The wrong side of you

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Mia and Asher are unlikely to fall in love, these too together = Carnage. Enemies to lovers, maybe.

Romance / Action
Rochelle Robertson
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Chapter 1- Mia Gomez

“I’m going to get out of the car” Emmy, my best friend and roommate, whispers down the phone to me. Whilst I on the other side of the phone, munch down a bag of hot flamed Cheetos. This lying SOB is about to be exposed. I'm thinking to myself.

“He can’t hear you, why are you whispering,” I ask.

“I don’t know, I’m scared,” she still whispers.

“He’s cheating on you, not holding someone at gunpoint, get out of the car and see what’s going on,” I advise.

“I’m out of the car. Oh my God, oh my God she repeats.

“what, what is it?”

“Nothing Mia, it’s cold and I’m nervous”. Even though she can’t see me, I eye roll. Emmy Sounds out of breath, I feel the fear she allows me to hear down the phone. Suddenly a car honks and Emmy screams.

“What happened! did he see you!!” I shout, pouncing off my seat. Are you ok! Please tell me your ok.”

“No, I mean yes, I’m fine. I almost got hit by the car.” Emmy nervously laughs.

“Oh god be wary. Emmy. Breathe. What are they doing? I Respond to her scare.

“He’s walking in with her. I’m going to take a closer look.”

I ask again, “Are you ok?” knowing she wouldn’t be, but Emmy, has a tendency to overthink, which leads her to become so upset her panic attacks start and that’s never good.

The more she talks, the less she overanalyzes things, I am fully aware of her state of mind. How she gets worked up, her mind races, just like me she suffers from panic attacks. Her innocent soul is going to be torn by this idiot.

I should have gone with her, however, She urged me to remain where I was so she could do this alone. In reality, it was because I would have caused a scene, possibly get us both arrested, and then I wouldn’t be able to go to my interview tomorrow.

I worked long and hard to get where I am. being able to land myself an interview at one of the most prestigious companies in New York wasn't something to pass on, but if I had to for my best friend I would of, but Emmy wouldn't allow it.

I made an adult choice. So here I am sat on the sofa listening to Emmy almost in tears.

See, I’m a smart girl. Emmy is Intelligent on paper, but she certainly hasn’t thought about this plan.

A moment passes and there’s nothing but the sound of chatter in the background, cars moving past, and Emmys heavy breathing.

” Hello?, Em, Hello! what’s going on?” I shout down the phone.

" I-Its, Oh god”. Emmy shrieks. It’s all I hear from her. The phone line goes dead. I try multiple times to call her back, but I don’t get an answer. Worry consumes me as I wait in anticipation.

Fifty minutes later, the bang of the front door startles me. I jump from my seat, running over to Emmy throwing my arms around her. “I was worried, what happened are you ok?” I ask. Glancing over her.

Emmy walks over to the lounge ignoring my questions. she sits herself down on the sofa, brings her knees under her chin, and holds with her arms around her knees together.

I grab the bottle of gin that. I prepared for her return, grabbing two glasses I make my way over to the sofa next to her. I’m watching closely as an extremely pale-looking Emmy begins to tremble, her tears build up as she brings up the grey pillow to her face. Suddenly she lets out a painful howl, screaming into it as she cries.

I’m holding onto her as long as I can before she sits up. When she does sit up, I’m quickly passing a filled glass to her, she starts to sob again.

“Em, what happened please talk”. She parts her lips, a sigh escapes but no words follow.
" Drink, come on” Running my palm in circular motions over her coat. “Em, w-what, What happened Em tell me. I pass her the large Gin glass.

Emmy takes the large glass containing her favourite Pink Gin brings it to her lips and takes a very large gulp of it. She’s about to speak.

“It’s over,” Emmy sobs.” It is over. ” Emmy lets it all out I sit and listen to my best friend who wouldn’t hurt anything or anyone tell me how Derek Simpson stole a piece of her heart.

Unbelievable, I think to myself.

After being together for one whole year, Derek had never invited Emmy to stay at his, and he had never stayed overnight with Emmy. He was always texting on his phone when they were together hiding the screen when she looked, but when apart he never picks up the phone or responds to a single message.

Emmy had finally told him she loves him but he never said it back, so this evening my brave and beautiful friend followed him after work, he hasn’t seen or spoken to Emmy for almost a week so she wanted to make sure he was ok. Of course, he was.

She watched as he leaves his work building, follows him as he parks his car outside a stunning white home, bright lights surrounded the outside, gorgeous green fresh-cut grass lay on the lawn. Flower beds grew out the brightest of colours. As she watches, she notices the black front door open, Derek opens his car door, making a slight run to the house, A Malaysian beauty holds on to his arm as she steps out.

They walk hand in hand over to his car, he opens the passenger side and the woman gets in. Derek runs back to the drivers’ side and they drive off together. Maybe it’s his sister, aunty? She thought. Denial, of course, it wasn’t his sibling or family member, holding hands like that.

Something struck inside the pit of her stomach, it didn’t sit well, anxiety crept up eating at each bit of her insides. Emmy follows them always a few cars behind. They park at a New York City restaurant. It’s a beautiful winter’s night.

Lights blaze from every sky scrapper, every building block, the Chrysler building, New York is alive. Known as the city that never sleeps and completely true.

Derek steps out and opens the passenger side. Graciously holds his companion around the shoulders as she stumbles slightly, they giggle into an embrace. Huge smiles spread across their faces as Emmy can do nothing but stay stuck in her spot watching. Derek passionately kisses her lips, sliding his hand down her waist. Rushing off into the restaurant Emmy finally gets out of her car forgetting to check the road.

Cars beep as she almost gets hit. Determined to find out what’s happening. The restaurant has a very large window overlooking the city outside. Emmy looks into the establishment Derek and the woman stand with a shocked expression. People cheer and scream out the words Surprise!. A surprise it truly was.

As Emmy continues, I realize this is where Emmys’ phone cut me off.

Very elegant, perfectly done. Emmy notices the words Congratulations Derek and Sofia written on a long banner across the wall. Golden balloons, gold, and white buntings, and confetti decorate the room. Bottles of champagne in ice buckets sit unopened on tables.

A gorgeous food buffet awaits to be eaten by the crowd of happy friends and family of the stunning couple.

Emmy looks back over to where Derek stands with the lady, he takes off her coat and an unmissable huge bump grows on her waist. Her long black hair falls as she takes in Derkes’ next surprise for his pregnant beauty. He kneels onto one knee, the crowd roar into a cheer some chant “say yes! say yes” Sofia covers her red painted lips with both sets of fingers as happy tears leave her glazed brown eyes and nods her head.

Emmy gasps, unable to witness anymore, she runs off from the view where her supposed boyfriend is celebrating with his soon-to-be wife and mother of his baby.

Congratulations Sofia and Derek had been in golden letters, spread across the walls. The image couldn’t leave her mind.

" I would have gone on in,” I tell Emmy, as she reveals the story to me. Sat on our sofa my roommate soaks the cushion she holds with her tears constantly dripping into it.

“What are you going to do Emmy” looking into her red puffy eyes. Mascara stains her cheeks, her lips tremble at my question.

“What can I do?, Maybe I’ll drink this Gin until I fall asleep and wait until my heart stops hurting” she whispers. “What would you do? Her voice croaks, asking me what I would do is a dangerous question to ask. I would have gone in. I think to myself. A small smile spreads on my face “Let’s start by finishing these drinks.” I raise my glass to my mouth.

I don’t have much experience or knowledge in dealing with heartbreaks, boyfriends, or any kind of romance. It hadn’t been on my list of priorities. A few times, I’ve gone on dates in college but nothing serious or worth me pursuing. Since leaving NYU, I’ve been searching for the perfect job whilst working part-time at Mollys Diner. I’ve only been there six months and now I’ve landed an interview at Blackstones’ enterprise holdings. I applied for the personal assistant job to Carrie Michealson a manager in the editing department.

The night continues with more talking and Emmy being on our table singing my heart will go on by Celine Dion. We rang for pizza and cried together.

To be honest I don’t know what I was honestly crying for I think I was just caught up in the moment or maybe the Gin opened up Pandora’s box inside of me that held emotions that I hid deep within me.

I had dark secrets of my own but I never speak of them or tell anyone why I moved from Nebraska to New York for college.

" Where’s time gone,” Emmy throws her head back.
“I know, I feel like I need another drink” shifting off my seat.
“Maybe not a good idea.” Em hiccups.
" Why?” I give a confused look. My body is pumping with adrenaline I didn’t want to stop just yet.

“Don’t you have like, an important interview at Blackstones in five hours”? Emmy hiccups again.

Her asking where has the time gone was intended for the actual time, ” shit”, I curse. It is already 2 am I look at my watch “No” I gasp then continue. “Emmy my interview is at 7 am!” my eyes widen as I continue looking at the time as if I could make myself go back in time I stared and longed for it to be not after midnight.

" Who has an interview at 7 am, that’s lame”.
“I do, Carrie, she makes all her candidates come early, if they can’t arrive on time for the time she needs she turns them away, which is clever if you ask me. Imagine hiring someone who can’t even be on time when they’re in charge of your schedule, liaising with clients, preparing reports and presentations.

I’ve been looking for a job since leaving college and no one has come back to me except Blackstone’s, it’s important and I have no time to sleep”.

“well, my suggestion is you hurry up and leave. You want that job don't you !” Emmy shrieks.

“I do, I really do” I blush. I will be in charge of her schedules, liaising with clients preparing reports and presentations I will have to make her life easier for her so she can continue being successful.”

“ You’re only twenty-three, do you want to commit to such demands?. I hardly have a life now. I had thought about every little detail of the job specifications and I didn’t find any problem. The hours are crazy but the money was crazier. I wanted this.

“I do, it’s all I have ever wanted. One day I want to be part of the editing family or publish my own writing as her as my mentor I would learn so much.”

“Better get ready than aren’t you”. Emmy says. She takes another gulp from her glass.

“I need to get a move on.” I drag myself off the sofa.

I run to the kitchen almost pouring my gin away when I neck it back. I needed that I think to myself. I wouldn’t say I was excessively drunk but I was feeling it.

" True,” Emmy yawns. “Still a bit harsh making you go for 7 am

“What you doing? ” Emmy shouts.
“I’m jumping into the Shower!”
“It’s only three am!” her voice becomes increasingly high pitched.
“Yeah, and I’ve had a bit to drink I need to sober myself up”. I neck back the hot black coffee, coffee burns my tongue as I gulp down the extra-strong liquid. Letting the hit shower water pour over me, I almost fall asleep as steam fills the room. The hot waterfalls over my head, I gasp for a breathe as I wash my face under the hot drops falling. I pick up the soap, thinking it's soap, wash my exhausted body smelling the fresh citrus scent, I take the bottle again but this time, realize I was using shaving foam.-That gin is messing with my brain .-I think to myself “Shit” the uttered words leave my mouth.

" You ok in there” Emmy giggles behind the door
" I think so” I shouted back. I almost slip on the wet surface. I hear Emmy walking down the landing heading for the stairs as she continues to Hick up and giggles in between that she hums to a song.

I try again, grabbing a bottle of coconut shampoo forming a foam into my knotted thick chocolate brown hair. I then comb through a deep moisturizing amount of conditioner leaving it in whilst I was over my body. After, I step out the warmth and the cold air hits me alerting my body of the temperature change. I pace quickly across the landing into my room.

“Go ace that examination. You can accomplish this” she Slurs at the bottom of the stairs.

“You mean interview right ” I laugh

“Yeah, that too.”

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