pulled Daehyun in for a hug. He held Daehyun comforting him as he cried and said, “Let me finish. I will no longer be Prince Byungchun going to the border as I have been relieved of my duty as Prince.”

He stroked Daehyun’s back as he looked ahead at the light walking slowly towards them in the distance and continued, “I love you and I know you love me too. If we leave here we can be forever together but I will be working hard defending the border too so forgive me if I am not a good husband to you.”

“What?” Daehyun asked in disbelief, what was he saying? It all sounded so absurd.

Prince Byungchun chuckled and looked down at Daehyun, he kissed Daehyun’s cold lips and said as he hugged him again, “I said I love you and I will only be with you. I do not have to return to the palace as the prince and from today I will be known as General Lee Seong Min. I am nothing but a servant of this kingdom and your husband so please stop your weeping, it is breaking my heart. I never meant to hurt you but right now, I will do everything to make up for all the mistreatment and humiliation but please, I want you to stay by my side.”

Daehyun punched General Lee Seong Min in the stomach who faked his pain and asked, “Why?” He looked at him and jumped on General Lee Seong Min’s back with a chuckle and said, “You only have one chance, I will disown you if you do not make me happy.”

General Lee Seong Min nodded his head and said, “I will so? Can we go to the inn now? It’s cold outside.”

Daehyun nodded his head as he looked at the traveller passing them and answered, “I guess so but no intimacy, I want to hug you to sleep tonight.”

Lee Seong Min chuckled and carried his husband to the inn where they spent the night embarrassing each other with their clothes on, underneath the covers.

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